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  1. Novak

    Favorite Band Name?

    Free Beer
  2. Novak

    For aircraft enthusiasts: Buying a jet fighter and all the paperwork that comes with owning and flying one.

    Your initial impulse was correct. First thought is usually best thought. This is an international forum.
  3. Novak

    What is your go-to band to uplift you?

    When I'm down and out, I watch a video from The BEATLES of KPOP:
  4. Novak

    For aircraft enthusiasts: Buying a jet fighter and all the paperwork that comes with owning and flying one.

    Probably not a good time to glorify Russian fighter planes....
  5. Novak

    Folks with ADHD: how were you diagnosed?

    Pretty sure that if you take enough tests you'll be placed "on the spectrum" somewhere.
  6. Novak

    Best Rap Song Ever

    I'd think people would be sick of it by now
  7. Novak

    Crate? GX55

    Love your avatar, jimmywrangles
  8. Novak

    Today is: International Rickenbacker Humor Day!

    In my high school class there was a girl named Fonda Peters, and a boy name Mike Hunt. You can't make this stuff up.........
  9. Novak

    You've been called the worst...your best/worst retort?

    Back in the Day a guitarist/singer was being heckled by some @[email protected] at an outdoor college gig (NCSU). His retort: Could you repeat that? It's hard to understand you with that hairlip!
  10. Novak

    Songs that mention another song title

    Johnny River's Summer Rain (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band)
  11. Novak

    Watch your posture

    When I was first learning to play guitar, banging away on my cheap ($56) Sears/Silvertone guitar over a half-century ago, my father would sometimes come into my room and lightly scold me: "Hey, Red! Stop slumping over and straighten up. You're starting to get String Man's Stoop!" I didn't know...
  12. Novak

    Post your favorite guitars your using now

    Meet Daphne (Telecaster), Blue Top (Yamaha Revstar) and Posh (Gretsch) Frontline of guitars that I play almost exclusively.
  13. Novak

    The magnificent Cindy Cashdollar

    Is Cindy Cashdollar related to Johnny Paycheck?
  14. Novak

    HARD TIMES: Tales of courage and desperation from the Depression and WWII.

    My grandfather was in the Army in Europe during WW2. He drove a truck supplying fuel to Patton's armored division in what was called the Red Ball Express. The Nazis corrrectly figured out that trucks were easier to stop than Sherman tanks. He had two trucks blown up under him and survived with...
  15. Novak

    Heavy relic

  16. Novak

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Don't tell me how I need to behave around your dog (or he "might bite")...get the little bastard trained to properly interact with people or give him to someone who will. DWH (dog wagging the human) Syndrome.
  17. Novak

    NGD - Player Tele HH in Daphne Blue!

    Well, at least you chose the right color (see avatar)
  18. Novak

    My Gretschian Honeymoon/NGD

    I had never owned a Gretsch guitar. My best friend has a Brian Setzer model that I like except for the thumbnail position markers. I look right past the little buggers. Santa Claus (who looked a lot like the FedEx guy) brought me a new Gretsch for Christmas. It's the G5427TG Electromatic model...
  19. Novak

    Facial hair. Yay or nay?

    Hey, what about sideburns? Here's my vote!
  20. Novak

    Squier getting sloppy!

    You want a Real Fender, you BUY a Real Fender. Then you can complain about the aesthetics, or pay even more for one that's beaten with a chain and sandblasted.
  21. Novak

    All time best US rock and roll band?

    Hmm, missed that one! However, that post suggests that the Stray Cats are a British Band, so It's not really a "positive" vote
  22. Novak

    All time best US rock and roll band?

    The Stray Cats are the truest example of primal, basic American Rock AND Roll, just as "Rockabilly" music offers the truest blend of American blues, country and jazz to produce a new genre of music. From a guitarist's perspective, I'm surprised that no one has already mentioned them.
  23. Novak

    "A woman sued by Eric Clapton after listing a bootleg CD for €9.95 on eBay now has to pay his legal

    Clapton is being his usual arrogant self, and Cray is doing a little targeted virtue flashing. If I never hear yet another flatted-5th song from either of them, it's OK by me.
  24. Novak

    One Meal A Day - Intermittent Fasting

    What works for me is just don't eat the first meal before about 11:00 AM and be done with eating (last meal) by about 7:00 PM. Don't snack while watching TV. Easy on the weekend beer; alcohol is harder to digest than other foods because it has to go through your liver. Get a little exercise in...
  25. Novak

    Who has had the biggest impact on country music in the past 20 years?

    Alabama was the first Bridge Too Far. When they started to pogo on stage they "jumped the shark".