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  1. smoothrecluse

    Poem - “The Guitar”

    Came across this poem on the American Life in Poetry website while looking for reading selections for my students. I haven’t read too many poems that describe instruments. I like it, and I hope you do too. ‘The Guitar’ by Patrick Phillips It came with those scratches from all their belt...
  2. smoothrecluse

    Check out this neck!

    Visiting a friend in Michigan, and we found a ‘68 Esquire at the Music Go Round in Ann Arbor. It’s been beat to hell, and has plenty of red flags, but the neck on this thing is gorgeous. The guy swears it’s original, but I’ve never seen birdseye like this on a factory Fender.
  3. smoothrecluse

    Gear from 1983 thats worth buying?

    Another thread got me to thinking, and I’ve been looking at getting a birth year guitar, and thankfully for my budget, I don’t hail from the fifties or early sixties. However, 1983 seems like a pretty dud year for a Fender guitar, which is what I was originally looking for. Are they really that...
  4. smoothrecluse

    Songs Without a Chorus?

    Listening to George Strait today, when “The Chair” started playing. Made me think about how it doesn’t have a chorus, which made me try to think of others that don’t either, such as Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street” and The Raconteur’s “Carolina Drama.” What others can you think of?
  5. smoothrecluse

    Mr. 1000

    1000 posts! Do I win a prize? …Haven’t seen the wife in a while, maybe I should go check on her.
  6. smoothrecluse

    Cincinnati Bound

    The Mrs. and I are headed to Cincinnati for a few days to check out the zoo and investigate some chili. Anyone know of any guitar shops worth checking out, or any other attractions we should see?
  7. smoothrecluse

    Got Skunked!

    …or at least my dog did. At 3:00 a.m. Got her cleaned up with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap, then I took a shower myself, but my students were all too eager to point out that: a) I still smelled like a skunk, and/or: b) My classroom smelled like bad weed. Been a...
  8. smoothrecluse

    Time Capsule

    I was looking through an old Musician’s Friend Catalog from 1994, and it really surprised me how much prices for so much music gear has stayed virtually unchanged, especially pedals. No Fenders or Martins in the catalog yet.
  9. smoothrecluse

    Should I Pull the Trigger?

    Shop wants $725. Plays pretty well, has TV Jones pickups swapped in. Serial number dates it to January of 2000.
  10. smoothrecluse

    Favorite Country Albums?

    Going to be spending some time in the truck, and I’m looking for some tunes, ideally albums that are good all the way through. Some of my favorites are: Hal Ketchum - Sure Love Clint Black - Killin Time Dwight Yoakam - If There Was A Way Rodney Crowell - Diamonds and Dirt My list is pretty...
  11. smoothrecluse

    TC Electronics Spark Booster - $50 on Sweetwater

    Just like the title says. They’re on back order, but hey, fifty bucks.
  12. smoothrecluse

    Graceland - The Lonely Heartstrings Band

    Heard it on the drive to work this morning, and had to check out the video!
  13. smoothrecluse

    Wichita Lineman - Black Pumas

    I was reminded of this video by a different thread that lamented new artists covering older songs without adding any noticeable artistic changes. I really like the Black Pumas; their song “Colors” is one of my favorite songs of the past couple years, and while I don’t think this performance of...
  14. smoothrecluse

    Start Gigging Later In Life?

    I’m not planning on getting into performing, but I’m just curious if any of the folks around here started gigging/performing regularly after their 20’s?
  15. smoothrecluse

    Maple or Rosewood on Natural Tele?

    I didn’t want to hijack the other thread about pickguards on a natural finish, but I’m going back and forth debating which neck to purchase for my Tonebomb pine body. So, opinions?
  16. smoothrecluse

    What Kind of Scam Is This?

    LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR $95 American Strats, Les Pauls, and Taylors, with free shipping! Think they ship Chinese copies, or just take your money outright and ship nothing?
  17. smoothrecluse

    Robert Johnson’s Step-Sister Released a Memoir I hope it’s a good book, and not merely a money-grab. She’s 94 now, so hopefully past the age of greedy ambitions, and she had help from a historian who wrote a book on the...
  18. smoothrecluse

    Jaded Lover - Clarinet in a Country Song!

    I’ve always liked this cover version, and Jerry Jeff even makes an appearance on it, so I guess it gets his approval too.
  19. smoothrecluse

    Macy’s Day Parade

    Seems fitting today. It has a solo that even I can play.
  20. smoothrecluse

    Deathray Davies

  21. smoothrecluse

    Thinking About A New Motorcycle

    I bought a Harley Nightster 1200 about ten years ago during a quarter-life crisis. It’s gone through several changes over the years, and now it’s a stripped-down bobber. I love it, and it gets looks wherever I go, but it’s a deathmachine that gets 80-90 miles per tank, and usually by then I’m...
  22. smoothrecluse

    DS1 better than SD1 - Am I Missing Something?

    I’ve had my DS1 Distortion for years, and just recently got an SD1 Overdrive based on all the acclaim from across the internet and general GAS-iness. To me, the DS1 is much more transparent and doesn’t color my tone like the SD1 does. Even though it’s a distortion pedal, I can turn the gain...
  23. smoothrecluse

    Freeman Vines: Hanging Tree Guitars

    Just read an interesting article, and thought I’d share. Hanging Tree Guitars: Made Out Of A Tree Once Used For A Lynching - Anybody from that area familiar with the man or his work?
  24. smoothrecluse

    Coolmusic Pedals?

    I just stumbled across the Coolmusic brand while browsing Amazon, and being the cheapskate that I am, I have to ask if anyone has experience with them. The one that caught my eye looks like a copy of a TC Electronics Flashback 2, at less than a third of the price ($49.99 US). Is this a deal or...
  25. smoothrecluse

    Best Teachers Ever

    As a counterpoint to the other thread, and also to help justify my career decision, what was the best teacher you had? Doesn’t need to be a schoolteacher, mind you. To start, I’ll nominate Bud Dickerson, a high school physics teacher that got into teaching after retiring from the military...