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    do you like model trains?

    check it out
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    Josh is versatile

    amazingly talented pair
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    Peel Your Banana Correctly

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    "in emergency push to open"

    who exactly determines the emergency and how will I be notified?
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    if you`re looking for me

    I`ll be in the produce department trying to open a plastic bag
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    another joy of getting old

    I don`t know if my chair made that noise or if it was me
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    great song, great voice

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    here`s a cute story

    doctors thought I was sick until the insurance company told them I wasn`t
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    Talented Friends

    Josh has some remarkably talented friends
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    Today`s Hint

    if Mike Tyson tells you to shut up, shut up!
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    Mary & Josh

    nice work
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    my ex sent this to me

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    Man`s a picker

    some fancy moves
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    Toni on Tele

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    Four Sure Talent

    they`re all multi instrumental, they all sing, and they all write. what more could you want.
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    Josh and friends

    helluva voice
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    Allison & Josh

    who`s following these two ?
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    The Other Favorites

    love the sounds Josh gets out of that baritone Gretsch
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    Luca Pino

    a very young guitarist
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    brightened up my day

    amazing what some folks can do while just sitting around
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    couldn`t pass it up

    had to buy it #1 they`re hard to find, and B it just looks so cool. now if I can find it`s big brother
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    The Other Favorites plus one

    I was glad to see and hear this
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    Real or Not ?

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