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  1. swany

    this forum is slow

    I'm constantly waiting when I visit this forum, sometimes I can't even backup a page, or scroll down at all, and I have to X out. This is on my Wi-Fi at the house, my smart phone anywhere, the Wi-Fi at the office. And this is the only forum that consistently has this problem, and...
  2. swany

    rutters saddles

    I had Glendale Intone Cutting edge saddles on my Tele, (on top of a Glendale Bridge plate). I had such an annoying problem with the string slipping on the saddle, I was going to replace the e/b saddle with a new one. Dale said that the groove will grow and I won't have a problem with string slip...
  3. swany


    Does anyone know the specs of Keith Richards '53 telecaster, "Micawber". Weight, radius, what type of pickups etc.?
  4. swany

    Hello from Colorado

    Hi everyone, I've heard great things about this site and I thought I'd be a part of it. I play a '52 avri that I bought new 11 years ago, it sports a Glendale bridge plate and saddles as well as Fred Stuart pickups. I play it through a deluxe Reverb, I love my Tele. I also have a HD28 Martin...