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  1. rockycreeker

    Boomer Castleman RIP?

    I'm seeing on FB that Boomer has passed away. Anyone know if this is true ?
  2. rockycreeker

    Redd Sighting

    I made my first ever visit to Texas last week for a job related training meeting in San Antonio. I checked and found that Redd Volkaert's band Heybale was playing at the legendary Brokenspoke in Austin on Wednesday night, so I rented a car on Wednesday afternoon after my meeting adjourned and...
  3. rockycreeker

    To Click or Not to Click

    That is the question. I have been on TDPRI for years, but I'll admit I've not been to the WSP section very often. Do many of you folks play with a click for your PW services and if so, how is it done? By that I mean, who queues it up and do you have it in everyone's in-ear, or just some? At...
  4. rockycreeker

    15's On a Stick

    I'm looking for a pair of light PA cabs with 15" inch woofers to put on stands for small gigs. What do you folks prefer? Oh, and they need to be fairly inexpensive. I already have a Peavey powered mixer/amp that I use, so I really wasn't looking at powered speakers, although I know they have...
  5. rockycreeker

    Gig Staples

    Probably been discussed before, but what do you guys take to gigs and what do you carry it in? I use a Musicians Friend nylon bag that has a bunch of pockets and is OK, but I probably carry way too much stuff in it and I forget I have a lot of the stuff in there. It's not too handy as I have...
  6. rockycreeker

    Lyrics on the Bandstand

    How do most of you gigging folks keep up with your lyrics on the bandstand? I didn't used to have to read lyrics, but as my band's songlist has grown over the years and my memory has gotten worse, I do need to use written lyrics. I know it's not rocket science, but just curious as to what...
  7. rockycreeker

    What Kind of Bass if This??

    What kind of bass is Mr. Paycheck playing in this old youtube??
  8. rockycreeker

    Wireless Mics

    What experience does anyone have with wireless mics? My church started an early worship service several years ago and had some pretty bad regular (non-wireless) mics, then progressed to Shure Beta 87Cs - which in my opinion are KILLER - eating the lunch of the SM58 or even Beta 58 as far as...
  9. rockycreeker

    Alvarez Model No. 5042

    A bandmate friend of mine has one of these and is considering selling it. I am trying to find some basic info on it. I gather it's a discontinued model, but I can't find much else. It's a dreadnought size non-cutaway acoustic with no electronics. Anyone know or can anyone point me to a...
  10. rockycreeker

    Proximity Effect

    A musician friend who has done a good bit of live mixing as well as studio engineering recently sent out an email discussing the proximity effect of most hand held vocal microphones and in a nutshell, when these microphones are worked very close by a vocalist, as most are, then the bass should...
  11. rockycreeker

    Hum From EMGs?

    I bought a set of EMG Tele pups on ebay a while back. They looked perfect cosmetically. My guitar repairman who does all my work installed them for me. They sound fine, except the bridge pup does have some hum when you get close to the amp - this also can be heard when combined with the neck...
  12. rockycreeker

    Guitar Synths - Anyone Use Em Live??

    I've toyed with the idea of getting one, but does anyone here really use one on live gigs for real meat and potatoes sounds, I'm not talking gimmicky stuff. Sometimes we gig as a four piece - two guitars, bass and drums and I miss the fullness of keyboards.
  13. rockycreeker

    Live Gig Prices

    Just wondering what the gas/economy thing is doing to most folks. Are you charging more to cover the gas to get to the gig? We haven't gone up in price for fear of not getting the gig, but the gas prices are eating up any little profit we might make. But we don't do it for a living, it's...
  14. rockycreeker

    New Redd on Youtube

    Just found this on Youtube, looks like Redd's new Tompkins Tele in action. Great stuff.
  15. rockycreeker

    Best Hardshell Case for $$??

    The case that I use for my Tele (a molded Fender) has seen it's better days. What do you folks recommend? Thanks.
  16. rockycreeker

    Tried a Baja

    The Baja Tele has been out for some time now, and besides reading about it here, I've not been able to find one in a store. Today, I took an extended lunch break and drove to a local Guitar Center. They had the Desert Sand color, and I was expecting a boat anchor, but the guitar was very...
  17. rockycreeker

    John Anderson Video

    I am looking for a video (VHS or DVD) of country singer John Anderson's 1982 Austin City Limits performance. It is not available through the ACL website. A friend of mine who is now deceased played guitar with John on that show and I'd really love to have a copy of it. The Bellamy Brothers...
  18. rockycreeker

    F/X that work with Deluxe Reverbs

    I just got my 76 SFDR where it is gigable by replacing the speaker in it with a Jensen Neo 100. My normal point of reference for years has been a Fender Twin or more recently a Fender Vibrolux - both having more headroom than the Deluxe. Now that I have the Deluxe where it can hold it's own...
  19. rockycreeker

    DR Black Beauty Strings

    I know a lot of folks here don't like coated strings, ie Elixir, etc, but in the last 6 months I've been using Elixir Nanowebs on my electrics and acoustics and have liked the sound, feel, and yes, the durability cause I have a very acidic sweat that can kill a set of noncoated strings in one...
  20. rockycreeker

    Rewiring BF amps to Three Prong

    I have a 66 BFVR and a 66 BFTR that have the original two prong power cords. Question #1- is this an involved or expensive procedure to have them replaced to three prong? Question #2 if I had them converted, would it help with the occasional shocks I get when I touch the mic and the...
  21. rockycreeker

    Pro Reverb Prices

    I have a line on a possible private purchase of a BF Pro Reverb that is, as far as I know, all original. I don't know the year, but I'm guessing around 66. What would be a decent price?
  22. rockycreeker

    Tone Pot/Capacitors for Buchanan/Gatton Wah Sounds

    I'm pretty dumb about this, but what is recommnded for a Tele tone control to achieve the radical wah effect that Buchanan and Gatton got? I have a 90's Tele Deluxe with two Strat type neck and middle pups and a Tele bridge pup - currently an SD Broadcaster.
  23. rockycreeker

    Danny Gatton and the Leslie Sound

    I've been listening to some live Gatton bootlegs online ( and I've noticed that on a lot of the later shows in last 3 to 4 years of his life, Danny seemed to have a Leslie cabinet on for the whole show. I like the sound, and I'm guessing he was playing through a regular amp...
  24. rockycreeker

    Getting Harshness out of the Onstage Sound

    Hey guys - I'm mainly an electric player, but I have a an older EF 340 Takamine that is my only acoustic. Previously, I'd just line it into the board, but the sound of my guitar would be lost when the whole band got cranking. Then I had the opportunity to buy a Peavey mixer/amp from my steel...
  25. rockycreeker

    Fair Price for a 90's SG

    I'm mainly a Fender man - haven't owned a Gibson in 25+ years, but I played what I was told was a mid 90's Gibson SG today. It has dot inlays - not block and on the truss rod cover it just says "SG". Everything appears original - it has uncovered humbuckers - it's in fair shape but it has a...