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  1. Shango66

    Bigsby - pins out, drill thru…doh!

    So I’m gonna put another B5 on a cabronita tele. restringing a bigsby “on the fly“ at a gig, is not easy so I decided on the bore out method. Yes, I know they make em pre bored, but I’m cheap! I removed the pins, bored thru the swivel bar until at D string the drill bit broke in the hole…major...
  2. Shango66

    Grande Ballroom for sale

    Fixer upper.
  3. Shango66

    Nashville Bird lands in my suburb.

    is this a good thing? as you can see the finest Italian pizzas shut up shop a while back. S
  4. Shango66

    Michael Lang (Woodstock) RIP I enjoyed his vision to put a concert and film together. may he long ride that old scrambler over green fields.
  5. Shango66

    Ronnie Tutt, Rip

    I remember watching Elvis’ live concerts and being mighty impressed w the TCB band and Ronnie was the engine. Well played Ronnie.
  6. Shango66

    Wes Montgomery 1965 TV appearance in full.

    I’ve seen snippets of this but not the full show. A great way to spend 30 min and the camera work on the master is great.
  7. Shango66

    Celestion Speakers explained

    A well structured talk on the Celestion 12” range.
  8. Shango66

    NSD Emi GA SC64

    Vs the Jensen C12K. They both sound and feel good at living room level. The Jensen has the low end thump and chime on top. The Emi has mids and chime but not the low end I’m used to with the DRRI I will try a shoot out at band volume and see what I like best.
  9. Shango66

    What is the quintessential American speaker?

    The UK has the Celestion Blue, Greenback, V30 and their many derivatives. These 3 speakers could cover the British voiced speakers, imo. If you where going to pick 1-3 speakers that are distinctly American voiced, what are they?
  10. Shango66

    N(h)PD. Protein

    (Hyped) The dual drive pedals have taken my interest of late. The Browne Protein seems to be in the KOT contender list. Kinda...Blues Breaker + Nobels OD1. A lightly used one turned up local and my six pack influenced trigger finger went Bam! The BB side is very open and amp like, the OD1 has...
  11. Shango66

    Straight Into the Desk, Great Guitar Sounds?

    At about 4.30 Dan says “a lot of great guitar sounds come from plugging straight into the desk”. So what are these great sounds he speaks of? I’ve gone “straight in” to get some recording beds down for a rhythm section demo and liken it to plugging into my folks home stereo as a kid. I know...
  12. Shango66

    Roy Buchanan OGWT 73

  13. Shango66

    History of George Bensons Guitars

    No teles in GBs history, sorry. Here’s a video I enjoyed of his Guitars up until his Ibanez association Enjoy.
  14. Shango66

    Reputations in 2020, up or down?

    This year has seen many artists do the online streaming videos to keep in the public eye/ attention. Some may have proven positive, others, not so. What you got.? I always thought of Robert Fripp being some avant-garde man of mystery.
  15. Shango66

    David Stone Martin, Jazz Art

    Love it...Jazz art from 50s.
  16. Shango66

    Overdrive w independent Boost , recommendations.

    Hi, I’m Looking for an overdrive w built in independent boost. I have a Fulldrive 2 , which is great, but the boost is not avail without the Overdrive being engaged. Contenders I’ve looked at.. Fulldrive 3, xotic AC plus Any experience with these two or Other pedals I should consider? Thx S
  17. Shango66

    Deluxe Reverb RI vibrato problem

    Hi Folks New used amp day me. Drri, 1990 model in great condition, one problem is.. The vibrato is stuck on Full speed, turning dial does nothing. any fix ideas? Thx, Shango
  18. Shango66

    Torpedo Captor X, any users? This looks like it would tick a few boxes for me. Load Box Attenuator Ir load. Simple control interface. any users out there to give their opinions? Appreciated. S
  19. Shango66

    52 ri Hot Rod tele wired wrong.?

    Hi Folks. 52 ri hot rod tele w SD mini hum. I’ve had this tele over 10 yrs and I’m embarrassed to say I think it’s been wired up wrong. So I got time to remedy. Bridge 1 position is ok Pos 2 gives me both pickups Pos 3 gives me both pickups. So I don’t have a humbucker only position. pic...
  20. Shango66

    Swimming Pool resonance

    Hi all. Got a large swimming pool route in my partscaster strat. It’s been a beater/ try out guitar for many years. I dragged it out recently and noticed when goosed with gain a high pitched ring that is noticeable after the notes play out, it’s a milsec long but it’s there. This occurs...
  21. Shango66

    Tried to cash travellers cheque’s lately?

    With all this market volatility of late, I figured I’d try to scrap some cash together. So off to the bank with those old Amex travellers cheque’s that amount to less than 2k. Bought in early 90s when I was backpacking. Fast forward to now. The bank concierge wasn’t sure if they cashed them...
  22. Shango66

    It’s Too Easy to Reach Out.

    Two phrases that have crept into every day use. “Three beers please”....”Too Easy” When did this competitiveness come into completing a simple task? An adult doing a grade 2 maths test, that would be “too easy.” So I “reached out” to a friend and he lent me his spare bass for the gig. When did...
  23. Shango66

    Anyone here play a Cuban Tres?

    Salsa music has long been part of my playlist. I’ll sit down and work on the montuno patterns As a result I thought of making myself a Tres out of a beater acoustic guitar. There’s a few “how to do” videos on YouTube. So has anyone got experience in playing them or tips on guitar to tres...