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  1. Luthier Vandros

    "While We Sleep" - making the best of poorly tracked guitars

    Should've called it, "While my kids sleep in the room above my garage studio" heh. I composed and tracked this about 5 years ago. I track and write while I record. Never know what I'm going to do until I sit in front of the DAW and start. This emerged and was hastily tracked back when I thought...
  2. Luthier Vandros

    Tube Price gouging

    I had the sense and means to buy in bulk when regional conditions around eastern europe started to deteriorate. I was fortunate, but many are not. My distributor's supply has been wiped clean and prices for single JJ 12ax7s are going for upwards of $80 each online. I have no tolerance for...
  3. Luthier Vandros

    6G2 clone debug - buzz with volume at 0

    Hi, all. Happy Monday. I'm almost finished debugging a customer's 6G2 clone and am down to two remaining issues: 1. Buzz when volume at 0 - 2 + tone at 0-9 2. Non functioning trem My main concern is issue #1 at the moment. I found and corrected a host of assembly errors and now the amp is...
  4. Luthier Vandros

    Silverface Season

    I feel I haven’t been around in ages. I’ve been so busy with restorations and repair work, I’m contemplating getting a small commercial space, but love working from home to be honest and don’t think I want to get back into a commercial lease. It’s funny how certain types of amps seem to come...
  5. Luthier Vandros

    60's Vox Kensington Bass: This chump is stumped

    I've met my match. I've got a transistory Vox bass amp from the 60's on the ol' bench and am getting no guitar signal to pass through the output found two poop caps feeding Q1/2 bases. The amp passes an injected 1khz sine with authority and ease, but will not pass a guitar signal. Any hot...
  6. Luthier Vandros

    5e3 with blue moldies!

    Ha what’s wrong with this pic? Did a quick job for a repeat client. His old tech tacked them in. Leads too short. I j-hooked ‘em for a little more security. Not beautiful, but they aren’t going anywhere and there’s just enough room for these to flex a bit. I also removed the 250uf first rage...
  7. Luthier Vandros

    40’s National: Dobro Enters the Resto Dojo

    Here’s the beginning. What am I getting myself into here? The owner bought this with the matching lap steel. he was nice enough to Kick the rats out and give her a cursory cleaning, so I’m grateful. This will either be a massive money pit/stalled project or one cool Resto.
  8. Luthier Vandros

    1970’s Music Master Resto and Dangers of Late Night Amp’n

    Hey guys just whipped up this quick Resto for a customer. Tolex repair, complete rewire of grounding scheme and some tone circuit tweaks. Added a fuse holder…lol the irony of installing a fuse holder next to the UL STICKER is not lost on me. Amp is now dead quiet and rocks like Zepp. I’ll post...
  9. Luthier Vandros

    Vintage Peavey Classic Chorus 212- I’m sayin it.

    Storage fees are skyrocketing and i recently decided to slowly withdraw and close it down. On a recent adventure there I made my way alllll the way to the back, where I rediscovered a long forgotten treasure trove - old tube radios, car care products that have solidified, and two Peavey Classic...
  10. Luthier Vandros

    ‘81 Vibrolux - best I ever heard

    Customer just claimed his amp, leaving me with a hole in my heart. He bought the amp after it had been BF’d by another tech, but brought it to me for routine maintenance and to add NFB options to the ground switch. that amp is running stock ceramic speakers on cheap tubes and it sounds...
  11. Luthier Vandros

    Lectrolab Model WHAT!

    My client searched the net looking for info on this amp prior to purchase. He said he found only one pic of it. Here’s a placeholder. I’ll be getting to this one early next week. The parts for the ‘62 Deluxe just came in and I’ve got a quick ‘65 Pro Reverb repair first.
  12. Luthier Vandros

    Another '61 Fender on the bench!

