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  1. Cornelius TX

    Advice - Confidence in Live Setting

    Morning! Wanted y'all's thoughts. I've been playing since I was 14 (I'm 40 now), with twenty of those years being in live bands. I have really to tried to step up my playing over the last 5 years by learning to play the changes (I play in a country band, but love lots of types of music). I've...
  2. Cornelius TX

    Benefits to Non-Cutaway Guitars? (Grote Content)

    Hey! I wound up buying the Grote single P-90 hollowbody on Amazon and love the sound and feel. Only reservation: no cutaway. Never had one without the upper fret access before. Question for y'all: Has anyone ever found this to be a benefit, in terms of being forced to play more in different...
  3. Cornelius TX

    Single p-90 (neck) hollowbody vs dual p-90 semihollow

    Good morning! I own a grote dual p-90 semihollow and love it. Tempted by the hollowbody version with a neck pup. Any experience as to whether they are different enough to merit a purchase? I play mainly country and jazz with a generally clean tone. Thanks!
  4. Cornelius TX


    Hey! I've been running/swimming/biking for a while now, and recently got a longboard on craigslist. Never skated before, but excited about trying something new. Any of you into this? Any tips? Thanks!
  5. Cornelius TX

    Accidentally Sanded Body

    Morning! I was sanding fret ends with some 1500 grit sandpaper, and I got careless and sanded some of the body of the guitar. Now there is a permanent faint "smudge" on the body. Is there an easy way to buff this out? Thanks!
  6. Cornelius TX

    NGD / Benefits of Crazy Texas Weather

    Hello! This week my Monoprice strat copy came in. Couldn't resist the tuxedo on sunburst look for $79. Was also curious about it since I really like my tele from the same brand. Background is that I've never owned a strat that I really bonded with. Not sure why. That said, maybe it was low...
  7. Cornelius TX

    Speaker Change for Hot Rod Deluxe

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my hot rod deluxe. I play mainly classic country and classic roots rock using a tele and 335 copy. The sound I am hoping to get closer to is that classic scooped, glassy fender bf/sf sound. I use a joyo American sound pedal to get me part of the way there. I can...
  8. Cornelius TX

    Question - Wire on Tune-o-matic Bridge

    Hello! Regarding the wire that runs on top of the saddle screw heads, parallel to the bridge, I notice on my guitar that the wire sits between the screw head and bridge on the two outside e strings, so that it stays in place. However, for the other strings, it just sort of rests on top (i.e...
  9. Cornelius TX

    Trying Flatwounds - Gauge Recommendations?

    Hello! I am thinking of setting up one of my guitars (hollowbody) for jazz with flats. Never tried them before. I prefer 9s on all my guitars, but from what I understand, people generally use heavier gauge for flats/jazz. Recommendations on a good gauge for getting started with this in mind...
  10. Cornelius TX

    Crack - 335 Copy

    Hello! I just noticed this crack on this guitar I bought used. It's where the neck meets the body. Is there hope for this being repaired so that it doesn't get worse? Thanks!
  11. Cornelius TX

    Thank You

    Just a post of gratitude to all of you. This site is a fun place to visit with such positive vibes every day. It's so much better than scrolling through all of the negativity out there. I also love that it feeds my desire to be a better and more well-rounded player. Thank you!
  12. Cornelius TX

    Any experience with this 335 Copy?

    This - The name is cringe-worthy, but there are some good reviews (also some bad reviews). Any experience with it at TDPRI? Thanks!
  13. Cornelius TX

    Cycling in/around Red River, NM

    Hello! My family and I will be in RR next week and my brother and I are bringing our mountain/gravel bikes. Any experience/good recommendations for some good local gravel/dirt trails? Not looking to do singletrack/technical stuff. Thanks!
  14. Cornelius TX

    Experience Purchasing Directly from Grote?

    Hello! I am thinking about buying a guitar directly from The particular guitar I’m looking at is not available on Amazon. I’ve been in touch with a customer service representative and he/she has been very responsive and answered all of my questions. This aspect does seem...
  15. Cornelius TX

    NGD, NPD!

    Hello! This Grote with P90s came today. I am loving it. I used to have an SG with P90s, but this combo of P90s and semi-hollow is blowing me away. Aside from cosmetic imperfections and gunk on the fretboard, there is really nothing that needs to be done to this guitar at the moment. I realize...
  16. Cornelius TX

    Jazz Question

    Hello! I am working through the “Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar” book, by Joseph Alexander, which focuses completely on the ii V i progression. I’m loving the book and am learning so much. One question: in the intro, the author seems to make the point that learning this progression sort...
  17. Cornelius TX

    Quick Question - Joyo American Sound

    Hello! I just purchased this pedal and I’m excited to try it with my hot rod deluxe. I know that many use this pedal to go direct into the PA or interface. My question is that based on that, does it make the most sense to plug this pedal into the “power amp in” input on the amp? I’m thinking...
  18. Cornelius TX

    Experience with Grote 335 Copies?

    Hello, Just curious about y'all's thoughts on the P90 version and the humbucker version. Along those lines, I am leaning towards the P90s (I play mainly country and R&B, soul), but feel free to convince me otherwise. :) Thanks!
  19. Cornelius TX

    Recommended Pickguard Replacement for Monoprice Indio?

    Morning! The one I ordered from Amazon ended up not being a good fit at all. Anybody have experience replacing the pickguard on this guitar, and able to make a recommendation? Thanks!
  20. Cornelius TX

    Experience with Sweetwater Limited Edition Princeton

    Hello! I am considering this amp based on the rave reviews. One question for those who have it: Can it handle medium-volume outdoor gigs without a mic? Mainly clean classic country. Read lots online, but wanted y’all’s thoughts on this specific version of the amp and this context for it. Thanks!
  21. Cornelius TX

    Headstock Reshaping Question - Purely Cosmetic

    Hello! Would y’all mind taking a look at the attached pics? They’re of a Monoprice Tele headstock I reshaped. I followed a template of a more vintage-era headstock, and I feel like it wound up a bit long and skinny-looking. Would it help to possibly shave a bit off the top end and round it...
  22. Cornelius TX

    Stopping the Spread of a Hairline Neck Crack?

    Hello! I have noticed a tiny hairline crack that may be spreading along my neck. My reason for concern is that it seems to have lengthened since the time I first noticed it. Please see pics. I have traced the crack in the second picture, as it is hard to see. Any ideas on how to possibly...
  23. Cornelius TX

    In a Silent Way - Recommendations?

    Hello! My brother is moving and gave me his vinyl copy of this album. I've always loved it, but hearing it on this heavy vinyl really opened it up for me. I love every single thing about this album, and it is definitely in my top 5. While I realize that no album can likely touch this or come...
  24. Cornelius TX

    Neck Pickup and Cannabis Rex - New Sweet Spot

    Hello! I recently had my Blues Jr.'s speaker replaced with a Cannabis Rex (and re-tubed/properly biased also). I also had my CV 50s BSB Tele set up by a pro, including fret leveling. Feels amazing. Didn't realize how badly in need of work it was after years of playing. Just wanted to share: I...
  25. Cornelius TX

    NGD - Monoprice Indio & Questions

    Hello! I finally pulled the trigger on this (link), which I had been eyeing for a while. Will likely by my backup at gigs, but from what I have read and listened to (sound clips), it is a great guitar. Just a few questions for y'all: - How difficult is it to replace a modern bridge with a...

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