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  1. saltyseadog

    New Beatles Documentary Article.

    Read this brilliant piece on the last weeks of the Beatles in today's Guardian newspaper.
  2. saltyseadog

    So You Thought a Horse's A** was something Useless?.

    Someone posted this to me today and I thought it might be of interest to some of you?. The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Well, because that's the way they built them in England, and...
  3. saltyseadog

    John Hiatt - Leftover Feelings (great return to form)

    Always been a great fan of John Hiatt since the late 70's but the last few years I felt that instead of a whole album of classics like in his prime and although there are always a memorable track or two or three I felt like his best days were gone but boy was I wrong, can't take his latest...
  4. saltyseadog

    Strange type of cooking pan?.

    A friend of mine in Scotland found this pan. It is a kitchen utensil but he doesn't know what it was used for. Best guess so far is some sort of steamer but thought maybe someone in the USA might know.
  5. saltyseadog

    Happy New Year to all at the TDPRI.

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    After You Had Dinner With Those Three People, How Did It Go?.

    Considering that old but very apt adage, "never meet your heroes, as they're sure to disappoint you" how many of you in the other thread are going to be sorely disappointed?. :cool::D
  7. saltyseadog

    DC Leakage damaged Pedals Question?.

    Recently I put in a new tube PCB tube board to my BJr'. Due to a misunderstanding with the board maker I initially wired the 6 section cable to pre amp tube V1 wrong which resulted in a dc leak of around 100dcv. This was diagnosed with the help of the friendly guys in the amp forum and I...
  8. saltyseadog

    Festival Crowd Scene maybe?

    Came across this pic on my Facebook page.
  9. saltyseadog

    Pre-amp Tube Question?.

    What's the difference between an ECC83/12AX7 and an ECC83/12AX7/7025?. I am looking at buying one and the seller lists these two Tung Sol models with a minimal price difference.
  10. saltyseadog

    Digital Multimeters?.

    In the course of a recent amp problem I had which was solved by some of the amazing techs at this forum I realised that my years old analogue multimeter was not really up to the job anymore and perhaps I should invest in a more modern digital version. I am more of the carpentry/fitter fabricator...
  11. saltyseadog

    1952 Tele.

    Came across this on my Facebook page today. Happy xmas and a guid new year to all. :D
  12. saltyseadog

    "Tiger" Singer?.

    Pointed mainly at the younger members I guess. I check out the local musicians wanted ads at a site called "Join My Band" now and then and yesterday saw an ad from a guy describing himself as a Tiger singer among other genres he mentioned rock. His ad seemed like it was a thing but having never...
  13. saltyseadog

    Earth Wire Question?.

    I am used to working on guitars as regards soldering pickups etc. I have a few left over pickups both humbucker and single coils from replacement pickup jobs and am at present contemplating adding one of these a single coil sized stacked humbucker to my resonator guitar. The work itself is...
  14. saltyseadog

    Finished My 50's Style Tweed Amp Cab.

    Have always had a yen for a tweed amp but being a play at home retiree I could never justify the expense so a few months back I decided to take my 1997 green board BJr' and build it a new house instead. After a lot of research and some probably stupid questions I decided on a Bassman/Bandmaster...
  15. saltyseadog

    Narrow Panel Tweed Feet Placement Question?.

    I have finally finished applying shellac to my 2 x 8 and 1 x 12 tweed covered finger jointed pine amp cabinet for my Fender BlJr' and ready to put it all back together in a day or so, pictures coming soon. Everything is drilled out and pre-tested to fit on the box and I just need to use a hot...
  16. saltyseadog

    Tweed Material inside/outside Question?.

    I bought Fender tweed and grill cloth material from Allparts here in the UK for a self build I am doing. Having finished and tested the cabinet I took out the tweed material and noticed that it is very light colored and soft on the outside of the roll but the inside of it has had some sort of...
  17. saltyseadog

    Effects Chain Placement Question?.

    Having just finished my pine amp cabinet and having some timber left over I built a small 20" x 10" effects board with it. Not really a multi pedal person but over the years I have bought five. I have a wah pedal, a chorus, tremelo and delay plus I use a Boss FBM1 for a bit of low volume crunch...
  18. saltyseadog

    Ohms Question?.

    Rhetorical question here, say for example an 8ohm amp with a single 12" x 8ohm speaker and an extension cab with 2 8" x 4ohm speakers wired in series also giving 8ohms. Running them separately is no problem of course each option giving an 8ohm load. If I cut off the jack on the extension cab and...
  19. saltyseadog

    Question on Wiring More ThanTwo Speakers Together?.

    I am planning on building a finger jointed pine cabinet and then giving it a tweed covering for my 1987 green board Blues Junior amp. As well as the original 12" Eminence 8ohm speaker I have an 8" Eminence 4ohm 820H Patriot I had bought for an other amp I had. I originally intended to build a...