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  1. studio1087

    Who has a good drone?

    I want to spend $300 or less but I’d like to buy a decent amateur drone. Any advice? I want to do some nature video and be confident to fly it over a lake. Thanks. I’ve been shopping on Amazon and it’s quite overwhelming. There’s so much stuff out there.
  2. studio1087

    Plane Swap

    Did anyone else sit through this? I did. I want the last two hours of my life back.
  3. studio1087

    The beautiful weather, amazing.

    The beautiful weather, amazing. Today was the first day of spring when I could open a bunch of windows and get a fresh Crosbreeze coming through the house. Mother nature can never seem to make up her mind in Wisconsin. It was 40 yesterday and right now it’s 74. The fresh air in the house is...
  4. studio1087

    Supper Clubs

    Does that term mean anything to you? Have you enjoyed them? Are there any left anywhere near your home? Being that I’m a farm town boy from Wisconsin, we still have a bunch left. Good stuff, I think. Vinyl booths and breadsticks and veggie trays set out with a dipping sauce before the meal...
  5. studio1087

    My biggest struggle with my new Microsoft surface pro 7+

    Getting it out of the packaging. Everything else is just fine. I work in packaging, seriously this is a 50 or $60 box. This is up there with apple packaging.
  6. studio1087

    When People Stop Learning.......

    I love my mom. She's 89. She has a laptop. She checks her AOL. I'm in airports a lot. I see elderly people with cell phones, they board planes using their phones. They watch movies on iPads. Three years ago I bought my mom an iPad so she could FaceTime my three kids. She has never done...
  7. studio1087

    Pete Davison in Space next week!

    First William Shatner. Now Pete Davidson. The selection process is freaking me out.
  8. studio1087

    Surface Pro Thursday - So very excited

    I bought a Surface Pro. I'm thrilled. My son (working on his engineering PHD at MIT has a Surface Pro and he helped me pick it out. 12" screen, it's about 3/8" closed and weighs about a pound. I love my iPads, I have three of them (just bought a new one), I love my Apple phone and Apple...
  9. studio1087

    New EH Pulsar Nano

    I have the larger square one that came our earlier - Great wiggle boxes. I really like this Nano. $99 full retail. I wonder what they'll actually sell for? Love it.
  10. studio1087

    New Microsoft Surface Pro feedback?

    Hi, I have a pretty fancy Mac and quite frankly I don’t get along with it, have three iPads that I adore and I have a very nice iPhone. I want to do video editing, photo editing occasionally and put together a spreadsheet and occasionally send an email or compose a word document. As much as I...
  11. studio1087

    Got my MRI results. Neurologist Report Good.

    No acute spine damage whatsoever. I’m just badly bruised and strained and my back is a sore wreck. I don’t require surgery. I’m going into physical therapy and they’re telling me that I’m going to shape up over maybe six weeks. I was just delighted to get the results from the neurologist. My MRI...
  12. studio1087

    Walmart Grocery Delivery

    A complementary word about Walmart home grocery delivery. Some of you know that I’m getting an MRI on Friday I am walking with a cane after an accident. I was getting very low on everything (food) and a friend is coming for the weekend to drive me to the MRI because I will be ”medicated”. I’m...
  13. studio1087

    Roadies - Hulu - 2016

    I don’t know how the show got past me but it is fantastic. Binging like bananas.
  14. studio1087

    I regret that 3 amazing kids have winter birthdays; I’m a happy father of 3. Never got rent a bounce house.

    Tell the truth, to parents rock these things after the Birthday kid is in bed? I’d bounce man.
  15. studio1087

    Bought a cool poster (I think) and frame.

    It’s going in the music room. Love them.
  16. studio1087


    This is of course dorky. I think I’m a foodie and I really like Aldi stores. The pricing is great. They have a great organic meat and vegetables. Three small and you can get through one without walking 3 miles. I’m eating some black pepper thin sliced salami and some mozzarella cheese right now...
  17. studio1087

    Single Drunk Female

    Netflix Outstanding.
  18. studio1087

    Is it time to replace the iPad?

    iPad Air 3 - 7 years old. Has cellular. Got it through my last company; they let me keep it when I left. I use my iPad a lot at home. It's getting very cantankerous. It's slow to react why I type. Sometime apps are very slow to open. Sometimes apps don't want to open and I have to...
  19. studio1087

    Dachshund sticker shock

    I want to buy a dachshund. Had one for 14 years when I young. I think they are adorable. My last three dogs were all rescue dogs, the last was a Goldendoodle who never stopped being a puppy. He died naturally, old age. A large chain pet store in Racine has a 10 week old female dachshund...
  20. studio1087

    The Ultimate Ride - ski video

    So beautiful and terrifying. The tunnel and the tree skiing, yikes! To get half that video there was another skier right behind him or to side of him with a Go-Pro on his helmet which is scary because if you’re filming someone quite often you can’t watch where your going. If my son is...
  21. studio1087

    Weird Phone Calls

    I'm receiving three calls per asking if I might be willing to sell my home on McKinnly in Milwaukee. I simply say "I don't own a home in Milwaukee. Then they ask if I'm interested in selling my current home. I say no. They say goodbye and hang up politely. I get these calls over and over...
  22. studio1087

    Terrible unfortunate accident. Injury. Need some advice.

    Terrible unfortunate accident. Injury. Need some advice. My beloved 88-year-old mom is getting a new garage door on her home. I visited her at New Year’s and on the second the garage door guy came over to do some inspecting. It’s a 16 foot wide steel door with a lot of insulation. The old...
  23. studio1087

    It’s very comfortable!

  24. studio1087

    Allison Moorer & Shelby Lynne

    Sisters. Allison is married to Steve Earle. I love both of their voices and I just became aware that they recorded a duet album a few years ago. It was many originals and it has everything from Bob Dylan to Nirvana covers. It's a treat.
  25. studio1087

    The Nevers - Netflix

    The new binge for me. Victorian women find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies and a mission that may change the world. This is outstanding. Any fans?

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