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  1. Andy B


    This is Bella our 3 year old Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier rescue dog. We adopted her two weeks ago today. Lucas our beloved 13 year old Lhasa Monster passed away last February. She’s a great addition to the family. Very glad to have gotten her.
  2. Andy B

    King of Tone

    Well after waiting better than three and a half years, I finally got my KOT. I played it this evening and am truly amazed at how great it sounds. Went with high gain and external mode switch on the red side and standard gain on the yellow side. It inspires me to revisit the many pedals I’ve...
  3. Andy B

    Upgraded subscription not upgraded

    On 10/21/20 I renewed my silver supporter subscription using your PayPal link. As of today I am still seeing ads and the silver supporter badge has not reappeared. I also thought I was entering the drawing for my next Tele. Can someone please check on this for me and tell me what’s going on...
  4. Andy B

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  5. Andy B

    GFS Neovin Strat Pickups

    Has anyone tried these pickups? Looking for noiseless pickups for a G&L Tribute Series Legacy.
  6. Andy B

    BYOC Analog Delay

    Has anyone here built this pedal? How well does it work for you? I just put one together and quite frankly I underwhelmed with the results. It is very noisy and self oscillates with the slightest provocation. I checked everything and it is built correctly. I guess it is not what I was after...
  7. Andy B

    NCD New Cabinet Day

    This is a shout-out for JD Newell. John recently made me a Dual Showman Reverb cabinet for my 1970 Pro Reverb. I wanted the larger cabinet to match my 1973 Bandmaster Reverb. The new cabinet is fantastic in fit, finsh, workmanship.
  8. Andy B


    New Old Pickup Day. I recently decided to give the Dynasonic in the neck of my 97 Tele a rest. I've had an late 60's - early 70's Guild Humbucker in my stash for a few years. The Guild Humbucker turned out to be a Bridge pickup measuring 7.1K. I had to ease open the pickguard I bought for this...
  9. Andy B

    NPD Run Off Groove Umble

    I've just completed building 2 ROG Umble pedals. This immediately has become my favorite overdrive. By far the best sounding overdrive to my ears. No ICs, no mosfets, and especially no diodes of any sort. It is four cascaded Jfet gain stages with a wierd take on a Fender tone stack. Thick fat...
  10. Andy B


    Guyatone Ga-240 Given to me by my good friend Andrew Scott of Blindworm Guitars. Full recap to replace the old oil caps & filter can. Has the original NEC 12AX7s & 6BQ5 tubes. Rewired AC with a 3 wire cord. The reverb & tremolo both work. What a fun little amp.
  11. Andy B

    Lonnie Brooks Passes Away at 83

    Chicago Blues Icon Lonnie Brooks passed away last Saturday 4/1/17. RIP Lonnie!
  12. Andy B

    Reverb Pedal opinions please

    I was wondering if anyone has compared The Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano with the J Rockett Boing? I'm looking for a simple pedal to use with my Gretsch 6156 Playboy amp. I'm not interested in a 4 or 5 knob infinitly adjustable experience, just some reverb along the line of built in amp...
  13. Andy B

    Tweaking Speakers

    I have been trying to better match speakers to amps I am selling & offer the following low cost alternative to purchasing a new speaker: Replacing the dust cover to smoothen out an overly bright speaker. On the left is a stock Naylor Special Design 50. On the right is a Naylor Special Design...
  14. Andy B

    Redd at Guitar Town Copper Mountain Colorado

    We finally got to see Redd Volkaert. Worth the wait!
  15. Andy B

    Silkyn Super 50

    Would anyone have a schematic for a Silkyn Super 50 amp? It was made in the PRC around 2008. Thanks in advance!
  16. Andy B

    Want Ads

    Hi Paul, The new software if great except for one thing. When I cruise through the Today on the TDPRI ther is not way to distinguish ads from posts. I wish they were seperated or at least identified as ads. Thanks for all your hard work! Andy B
  17. Andy B

    PJ Marx VST-B

    Does anyone have any info about PJ Marx pickups? I have a VST-B which is a Black potted Strat sized pickup. Single coil red & white wires plus shield. It was given to me years ago & I'm trying to find out what it is & if there is any interest in it. Thanks,
  18. Andy B

    Schematic Heaven Is Going Away

    I just wanted to let any one interested that Schematic Heaven is going away the last day of March 2014. A great loss to anyone working on amps!
  19. Andy B

    Wrong Birth Date

    I was checking my profile & my birth date is wrong. It said to notify administrator so I am. The correct date is: 12-18-1950
  20. Andy B

    What is a good quality Chorus pedal?

    I was looking for some input on which chorus pedal to buy. I want something basic. I was thinking about getting an MXR Micro Chorus or a EXH Small Clone type pedal. I would prefer true bypass. Thanks,
  21. Andy B

    Forum will not remember me anymore!

    Every time I log onto the forum I am now prompted for my Name & Password. Clearing personal data, cookies etc makes no difference. This is happening at work on an XP computer. No one else has access to this computer. Thanks, Andy
  22. Andy B


    What happened to the links that were on the forum? Thanks, Andy Berger
  23. Andy B

    Guild D-25 Truss Rod Cover

    Hi, Would anybody know where I can get a replacement truss rod cover for my Guild D-25? It is plain black. I'm really not interested in getting involved with anything on ebay. Thanks, Andy
  24. Andy B

    If You Love These Blues, Play 'em As You Please

    Michael Bloomfield's Guitar Player album has been reissued on CD by Kicking Mule (KMCD-9801-2) if anyone is interested. Cover picture is Bloomfield playing a Telecaster. This is the album Michael felt was his best recorded effort. Also included on the CD is "Bloomfield Harris" which was a...
  25. Andy B

    A Happy Ending! Help! I need musical instrument insurance.

    I know this has come up in the past but I need to know what insurance actually works if you have a claim. My daughter's Tenor saxophone was stolen at college. She lost the horn, case, neck strap & 3 mouthpieces. My personal articles policy with State Farm will pay 80% of the cost of a new...