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    Feeling unprepared to play in public

    Even though this question is targeted towards those of you who picked up playing at a later age, 20yrs or older, I welcome input from anyone reading this. So I’m currently listening to some Canton Spirituals to get my day started and a thought crossed my mind. A couple of months back I had the...
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    NGD! Partcaster

    I love the thought of having a telecaster that would age and show it's use over the years. In addition, I figured hand picking the parts out would make it that much more special so I decided to take the plunge. Just got the last piece in today. Now, I just got to drop it off at the shop to get...
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    Do you play electric guitar without a pick? (not traditional fingerstyle)

    Do you normally play your electric guitar(s) without a pick? I don't mean in the traditional finger-style sense where each finger sticks to a specific string. Instead, do you play the guitar and perform the same or similar techniques with your fingers that you would normally use a pick for? If...
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    MIJ strat help

    So I was in guitar center the other day checking out a 52 hotrod tele and noticed they had a 92 (I think) mij 57reissue strat in two tone sunburst. Now the pickups had been swapped for DiMarzios so I don't know what else had been swapped on the guitar and I didn't think to write down the model...
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    Newbie from Mississippi

    Hi everyone, Nice to meet y'all. I've been cruising the site for a while picking up lots of valuable information and so I decided to highlight my weekend by joining my fellow tele addicts. I've been slowly teaching myself for the past 2 yrs or so, working towards learning the ins and outs of...