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  1. Censport

    NGD - polka dot content

    What's more rare than a Buddy Guy signature model Stratocaster? How about one in a limited edition color and signed by the man himself? Saw this on his website and it took less than ten minutes (maybe more like three) to rationalize buying yet another guitar. Came in today, after almost...
  2. Censport

    Looking for a bridge p'up to compliment a CuNiFe

    Last year, I picked up this sweet MIJ Tele Custom. Planning on dropping it off to have the fretboard refinished and thought I'd load up a new pickguard with a new Fender CuNiFe for the neck position. But what to do for the new bridge p'up? The CuNiFe sold for the neck position has an output...
  3. Censport

    NMD - future Celtic content?

    Actually, it's been a few days. I've been trying to set the intonation and learn the basics. But anyway, I bought a starter mandolin for learning Celtic tunes. Haven't even taken the sticker off the pickguard, that's how little confidence I have in my mandolin playing. Was $70 minus the...
  4. Censport

    Esquire build thread... taking name suggestions

    Got another swamp ash body from Guitar Mill. Esquire, this time. Mario cuts his Esquire bodies to 1.5", .25" less than a standard Tele. I suspect the difference will be made up by paint. Basically, here's the idea I have in mind: Obviously, this one is going to take some time. And money. Have...
  5. Censport

    NLPD! Deluxe content (and a story)

    It's a day I've been looking forward to ever since Jakedog posted about Gibson bring back the Deluxe. A little backstory here. In 1985, I was working at Hewgley's Music Shop on Commerce Street in Nashville. Jim and Judy Broadus owned it then, and it had been there 30 years at that point...
  6. Censport

    NGD! Telecaster Custom, MIJ content.

    Recently, someone asked why Telecaster Customs aren't more popular. I thought back over the few I had played and remembered being impressed with a Japanese-made example in the late 80s. So of course I did a little window (monitor?) shopping to see what they're going for these days. Only found...
  7. Censport

    NPD - Keeley-modded DS-1

    Quasi-nephew came through for me again. Needed to buy more parts for his 240SX, so he asked if I wanted to buy a couple of pedals. Got this old DS-1 that had been modded by Robert Keeley. In my 40 years of playing, I had never even tried a modded pedal until my kinda-nephew blew up the engine in...
  8. Censport

    Nena playing a Telecaster

    Those of a certain age may remember the 1983 hit 99 Luftballons from Nena. That was her one big hit in the U.S., so she's seen as a "one-hit wonder" here. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she never stopped recording and touring this whole time. She's also had five kids, two of...
  9. Censport

    Best tuner for setting intonation?

    I haven't bought a tuner in at least 20 years. Figured technology may have improved since then. What's the best tuner on the market these days for setting intonation? Bench or portable, price not an issue.
  10. Censport

    Anybody else have an office guitar?

    This Highway One stays near my desk for those quiet moments when work is caught up, which are rare this time of year. I refer to it as my emotional support guitar. Coworkers don't mind and some guests are also players so we'll chat about music or gear for a bit, which is a nice distraction...
  11. Censport


    I had this leftover Warmoth neck lying around and was thinking about selling it. Then I was checking out the latest on Fender's site when I noticed they sold parts. Like... bodies... So I did the natural thing and ordered a new body. And bridge. And pickguard, Strat knobs, strap... Body and...
  12. Censport

    Can stripped threads be repaired?

    Have a used SD Classic Stack neck pickup that I want to put in a new Tele build (mounting to the pickguard), but the screw holes are stripped. Don't want to use fatter screws, so is there a good way to repair the holes?
  13. Censport

    What do I need to know about titanium saddles?

    Was ordering another 3-pot control plate for my latest Tele when I noticed the vendor also offers titanium saddles and bridges. What sort of new-fangled witchcraft is this? My ash Tele and roasted alder Tele have steel saddles, both of my Highway One Teles have brass. I'm considering a full...
  14. Censport

    NGD - Midnight Wine content

    This NGD is both correcting 20-years of seller's regret, and solving a lack-of-pickup-test-mule issue. Recently, I asked about the differences between '98-'05 MIM Standard Teles and the '06-'18s. Received some very helpful, well-informed responses. See, I bought an MIM Standard Telecaster new in...
  15. Censport

    Question about MIM Standards

    I'm thinking about getting an MIM Standard like the first Tele I bought in the late 90s. On one of the websites I'm using, they have them separated into two periods: 1998-2005, and 2006-2018. Other than different colors offered, are they any different?
  16. Censport


    When a friend's son posted on FB last week that he had blown the engine in another of his old cars, I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd be asking me to buy some of his music gear. Last time, he blew the engine in an old S-10 and I bought his rough Highway One Tele. This time, it was his 240SX...
  17. Censport

    NGD (Well, that didn't go as expected.)

    Went to a Mom & Pops store here in Nashville that's been around forever, hoping to find a Classic Vibe 60s Strat to pick up for an office guitar. Would have preferred Lake Placid Blue, but would have settled on anything else, knowing most stores are running low on inventory. All they had for...
  18. Censport

    My guitars have gone Rogue.

    No, they haven't struck out on their own. I mean Rogue with a capital R. A few months ago, I asked about pin-up headstock decals. That set off a bit more controversy than I expected! :oops: Before the thread was locked, I came up with a different idea. Instead of a generic pin-up, I decided to...
  19. Censport

    Changed bridge p'ups, added a volume, gained more flexibility

    About three years ago, I finally finished my first partscaster (old thread here). Played it like that until recently, when I suspected it could sound more Tele-ish. In the meantime, I redid my '87 Schecter YM-1 with a pair of Gibson humbuckers, two volumes and one tone that works on the bridge...
  20. Censport

    Red Strat tribute done, finally have the trio.

    Bought a body from @Ringo a little over a year ago with the intention of building a tribute of David Gilmour's Red Strat, finally got around to finishing it. So that completes my trio of tributes to the guy who inspired me to pick up the guitar. The 1989 '57 reissue in the middle I've...
  21. Censport

    Webstrings issues?

    Some time back, here in the Bad Dog Cafe, someone started a thread asking if anyone else played 9.5-gauge strings. I've been playing D'Addario 9.5-44s since the 80s, although I had been having trouble finding them in my local stores in recent years. Someone else on the thread recommended...
  22. Censport

    Looking for a 3-pot control plate.

    When changing my 80's Schecter Strat from three singles to two humbuckers, I opted for two volume controls and one tone. I like it so much, I want to do the same to my partscaster. I've checked the usual sources for a control plate that accommodates three pots (Stew Mac, AllParts, Stratosphere)...
  23. Censport

    NFVD! 2016 Gibson Flying V Pro T

    This mint V arrived today from a collector in Brooklyn. Been wanting one for a few years, not that I've ever been unhappy with my '67 Reissue. Ain't it purty? All stock and the seller even threw in a Gibson hard-shell case (these only had a gig bag from the factory). Now if y'all excuse me, I...
  24. Censport

    Next on my amp wish list: 2021 '68 Custom Vibro Champ Reverb

    Saw this on Fender's site, slated for release this year: '68 Custom Vibro Champ Reverb Not that I'm disappointed in the custom PRRI I bought last year. Nope, still love it. It's the only amp that's upstairs in the music room now. But you know how it is. Along comes this adorable little 5-watt...
  25. Censport

    The Great Affairs

    New album out, new video up.