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    How to determine value

    I have a Limited Edition custom shop relic Nocaster from 2008. I am looking to get a rough estimate in the value but I have no clue where to start.
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    Help with 2 small riffs

    Stuck on figuring out these 2 small guitar parts from McBusted's Air Guitar... watch?v=7XKmSDOfodw The first is the intro that plays through the verse, which I believe the Les Paul is playing 'ba, ba duuuuh' The second is the small riff in the middle of the chorus that the Telecaster is...
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    Help with this riff - McFly

    I know this style of music might get bashed by a lot of you but I was looking for some help on figuring out this small riff. I have checked many tab site but they all seem to be wrong and I am having trouble trying to perfect it myself. All help would be greatly appreciated...
  4. J

    Name of this guitar riff

    I'm interested in learning the guitar riff in this video. But I am not sure of the name of the song so I am unable to look up the tabs s_dKSvj28og#t=03m22s the riff starts at 3:22 and ends at 5:10
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    72 deluxe RI - Neck thickness

    Long story short is I have been to all my local guitar dealers looking to try out a Fender 72 Deluxe Telecaster. None of them have it in stock so I am going to have to buy it online. My problem is that I am used to playing a 51' Nocaster, which has a chunky as hell neck which I love. I picked...
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    How can i fix this.

    My brand new, 2 day old NoCaster fell of my guitar strap while it was plaugged in and I was playing & this happened Anyone know how I...
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    Picking up my first NoCaster this week

    Going to be picking up my first NoCaster this week. Purchased it form a shop so should be OK. But as I'm sure you can all relate to, it is quite a bit of money. So what things can I check to make sure I'm not getting ripped off?
  8. J

    Is this a NoCaster or AV52RI?

    Is there a way to tell a AV52 from a 51NoCaster just by looking at it?
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    Can you tell me the name of this Tele?

    Hi, just got a few pictures of someone playing a Fender. and I was wondering if you could tell me the name of it, if you could work it out please. Thank you