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  1. Jackroadkill

    Guitars that make you feel uncool

    Well, we've had the "Guitars that make you feel cool" thread (and very enjoyable it has been, too), but what about the guitars you own that make you feel uncool? I'll start. As much as I love this guitar I feel like a faker when I play it in front of people.
  2. Jackroadkill

    Redwood Tele

    Hi all, Just wondering if any of you have any experience of one of these: A Fender Hot Rod made from a single piece of reclaimed redwood. I don't know much about redwood, as it's not something we see here in the UK. I'm asking as there's one for sale that I've seen and I really like the...
  3. Jackroadkill

    Barhars. Or Badgers. Or maybe Buyers.

    Here in the UK we don't have many Spanish-speakers. Okay, we've filled the Costa del Sol with ex-pats, but hell, do they learn the language? Not many. Anyway, how the hell do you actually pronounce the word "baja", as in Baja Telecaster? I'm a bit bummed that I can't work this out, as I'm...
  4. Jackroadkill

    Fuzzdog Sunny T Extreme build

    After deciding that I couldn't afford a real-life Sunn Model T amp, or a boutique pedal that would do a good job of emulating one (do they even exist?), I did some searching of the internet to see what my options would be. Maybe a built-it-yourself kit might work... I built two pedals from...
  5. Jackroadkill

    Just ordered a Fuzzdog Sunny T Extreme kit

    As above, I've just ordered a Sunny T Extreme pedal kit from Fuzzdog and am wondering if there are any build difficulties I should look out for. My soldering is okay, and I've built pedals in the past (quite a long time ago, now I come to think of it). I've gone for the OptoPuss bypass system...
  6. Jackroadkill

    When things aren't quite what they seem

    Seeing as we all love "What is your most.... / How did you.... / What was the worst / What was the best...?" threads, I thought I'd start one. When I came home from work tonight there was a package waiting for me, containing a Tele neck (Mighty Mite). I bought it from eBay - stop laughing at...
  7. Jackroadkill

    Simple question - is there a decent bass overdrive pedal with no tone control?

    As per title, really. I'm exploring options for an overdrive / distortion pedal for a bass that doesn't have a tone control. I have many reasons for this, chief among them being that I like to control tones from the amp rather than put a big spike in the curve using a pedal and then have to...
  8. Jackroadkill

    Your Favorite Beaten-Up Guitar

    There have been a few threads lately about finish blemishes in new guitars, putting chips in recently-new guitars and there are, of course, always threads about relic jobs. Digging through my guitars to take some photos for the guitar strap thread I got to thinking that some of my guitars are...
  9. Jackroadkill

    My brother's Silver Series Strat

    My brother hasn't played his guitar in ages, and, feeling the need again, he sent it to me for some work to be done. I bought the guitar for him in about 2001, and the serial number dates it to 1991-2. It's a MIJ Silver series Strat, but has had some mods done to it. We're trying to work out...
  10. Jackroadkill

    A project of firsts.

    Okay, firstly I hope THD is the place to put this. I did wonder about Partscasters And Other T-Types, but this was more than an assembly job so I went for here. If I'm wrong, could a moderator move it for me and accept my apologies, please? Sorry also for the cruddy iPhone camera pictures...
  11. Jackroadkill

    Relicing a bridge plate and finding copper beneath chrome

    Hi all, I'm hoping you might have some knowledge of relicing and be able to answer a question for me. I'm planning to use ferric chloride to weather a Fender Tele bridge plate, and decided to to a practise run on a cheapo Squier plate that I had lying around. The ferric chloride stripped the...
  12. Jackroadkill

    Biggest Tele neck made

    Hi all, I like a chunky neck; my favourite ever neck is that on my '58 LP Junior which is like a railway sleeper. It's so big that the first time I played it I thought it would be so fat that I'd never get used to it (happily I was wrong). I have a plan for my next Tele build and want to fit...
  13. Jackroadkill

    Jazzmaster pickup in Tele neck position

    Hi all, Hoping you may be able to help me; I've been thinking about a new Tele build and quite fancy the idea of a Jazzmaster pickup in the neck position. The question is this - can a Jazzmaster pickup be routed successfully through 250k tone and volume pots? I want to keep to the standard...
  14. Jackroadkill

    Hello TDPRI

    Hi all, I found TDPRI a few days ago whilst looking for some advice about refinishes and decided to join. I'm not much of a guitar player, despite having been trying for the last twenty years, but have finally managed to let go of my hang-up and begin to enjoy playing. I hadn't touched a...