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  1. JJLC

    Deviser Club = post those pics

    Post some photos of your 'hand made' Deviser produced guitars; Bacchus, Bagtone, Headway, JRP, Momose, Seventy Seven, Sonix, STR, and others, etc.
  2. JJLC

    Guitar Cable Question (maybe a stupid question?)

    I decided to purchase a (hopefully) high quality guitar cable that will end my search for a reliable cable that won't cause me issues. I decided on a Mogami brand cable but they have the straight type connector and they also have the 90 degree type connector. I have typically used the straight...
  3. JJLC

    Guitar Price$ Going UP, UP, UP - Opinions Wanted

    So, it seems guitars prices for new instruments have been going waaaay up. Some used guitar prices have also been going up. I'm particularly interested in mid level & higher end MIJ guitars. It seems the co$t$ of many things have been going to da moon lately; housing, autos, food, etc. I...
  4. JJLC

    5 Years Ago Today, Prince passing & Buckethead, What A Day

    5 years ago this morning I was at work, just stoked about going to see Buckethead for the first time later that evening, and someone walks in my office to tell us that Prince was just found deceased @Paisley Park. :eek: That was just one of the strangest days I recall in the past many years...
  5. JJLC

    Remove the Bigsby but then what? Please vote - Thanks

    I purchased this guitar for the guitar, not for the Bigsby. I want to remove the Bigsby, which I dislike very much. LOL It is currently set-up in the original configuration with the Bigsby & a TOM/ABR-1 type bridge. So, going forward there are basically two options after removing the Bigsby...
  6. JJLC

    BACCHUS - Show us your Bacchus guitars - Deviser brands too

    purchased my first Bacchus guitar nearly 16 years ago in 2005, and have owned about ~50; still have 11, and a killer Momose. Show us what you had & what you got :cool: my first Bacchus, a BST-64V FR, that I purchased used in 2005 = long gone but not forgotten (left to right) BST-62 SB...
  7. JJLC

    ZZ Top's Billy Gibbon's 1985 Tokai 'GRIND' Love Rock Being Offered @ Auction

    Here is what looks to be a 1985 Tokai LS Love Rock Model, played, toured, and owned by none other than Billy Gibbons, from ZZ Top. This is the so called 'GRIND' guitar that Billy owned for many years. Minimum bid is $30K. Good luck ...
  8. JJLC

    Spalted Maple top & Brazilian fingerboard ....... yummy .......

    two different examples of the same limited model from 2004 .......... oh crap ..........
  9. JJLC

    LP Custom WR (wine red) Show Us

    So, after many years & many LP Custom type guitars, both two & three pup models, I am finally getting my first LP Custom in WR aka Wine Red finish. Been wanting one of these for a very long time. It's currently in transit from the land of the rising sun. :cool: So, show us your WR finish LP...
  10. JJLC

    Pick Guard Stratocaster

    I don't believe this guitar would serve any practical purpose but it sure looks like a fun toy. I saw a similar guitar on the Strato-Crazy web site about a year ago but it's gone now. It would be a fun guitar to play for maybe one song in a live set. :D Folks would be looking around like...
  11. JJLC

    Found a Pretty Cool '52 FakeTeleCaster

    this one has all single slotted screws; tuner screws, neck plate screws, string tree screw, etc., every screw on this puppy is single slotted, like the old school 52 Teles. :cool: Guitar looks all original, has matching documentation & the current price is pretty decent but the auction has 3 1/2...
  12. JJLC

    Any CIGAR Smokers here @ TDPRI? What are you puffing?

    I'm always interested to know what other cigar smokers are buying & stuffing into their humidors, and also how others prefer to store their valuable stogies. So, tell us what you like, and what you want that isn't available. I typically keep about 180 to 200 cigars on hand at any given time...
  13. JJLC

    VIDEO of the DAY - Post Those Videos!!

    Share your favorite videos, or ones you hate; post 'em all here !! Post daily !!!
  14. JJLC

    Show Us Your Latest 'Favorite' Strat

    Bought my first Strat in 1981 as a birthday gift to myself for my 20th birthday. I ended up playing Strats exclusively for 20 years before I ended up getting back into the Gibson style stuff that I played as a teenage picker. Over the years I have owned more Strats than I can remember & every...
  15. JJLC

    44 Years Ago Today - What Was YOUR FIRST CONCERT ?

    44 years ago today, in 1976, I attended my first 'rock' concert; I was 15 years old, young, dumb, and full of intoxicants :oops: Rainbow was the headlining band, touring in support of their 'Rising' album, which featured Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Cozy Powell on drums, and of course Ritchie...
  16. JJLC

    Bacchus BEX-MG (Explorer)

    Bacchus has a newer (2013/2014) line of five Gibson style solid body guitars that are made with mango lumber :lol: Instead of being MIJ they are MIP :shock: Don't let the MIP fool you; I have owned over 30 Bacchus examples & the MIP stuff is IMO every bit as good as the MIJ stuff :cool...