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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    Dave Chapelle attacked on stage. It is getting very stinky, everywhere.
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    New earplugs; anyone try them?
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    A new Beatles clip live and it is

    a rudimentary recording, but Pauls bass is clearer than many other live Beatles clips. You can say that for the most part of this performance. Being proved here is that no one could compare to these guys. Listening to Baby's in black I think the country music community should thank the Beatles...
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    ELVIS! The best!

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    Visiting a guitar shop in LA

    I went to a place on Lankershim/ NoHo which was a cool shop I have been to before. I was looking around and the urge started to creep. I told the guy I am type II Diabetic, could I please use your restroom? He said NO. If I had waited longer to ask him expecting he's say yes, he would have had...
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    New Kid in Town, Mario Martin sighting

    I visited LA Vintage guitars new location on Ventura Blvd, close to Laurel Canyon. Wow, he has built a fine shop. Twern't a Danocaster there, but there were Mario Martins and they really are custom shop quality and Danocaster has Zero on them. Both are equal in my rating. They had one with...
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    In the next winter Olympics

    Will they allow solar penis warmers?
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    New electric car thread

    I want to know! What are electric car owners figuring what it costs for a full charge? What about time of day usage? Where it is cheaper from 9-3 to use electricity? Anyone been shut down cause they ran out of electricity and no where to charge. Say you run out of electricity in the middle of...
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    Do you remember when the classifieds were easy to view as opposed to hardly seeing them at all? Like it is now?

    I am sure I am the only one and I appear to be yelling at clouds. Stop it! Stop seeding the clouds!
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    Classified ads ???

    Wow, I liked it when I could click on classifieds and see what's up at a gander. Now, it is convoluted, you have to look else where it is NOT prominent and choose particular categories. Seems like it was WAAAAAY easier before. All this does is make it more difficult for the whole process of...
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    Mississippi All-stars

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    Wouldn't you really like to have a Buick, a Buick, A Buick?!

    One bitchen set of wheels!
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    Revelations from a Super Beatles fan

    I have been into them full time since the Ed Sullivan show I saw when I was 8 or 9. I had the butcher Cover album the day it came out. I won a Beatles trivia contest on a radio station at 10. YEAH YEAH YEAH, I love them. I was depressed walking out of the Let it be movie some 40 years ago. It...
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    guitar theft

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    If you were one of the best amp repair people in the nation,

    How would you promote yourself here & at the Gear page?
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    I might be one of the first synthesizer players in the world

    Yeah. Transistor radios came out in the early 60's. When I was 6 or 7, I got my first transistor radio, red. It had volume and an AM dial. The back was off immediately, LOOK, a Battery! I found that if you ran your finger over the electronics under the cover, one spot would get a high pitch...
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    I bare terrible news. Please squeamish do not enter!
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    Queens Brian May

    Is one of the most intelligent rockers out there. He understand the dynamics of the world.
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    Billie Eilish

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    Great Nirvana Doc.

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    Store owners on reverb

    There is a place for product specs. I saw the ad below, nothing on neck dimensions, nothing on weight, nothing on mods and a guestimate of the year. And it is from a guitar store? Here is a similar ad in an auto magazine; "Chevy has a small dent on the rear bumper" It is not just shop owners...
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    It snowing again on the Big Island

    of Hawaii.