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  1. Mark the Moose

    Workout Apps?

    I have put together a hodgepodge of gym equipment over the years but I'm looking for more variety. Anybody know of an app that will let me select the gear I have available and put together a plan?
  2. Mark the Moose

    Colorado Fires

    You may have heard of the fires in Superior and Louisville, Colorado over New Years. Roughly 1000 homes were lost. I live just outside the burn zone and was never in any danger, but dozens of friends were evacuated and many folks lost everything but their lives. if you have means or margin...
  3. Mark the Moose

    Just need to vent

    Over the past five years, I've made pickup swaps, built a tele, built four pedalboards with all the trimmings, built two tube amps, built dozens of stomp boxes of a variety of ilks...but in the past few months I've built four pedals in a row that didn't work and I was never able to successfully...
  4. Mark the Moose

    No more negativity

    Over the years I’ve composed, performed and recorded about everything under the sun. (Jazz, big band, orchestral, avant-garde, experimental, wind band, choral, minimalism, blues, metal, alternative, rock, electro-acoustic, etc.). Music can have a variety of goals and it’s time to just wish...
  5. Mark the Moose

    Any Oud Players?

    Bored with the usual stuff, I've been digging into Israeli/Armenian/Middle Eastern inflected jazz. There's some wicked oud playing out there, i.e. Dhafer Youssef. Any oud players around here? Favorite oud players I should check out?
  6. Mark the Moose

    Dead Amp

    Came down to my studio today and discovered I left my amp on all night (mojotone 5f11) and it is dead. No pilot light, no transformer warm-up hum...dead. Fuse looks fine but I'll put a meter on it to be certain. Next guess would be a fried PT from heat build-up.
  7. Mark the Moose


    I’ve posted a few pics along the way, but now it’s finally finished. Body is silver maple with an ash burl top, finished with z-poxy for filler/hardener, shellac build, and a zillion coats of tru oil. Neck is roasted maple with two coats of tru oil, just to keep it from picking up sweat and...
  8. Mark the Moose

    Partscaster about done, share your setup system.

    Just about finished with my first partscaster and I'd like to take a run at a setup. It's a Warmoth neck, no fret sprout or sharp edges. The nut came precut. I did a quick adjustment of saddle height and intonation, but I've not touched the neck. I've heard the nut could be cut deeper and I...
  9. Mark the Moose

    Thinline vs Keyhole routed f-hole

    Just about finished with a my first partscaster and it was so much fun I'm already planning my next build. I think I'd like to make my own body next time around and really love me an f-hole. I'm not sure about a real thinline design, instead I'm considering cutting out an f-hole then using a...
  10. Mark the Moose

    Almost NGD...

    Getting close on this project, it’s my first build. Ash burl on maple with a roasted maple neck from warmoth. The body was treated with zpoxy to harden the wood and fill the grain on the ash, then shellac, then tru oil. Micro mesh pads really helped to bring out the figuring in the ash...
  11. Mark the Moose

    How tight should a neck pocket be?

    Building my first partscaster, I wondered how tight the sides of the neck pocket should be when putting the neck into position? Gappy? Drop in? Snug? A little thumb pressure to slide it in?
  12. Mark the Moose

    Bootstrap mounting style

    I'm neck deep in my first partscaster build and I have Bootstrap Palo Duros on order. I need to order my pickguard, but I'm not 100% positive whether the Bootstraps mount to the body or to the pickguard. Anybody chime in?
  13. Mark the Moose


    New saw day!
  14. Mark the Moose

    Blackvibe tips

    Sold some gear so I’m finally ready to build my Blackvibe and I’m looking for a few tips. 1. I’d like to use a smaller chassis, thinking brown or blackface Princeton. Are there DR power transformers that will fit the stock opening or will I have to cut it? 2. Custom faceplate shop? Any...
  15. Mark the Moose

    Songs from My Students

    I teach music theory at a university. Today a student shared in class that he was listening to this artist a lot: Also, here is some nice tele playing in this tune: It's always interesting to see what music my students are playing and digging, enjoy!
  16. Mark the Moose

    Any experience building an FV-1 reverb?

    I'm looking at the Deflector and Spatialist reverbs on, anybody have any building experience with the FV-1? I thought this would be a good first step before I jump into using the spin cad and learning to program my own eeprom.
  17. Mark the Moose

    Favorite ethereal, shoe-gazing reverbs?

    Setting aside the subtle springs, halls and plates... What do you like for the really spacey stuff? I'm looking at the Walrus Slö or the Eventide Blackhole. What do you love?
  18. Mark the Moose

    Lesson learned

    Working on a partscaster body, I decided to build with shellac and then switch to tru oil for an outer shell. Having never worked with shellac, I was excited to learn something new. Read the forums and how-to guides, watched the YouTube vids...nobody ever said "don't wet sand the shellac. So...
  19. Mark the Moose

    Satin Finish for Warmoth Roasted Maple & Rosewood Neck

    Like it says, I'm looking for an appropriate finish for a Warmoth roasted maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Don't want something glossy. Needs to be applied by hand, such as a wipe on, as the temps are too low in my garage this time of year and my basement ventilation is poor. Also, mask...
  20. Mark the Moose

    What would you do?

    I'm starting in on my first partscaster. Body will be here today, neck is ordered, planning on Bootstrap Palo Duros. Planning to use a Wilkinson compensated 3-saddle bridge. It has holes drilled for both string-through AND top-load orientation. My drill press is not large enough to drill...
  21. Mark the Moose

    Thought you should know...

    My wife calls this place my “Nerd Board”. Sorry.
  22. Mark the Moose

    Princeton Reverb Bias and PT advice

    I have a Weber Princeton Reverb kit with an adjustable bias. The PT has two sets of taps, 540v or 680v. One seems low, the other a bit high. With the higher voltage taps, the best I could do was still a little high on the plate current. Maybe ok for JJs? With the lower voltage taps, my...
  23. Mark the Moose

    Trouble shooting help?

    What might cause an amp to suddenly get very quiet and very distorted? Princeton Reverb circuit. It was a 35watt 6l6 monster, switched the output transformer to take it back to 6v6 tubes. I changed V1 and V4 to brand new JJ's. Sounded great for a day. I can't see any obvious bad solder...
  24. Mark the Moose

    Princeton Reverb Issue

    (Redirecting a previous thread) Last year I built a Weber 6a14HP, which is a 35 watt Princeton Reverb. I wanted to try dialing it back to the original 14 watts, so I bought an OT spec'd from the original 6a14 kit. The PT was the same, just needed different taps. The bias resistors were a...
  25. Mark the Moose

    How to test an OT

    Last year I built a Weber 6a14HP 35watt Princeton Reverb. The 35watts was too much and a bad idea. So today I converted it to a standard 14 watt PR. The steps were... 1. change the PT leads 2. swap the OT for a smaller one from Weber 3. remove a filter cap which was soldered to the cap can...