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  1. TelZilla

    Houston, TX Guitar Stores

    My son just moved to Houston and I’ll be spending some time there over the next few months. Any cool guitar/music stores I should check out?
  2. TelZilla

    Blitzen Trapper- "All Across This Land"

    Heard this for the first time in a long time yesterday and spent some time with it: I've got it, mostly, but one small thing is bugging me. Who passes a crockpot? That sh*t will burn your hands. Joking. In the verse, the first chord is an E, and the second is some kind of D (reference...
  3. TelZilla

    Tennessee Plates- The Sonny landreth part

    So the intro. I assume it's Sonny Landreth. Is he doing the "fretting behind the slide" trick? Is he using open E/D? Anybody feel like posting a tab or a video? Thanks. N
  4. TelZilla

    "Seen the Light"-Supergrass- What's he using?

    I love the crazy freak out solo in "Seen The Light" by Supergrass. About 1:45 below: What's your guess on what effects are on his guitar? A fuzz and a guitar synth of some kind? Can any of you folks recreate the sound?
  5. TelZilla

    Wet sanding: Let's get specific

    So I've finished about 6 guitars now (typically using rattlecan nitro from Reranch or Stewmac- I know some think that's not really nitro...). I have gotten varying results, from not so great to pretty good. I get to a shine that's good enough for me, but there are often tiny scratches. Not...
  6. TelZilla

    Sandpaper loading = Lacquer not cured?

    I'm working on a body I finished with Colortone lacquer from Stewmac. Finished spraying clear 15 days ago. Tried some wetsanding today- water with a couple drops of dawn in it using P800 waterproof sandpaper. The paper is loading a bit- little globs on the paper even with regular rinsing...
  7. TelZilla

    Tell me about your Weedwacker

    SUPER OFF TOPIC: So after my zillionth frustrating experience with Trimming grass around the homestead that the lawnmower can't get to, I have a question: Does ANYONE have a weedwacker they like? With mine, I never get through doing the job without 1. having to charge the battery (NBD, Get...
  8. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    In lieu of watching Arsenal lose again, and with all due apologies to @Buckocaster51, I believe I'm beginning a new build. I am a hack with crappy tools and not much experience, so learn from my mistakes and laugh at me! I've really been hankering for a double-bound 60's style tele in a bright...
  9. TelZilla

    Cutting Binding Channel: before or after grain fill?

    I have a pine tele body that I'm going to be finishing. Trying binding for the first time. Would you cut the binding channel before filling grain?
  10. TelZilla

    Pix of home finished ORANGE guitars?

    I'm looking to achieve this color (link): With cheapo rattle can spray paint (Rustoleum and Krylon are the brads most available where I live). I know there's tons of variation in cameras, etc. but just for the heck of it, I'd love to see pix of your opaque ORANGE guitar, ideally with the...
  11. TelZilla

    I think this exists- what's it called?

    Looking for a solid color double bound tele with a white pickguard- thinking of fiesta red-ish, daphne blue-ish. I thought I remembered a Squier classic vibe fitting this description. Honestly just looking for the correct search terms.
  12. TelZilla

    Wilco-I Must Be High

    Trying to get the interlude- not sure what to really call it. Starts about 1:14 in this vid: how would you play it?
  13. TelZilla

    Los Lobos "Evangeline" intro- where do you play it?

    Los Lobos, "Evangeline", off their first record. It's 1-4-5 (ish) in D. Where do you play the intro lick? Thne rest all kinda flows from there. I've sort of come to two different spots: 1. The major pent based on the d barre chord built off of the 5th fret A string root (mostly between 7th...
  14. TelZilla

    Hot Legs Intro lick

    Hot Legs, you know it, you love it, maybe you hate it: I'm working on the lick starting at 0:17 or so. Obviously there are (at least) two guitars there playing that little countryish lick. Are they just doing octaves? Sometimes I feel like it sounds like a more complex harmony, but after...
  15. TelZilla

    Skype/Zoom Lessons: Thoughts/ Advice

    I am: A 50 year old guy who started playing at age 13 Relatively unschooled, though I've learned more about chord theory/harmony, etc. in the last 10 years than all of my previous years combined I never know how to describe my skill, but I've been around a little, never a pro or anything. For...
  16. TelZilla

    Excercises/Practice to make my pinky more useful?

    I've been playing for 35+ years, and I can make my way around rock/blues/country OK (basic chord theory/ blues/major pent/myxolydian, etc). But my pinky is relatively useless. Watching Tom Bukovac videos has given me profound pinky shame. What have you done to make your pinky a useful...
  17. TelZilla

    Tremolo- Help settle an Argument

    When you, as a right-thinking guitar player who treasures Tremolo above all other effects, are trying an amp/effect pedal's tremolo, what do you play? Exercise that Franchise and vote above, fool!
  18. TelZilla

    Celestion 10 inch speakers

    looking at some 10” Celestion speakers. Ive always liked the G10 greenbacks. Im wondering about the G10 Gold. what makes them so much more $$$&? Sure, theyre alnico not ceramic. What else?
  19. TelZilla

    New Amp on the way- Dr. Z Maz 18 NR

    Just got a 2011 Dr. Z Maz 18 Non Reverb on Reverb- the 2 x 10" version, blonde tolex. Can't wait to get it and try it. This has been my dream amp for years- I've played many and loved every one. And the company is local- I'm in the Cleveland Area. I will update with pix and stuff as I have...
  20. TelZilla

    Los Lobos Appreciation Thread

    One of the best American bands of my lifetime. Just fabulous musicianship, and a great live show (saw them at the Vogue in the Indy, and the lead playing was ferocious and face melting- one of the best guitar nerd shows I've ever seen. I think they also have something to say. I'm typically...
  21. TelZilla

    Does this sound like a bad pot to you?

    Hello. Hope everyone is staying safe (and able to pay their bills). I had a recent thread about my homebrew 5F6A- I had a bad recto tube. Weird. In any case, while I had the chassis on the bench I had another issue surface, and I wanted to gather opinions about it. I'm thinking it's a bad...
  22. TelZilla

    Xotic AC Booster- What is it?

    So I'm generally of the belief that most pedals are largely based on pre-existing designs. I'm wondering about the Xotic AC Booster. I've heard it's a modified tubescreamer, that it's supposed to sound Voxy (I guess because of the "AC"). Your thoughts?
  23. TelZilla

    Amp died- just go through regular startup process right?

    Details: -Homebrew 5F6A, used without incident for a year or so -Playing it the other night, hitting it pretty hard with a Klon style pedal, a boost, and a fuzz -It just died -Fuse was blown so I replaced it -Amp still dead I assume I should just go through the normal startup process (I printed...
  24. TelZilla

    Jekyll and Hyde- What is it?

    I've been looking at these. Because there's not that much new under the sun, I'm just wondering if anybody knows what the two sides of this pedal are. These have been around for a long time, so maybe visual sound was first. So is the O/d side a tubescreamer and the Distortion side an OCD or...
  25. TelZilla

    Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)- Rockpile

    Great song, eh? So I wanted to see how anybody plays the descending lead part in the intro. Starts at 0:10 in the video below, then repeats a whole step higher. So I've got the melody, but can't quite figure out the other note of the double stops. Any ideas? Man these guys were so good.