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    TMTR Owners - A Question

    I have a TMDR and it feels nice, though the mute ("standby") switch felt a little cheesy until I realized it wasn't carrying voltage like the tube models. I played a blonde TMTR today and liked it a lot, but the bright switches felt a little cheesy. Do yours feel that way? Have they held up...
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    5E3/6G3 question

    I have a question about the tonal response of these two amps. I have a 5E3 that I love, but when it's running full out it sags a little much for my taste. Sometimes with a drummer I want just a little more immediacy. So I bought a Suhr Hombre, which is basically a 6G3. I was hoping for a...
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    AC15 w/Blue

    Consigned locally.
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    Have you ever sold a guitar simply due to value?

    So I've got this guitar, a Squier actually, that 99.9% of the time doesn't get played. It's a baritone and we have EMI in the neighborhood so I usually record with a Gretsch bari that has humbuckers. I admit I am probably too attached to material possessions. I'm a little OCD and get the...
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    Anyone buy both a TM and a RI and sell one?

    Has anyone here owned both a Tone Master and a RI of the same model and sell one? Which did you sell? Which did you keep? Example: Say Frank has had a DRRI for a few years and likes it. Buys a TMDR. Sells the TMDR and keeps his old RI. Bill on the other hand has a TRRI and TMTR. Sells the...
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    More volume and BF choices

    Say I want to stick to a BF amp due to availability and want more clean headroom than a single DRRI will offer. Do I want a second DR, a Twin Reverb, or a Super Reverb? I have my own ideas, just looking for some discussion on the matter! If anyone is going to suggest a Quilter, I guess that's...
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    A cautionary tale on modern Fender hardshell cases.

    I'd never put a guitar in such an environment, but within the last couple of years I put several guitars out on stands and put the hard cases in the attic. I only did this with plastic ones or tolexed ones; the tweed cases went into a closet to avoid humidity and carpet beetles (should they...
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    Swart STR vs 5E3

    Anyone here do a shootout? What's your opinion? Any similar Swart is ok, they heave the STR-Trem as well. I have, and I have access to both, I'm just curious if my findings are similar to others.
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    Winter Basement Amp Storage?

    I'm just wondering if the temperature and humidity in a clean but unfinished basement is safe for amp storage during the winter. Currently the basement is at 56 degrees F and 46% humidity. Does that sound reasonable?
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    Would you buy a current Gibson sight unseen today?

    I'm eyeing a current Gibson model that is out of stock at a lot of retailers. One place has a couple but they don't give individual weights or pictures. They do have a good return policy as far as I am aware. I am not too picky about weight (light is better, moderate is ok, heavy is OK if...
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    Forget small combos. FOR SALE:
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    Do you consider amps maintenance items?

    Several years ago we had an old British car. It was fun and really cool, but ultimately got driven only a few times a year. We sold it and I thought to myself, "Sure, a Les Paul is as expensive as this old car, but at least it doesn't cost $75 a month in insurance plus oil changes, repairs...
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    Keep the chimney?

    Our house was built in 1926. We don't use the fireplace, though the inspector when we purchased it said it could probably be used with minimal or no updating. A few years in we had a leak around the chimney and I had it reflashed. Problem solved. Then about 4 years ago I saw some spalling on...
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    What's a better fit?

    Say you wanted a nice little set. 5E3, 6G3, and a blackface. Do you get a Deluxe or a Princeton for the third one?
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    How serious is this crack?

    I hope this is the right forum - those more dedicated to repair seem Tele-centric and this is an acoustic. The guitar in question is brand new, in a big-box guitar retailer, with a 2019 s/n. I suppose the crack might be a good bargaining chip if not a big deal, but if it's a problem then I'd...
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    Saving Some Space

    OK, hypothetically, you want to save some space. Which of these stay and which go? Fender PRRI Fender DRRI Fender TMDR Fender CVR Fender '57 Deluxe RI Marshall JTM45/1960AX Orange CR120H/PPC212OB Vox AC15C1X Not going anywhere (in case you think a specific tone should be available)...
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    College Football Season Ticket Poll

    OK, it's ticket renewal time. For about the same price, I can get two tickets in the fancy pants zone with the cupholders and ushers, or I can get four tickets on bleacher benches at the prime viewing spot (45 yard line, 30th row). The fancy seats are so close it's sometimes hard to see the...
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    Demo Versions

    I saw this video posted in the Springsteen appreciation thread and thought it was interesting. It made me think about other demos I've heard that were surprising or illuminating. I like this one because the tone of everything seems to have changed from demo to final product: What demos have...
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    Talk me down from overworrying

    I waited a long time for this guitar to show up at a local dealer, and it's magic. Really fantastic guitar! I noticed that a couple of the neck screws weren't tightened all the way so I asked the luthiers in the shop if it was a problem. They said no but offered to tighten them for me. Well...
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    Ordering Unplayed - Experiences?

    I found a CS Tele at Humbucker Music that I like a lot. The specs are just fine for my tastes, but I have a thing with string spacing and alignment. I don't like my high E to be too close to the edge if the neck pocket is too tight to adjust and I'm not a fan of aggressive fingerboard rolling...
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    Does your Greasebucket tone circuit give you a cocked-wah sound?

    I was playing around with a few guitars last night and I have a Highway 1 with the Greasebucket circuit. It gives a fantastic cocked-wah tone on the bridge pickup. The mid pickup in this guitar is fantastic as well, and although I bought it used I'm fairly certain everything is stock. None of...
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    Tipping for delivery

    I had a small shed kit delivered. About 300 lbs split into two boxes. I paid $79 for the delivery and helped the guy unload it into my driveway. Should I have given a tip (not disclosing whether I did or not)?
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    Understanding Fret Wear

    My initial question was whether fast fret wear (a few hours) - as unusual as it is - is most likely caused by hard strings, soft frets, or an iron grip. As the thread has evolved, it seems the consensus has been soft frets. I'm editing this original post to reflect this and avoid a hunt for...
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    Talk me out of a Victoria 5112-T

    I will give you some reasons. I already own a tweed Deluxe and a Swart STR-Tremolo. I have been eyeing a Bassman as my "big" amp. Is it crazy to want to play through one of these in addition to the other options?