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  1. Rick330man

    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    "Ride Captain, Ride" by Blues Image. It must have been 1970. I still have it sitting in my collection of 45s.
  2. Rick330man

    Hooters (the band)

    Their mention in various threads here on TDPRI got me thinking of their music. I saw them at the Foxx in Atlanta in August of 1985 supporting Squeeze. Both bands were excellent! It was definitely one of the best concerts I ever went to. I was playing the "Nervous Night" CD in the car the...
  3. Rick330man

    The Smithereens

    Sadly, it has been 3 1/2 years since lead singer Pat Di Nizio left us. Fortunately, however, the band left us a great body of work. These guys were not my favorite band, but the songs of theirs that I like I really like a lot. Along the same lines, the "Green Thoughts" album blew me away...
  4. Rick330man

    The Smithereens

    My two sons - both college age - have asked me to recommend some Smithereens tunes for them to check out. I recommended: (1) Only A Memory; (2) House We Used to Live In; (3) Behind the Wall of Sleep; (4) Top of the Pops; and (5) Something New. Chime in with any suggestions you'd add/prefer.
  5. Rick330man

    Groove Tube 12AX7M

    Some of you will remember there was a lot of spin when these came out. They didn't quite turn out to be the Mullard replica they were played up to be tone wise. Reliability also was an issue. Does anybody still use these? What finally became of the design? I've heard talk that they...
  6. Rick330man

    Styx - Helping others appreciate when Styx was great.

    This is not a Gowan vs. De Young thread, but more about helping those who don't know the band well to better appreciate some of the great material they gave us (for a while). My son is now home from college taking his classes on line. His generation has the benefit of many services which...
  7. Rick330man

    Is It Censorship or TDPRI Rules - Considerations Moving Forward

    I've sat back and watched some of the issues folks have raised in recent discussions. Maybe this is a good opportunity for those of us who really enjoy TDPRI and want to see it continue to succeed engage in some introspection for the common good. I generally am not a fan of censoring, but no...
  8. Rick330man

    Your Favorite Piece of Music Played on Guitar

    Easily for me it is Malagueña. Here is where it gets a little more interesting. Most folks on guitar forums associate it with Spanish guitar. It was actually written by Ernesto Lecuona, who was Cuban, not Spanish. Further adding to the confusion is the fact that Malagueña translates...
  9. Rick330man

    Opinions on using a 12AV7 in a cathode follower gain stage

    I've got a small stash of GE and RCA 12AV7s. By design, these tubes are not linear. That are all out full on or full off. I know some people use them in guitar amps. One guy commented years ago that he used them in several stages in his amp and loved them. That didn't make much sense to me. I...
  10. Rick330man

    Give the Youngsters Some Classics from the 50s - Name 5

    We're talking music from an era before many of us - including me - were even born! My "boys" are now young men, but I was impressed throughout their middle school years how much they and their friends got into the music of the 60s. But none of their friends cared anything for 1950's music...
  11. Rick330man

    Castellano - Parlantes del

    Saludos a todos desde los cayos de la Florida, EE.UU. Tenemos unos cuantos parlantes del castellano aquí en el TDPRI que se comunican a menudo, pero es un grupo muy pequeño. A la misma vez, nos hacemos ideas de que hayan muchísimos más hispano-parlantes que seguramente están leyendo los foros...
  12. Rick330man

    Neil Finn - Name His 5 Best

    I am a huge fan of Neil Finn's body of work. From Split Enz to Crowded House to Finn Brothers, he repeatedly has managed to put together some of the finest pieces of music these ears have had the pleasure to listen to. My goal here is to celebrate his career by asking each of you to list your...
  13. Rick330man

    Covers and the equally good original version.

    I don't think there are too many of these, but one of the other threads going got me to thinking about this. Don't look for a case where the original is better or the cover is better (Bob Dylan tribute). Other threads have already spoken on those themes. In my book the rare cases where both...
  14. Rick330man

    1964-1966 British Invasion (Carry the Knowledge Forward, part II)

    Continuing the "Carry the Knowledge Forward" theme, list songs you would suggest to a young musician today that would best represent and give him/her an appreciation for the British Invasion. In true Spinal Tap form, here are my opening eleven. (1) You Really Got Me - the KinKs (2) Needles...
  15. Rick330man

    1955-1959: The Early Years (Carry the knowledge forward)

    1955-1959 is before my time, but it is an era that really helped get rock and roll kick started. One of the great things about TDPRI is the opportunity to learn from others. Learning about the music that paved the way for modern music can take a young musician down many musical paths. My...
  16. Rick330man

    Songs Where The Covers Are Better Than The Original

    This could double as a Bob Dylan appreciation thread. (1) Jimi Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watchtower" (2) The Byrds version of "My Back Pages" (3) The Turtles version of "It Ain't Me Babe" (4) The Manfred Mann version of "Quinn the Eskimo" (5) The Peter, Paul and Mary version of...
  17. Rick330man

    The Moody Blues

    With these guys currently doing their 50th anniversary tour for the "Days of Future Passed" album, it seemed appropriate to start up a discussion about them. Truth be told, this is another band I love that I truly believe does not get the credit it deserves. Most everyone know "Nights in...
  18. Rick330man

    The Hollies

    I've always wondered if there is any appreciation for the Hollies here on TDPRI. This band meant a great deal to the music of the 60s and early 70s. They put out some terrific hits with Tony Hicks, Alan Clarke, Graham Nash and Terry Sylvester giving us some of the best vocal harmonies you'll...
  19. Rick330man

    Crowded House - 5 Favorite Songs

    The other Crowded House thread got me thinking: what are folks' favorite CH tunes? I expect some variation of opinions because I don't think the band got the credit they deserved in the U.S., but they were huge in Australia and New Zealand. My hope is that everyone's suggestions will give all...
  20. Rick330man

    The Jam

    With folks posting about 3 piece bands, it got me thinking: is there any love for the Jam here on TDPRI? Many, many summers ago, the Madrid subway was home to a nightly ritual of college students congregating to the back of the train and singing "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" as the...
  21. Rick330man

    El 84 Shoot Out

    I've got several amps that use EL84s. My Monoprice 15 watt amp is essentially a Laney Cub 12R. I've got Ei EL84s in there. My Crate Vintage Club 50 heads run EL84s really hot - at about 390 volts. I've got a quad of Sovtek EL84s in one and a quad of old Soviet military 6P14P-EVs in the...
  22. Rick330man

    Jensen C12N - Best Companion Speaker to go With It

    I'm using a B52AT100 head, a Crate VC50 head; a Sunn T50C and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I've got a few of these C12N re-issues. For years, I played with them in different speaker bottoms and matched them with different partners: Celestion blue alnicos, Celestion G12P80s, Celection G12M-25...
  23. Rick330man

    Crate Vintage Club 50 - What power tubes are you using?

    I've got two of these Vintage Club 50 heads. They run EL84s real hard. My plate voltage readings are always in the 390 range. These amps really should run 7189s instead of EL84s, but no one is making a new production 7189. What power tubes have served you well in your Vintage Club 50?
  24. Rick330man

    Crate VC50 heads

    Time to resurrect this previously resurrected thread. Well, the quad of JJ EL84s that I had in one of my VC50 heads for a while met the same fate that my Ei quad met. One of the tubes died after relatively few hours. This amp pushes most EL84s too hard. On the other hand, my Soviet military...

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