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  1. irie

    In Nashville for 72 hours, What do I need to see/do?

    Going to be in Nashville from Thursday-Sunday this week. I will have a car and lots of free time. What do the locals recommend I do to make the most of my Tennessee experience?
  2. irie

    Susan Tedeschi - Rock Me Right (Live at Farm Aid 1999)

    she might be one of my favorite tele players ever.
  3. irie

    Anyone use a Zoom handheld to mic and record an amp?

    I am hoping you guys can give a complete novice some advice on home/field recording on the cheap(ish). I have been looking at field recorders for a while with the intention of recording band practices as well as some in home recording and i'm curious if this is the best approach cost wise while...
  4. irie

    GE Smith Fans, Amazing Interview just released

    Stumbled across this earlier today and was absolutely captivated by him and his stories as usual. If you are a fan or just want to hear some great stories about his life, career and the legends he has played with you are in for a real treat. Full interview...
  5. irie

    Lurker done lurking

    Hi Guys, been a lurker for too long figured it was time to actually say hello. Only been playing guitar a few years, but once I started I couldn't stop. Started out with an epi lp and last year finally felt I deserved and upgrade. Grabbed an american Strat and havent looked back! I still...

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