    What a fantastic punctuation in an already fantastic week at the shop. Hot off the heels of some vintage Supro, Magnatone, and Danelectro (and ADA MP-1 work gah) restorations, a couple oldies with logically engineered chassis showed up (Joke!): a '56 5E3 and '61 Deluxe. I'll cover the Tweed...
  13. Luthier Vandros

    Some OD flavors from my '66 Super

    Hi, all. I never post in this area, so it's a refreshing change to have my '66 Super Reverb in the state its in where I can now focus on pedals. I've got the following lineup on a mini pedaltrain board: TU3s > Deja Vibe MKII > Fulltone 70's Fuzz > JHS modded Soul Food > Route 808 > Diamond...
  14. Luthier Vandros

    Fun modding the '66 Super

    For grins, I've decided to test a few reversible mods. Here they are along with my impressions: 1. NFB defeat switch - The single most useful mod I've ever implemented in a BF amp. Richer tone with immensely more touch sensitivity and smoothness into breakup. Lowers headroom just the right...
  15. Luthier Vandros

    Another Day, Another 50's Tweed Deluxe.

    There really is a season to things -- and apparently we are right in the middle of Tweed Season, or the Ides of Tweed, as it were. Here's another mid 50's diamond in the rough. She's got her hair all messed up, but she came to party. Owner wanted some Immortal Amp mods, so I obliged and...
  16. Luthier Vandros

    ‘56 5E3 Resto - pics soon

    What a journey with this amp. My customer decided to get a refresh in his late 55/early 56 5E3 and wanted me to get rid of some hum by updating the grounding scheme. The heaters are still connected to ground at each socket, but the amp is 50% quieter now. He prefers to leave it be as is now. He...
  17. Luthier Vandros

    Mint ‘77 Super - wish I never heard it!

    I repaired a mint 77 super reverb last week - and I mean mint! Owner complained of high heat while playing. Red plate extravaganza! I troubleshot it and found a shorted bias supply diode (first time I’ve seen that happen) and leaky pi caps causing instability. After it was fully repaired, I was...
  18. Luthier Vandros

    Smokin' Champion 600 RI on the Bench

    Received this amp today that just had a new OT installed by the owner. There's a scorch mark by the blue plate lead's spade lug connector on the PCB. He states the amp is smoking from this spot even with no power tube installed. Filter caps measure OK in my ESR meter. There's no other...
  19. Luthier Vandros

    Ilich Noise Canceling Backplate - Can't get enough!

    This is my second install - pardon it's on a Strat heh. I decided to age the backplate to match the rest of the guitar. This is a very straightforward and easy install if you are able to follow a diagram and appropriately wield a soldering iron. Style points for being able to not drill...
  20. Luthier Vandros

    1971 Pro - Trem ticking only when in cab

    Ha! A week can't go by without a great learning experience. This one's got me stumped. I've got a '71 Pro Reverb on the bench that I can't de-tick despite having changed all the caps in the trem circuit (and trying Fender's service bulletin). The amp has been fully serviced recently and this...
  21. Luthier Vandros

    Blues Jr - oh what fun

    Hi, all. Its been blues jr mania on the bench and I have one that’s stumped this chump. The amp arrived with one power tube that lost its vacuum and owner complaints of low volume and saturation. After inspecting the filter caps with my esr meter, I was able to move on. The tube board...
  22. Luthier Vandros

    ‘76 Twin 135 from the 9th ring of hell - it is.

    Here’s the amp that thought me the lesson about bringing old amps inside before cleaning them outside. Something with more legs than I flew out of the chassis and I can’t find where it went. Anyway I have a load of pics, but I’ll start with this one. The master volume pot that typically breaks...
  23. Luthier Vandros

    Deluxe Reverb Clone - output grounding?

    Hi, all. Have a deluxe reverb clone on the bench with new tubes and a strange issue. Very low output volume and low level hum in the background. Testing the output jack, which is functioning as intended isolated from the amp, I'm getting continuity between tip and ground despite the tip leaf...
  24. Luthier Vandros

    Adding line in to DR clone?

    Happy new year all - hope this note finds you and yours well. A customer asked if it would be possible to add a line in to his deluxe reverb clone. He wishes to run preamps and pedals through it at line level for recording. Has anyone done such a thing? Seems like it would be easier to run...
  25. Luthier Vandros

    '66 Super Resto Progress: Tube Chart & Reliability Prep

    Hi, all. If you've read the title, then you have no doubt surmised I have decided to keep and use this amp for its intended purpose. Though it's in exceptionally great shape, I am not going to sit on the fence with this thing, because it's the one amp I've owned that actually makes me get lost...

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