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  1. krrtlr1

    NGD: 2004 50th Anniversary American Series Strat

    This is the Standard version with a beautifully figured ash body in 2 tone sunburst. It came with custom shop 54 pups made just for this model. neck feels really good.
  2. krrtlr1

    Serial tag - does this look kosher

    Hey Guys, I’m looking at a Strat on Reverb. This is the serial tag that goes with it. Could this have come from the factory like this? Looks like a 4 has been written over the 2nd 7. Thanks!
  3. krrtlr1

    Headstock Decal Takeoff, replace or leave

    Hello, Looking at possibly buying a 2018 American Original 50's. At some point the headstock got damaged. Does the decal just sit on top of the finish or is it underneath? Can this be fixed easily or should I keep looking? Thank you.

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