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  1. cometazzi

    Alackaday - High and Lonesome

    Great Southern Rock type stuff. I learned about them today from my older Sister, who used to date the drummer. (Drummer is now deceased. Sister had nothing to do with that)
  2. cometazzi

    Thirds and Intonation

    There's something that's bugged me ever since I figured out how to play intervals and what they are- On all my guitars at least, I've noticed this: Play a major or minor third interval, like E and G# or E and G. As it rings out, start pulling the 3rd sharp. At some point, it will start to...
  3. cometazzi

    Power Supply and Power Calculations Learning Resources

    Hi folks, I understand how power supplies work in a general sense, but I've got a handful of questions about calculating voltages, voltage drops and loads in the power supply. I'd ask them here, but I don't want to be a pest and I understand this is beginner-level stuff I should already know...
  4. cometazzi

    Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968

    My youthful experiences have left me terrified of ever doing psychedelic drugs ever again. But golly gosh darn it do I ever love 1960s acid rock. This stuff is MIND-BENDING! I love it to bits and you should too.
  5. cometazzi

    Micro Amp Fever: What Have You Done?

    I don't know that we've got a concrete definition of a "micro" amp (like say "under 5W" or such). However, you guys know what I'm talking about: low powered amps with 12AU7 or EF80 output tube(s). RobRob's Major Valve Micro Series gives us iterations of the Champ, Deluxe, Bassman/JTM45...
  6. cometazzi

    Two Random Questions: NFB Loops, and Tubenit Reverb Dwell Controls

    Hi folks, I have a couple of questions that aren't really related. I figured I'd throw them into one thread instead of making a few separate ones. If single-topic threads are better, let me know. (I do have more questions, but I'm just asking these for now): 1) Is putting the volume control...
  7. cometazzi

    This thing kinda sucks

    Well IT doesn't suck, but I sure do. A couple of recent threads in a few areas got me thinking about the ruts I've been in and going to get guitar lessons. I may still do that, but I think there are some academic things I can do on my own first. One of them is learning to read music... like...
  8. cometazzi

    What are your Top Ten "Must Know" songs for Rock Guitarists?

    Either when you first started, or now that you're all old and wizened, what are the top songs that you think every rock guitarist should know how to play? Doesn't have to be all rock songs, as rock guitarists can learn plenty from other styles too. Go!
  9. cometazzi

    Finding the Right Teacher

    Similar to @giogolf's thread about "Relearning the guitar from the beginning"... I'm in a similar boat. I picked up guitar in my teens, put it down in my early 20s due to tendonitis, and it wasn't until my mid-30s that I got excited about it again. I've got some stuff that I can play, a little...
  10. cometazzi

    Megadeth: Hangar 18

    I don't expect this to be popular here, but the guitar work in this album is IMHO the epitome of the Thrash era. Even if you don't like metal, listen to how melodic (and intense) the rhythm and solo stuff is here.
  11. cometazzi

    Metallica in the style of Muse: "Master of Puppets"

    Proper job.
  12. cometazzi

    Sierra Ferrell, "The Sea"... Lake Street Dive, "This Magic Moment"

    I like this, and I bet a lot of people here will also. Great instrumentation, excellent early Jazz throwback. Nobody expects a musical saw! Butt.... I can't stand the vocals. They seem too "overly affected" or something, like she's trying too hard and it comes across as corny. "The...
  13. cometazzi

    OT: Java or C++?

    This is really OT, but I know there are at least a handful of software developers here. Ideally a software dev will know multiple languages (like all us guitarists that know multiple styles). My question is if I should spend time learning Java or C++ Helpful information: I'm not new to...
  14. cometazzi

    Master of Puppets in 50 Styles

    Even if you're not a metal fan, watch this as it's got all the styles in it: I love stuff like this, and I really need to hand it to this guy for having the ability to put something like this together.
  15. cometazzi

    Who knows March Gasses?

    I was sitting here, approaching the Ides of March, and there was a rumbling and/or burbling sound behind me. The the air was filled with an ephemeral strangeness. Who knows March Gasses?
  16. cometazzi

    What are you struggling with right now?

    No politics, no religion, no Covid... But what are you struggling with? What is cramping your style, ruining your groove, or making your otherwise balanced existence arduous?
  17. cometazzi

    I'm thinking about ordering a pizza

    It's such a decision. On one hand, pizza is great! On the other hand, it's not so great for you and I could spend the money on something else. Like other food that would last much longer and be healthier. Then there's the decision of what to put on it. I like everything, and one of my...
  18. cometazzi

    Cari Cari `Mapache'

  19. cometazzi

    Bellbottom Blues, you made me cry

    Many years ago, the gf-at-the-time and I were driving in my truck, and talking about random stuff. Probably making jokes about the dogs. This song came on the radio, and I could no longer speak. As soon as the little lead guitar riff before the verse started, my eyes just gushed with tears...
  20. cometazzi

    Can You Identify Gear by Ear?

    When you listen to a song where you don't already know "<musician> uses <guitar> and <amp>", can you identify the gear being played? When you hear a recording (and don't see a video or picture or anything) can you confidently say "that's a Telecaster into a Fender Deluxe" or "That's a...
  21. cometazzi

    Pentode-to-Triode Switch Question

    In the case of a single-ended 6V6 Champ type amp, I understand a "Triode Switch" would connect the 6V6's Screen Grid to the Plate: What kind of power rating should that switch have? There is the Carling 112-63 SPDT available, which is rated 1A @ 250V and 3A @ 125V. In this application the...
  22. cometazzi

    Music - Why do we have it?

    Music is inseparable from the human race. As far as we know, every tribe, every culture, every nation, or every anything of humans going back to the beginning has had music (and dancing) as part of themselves. In many ways, it is also a part of their identity. Like other animals, we utilize...
  23. cometazzi

    SCOTS - Call Me

    Written last year in response to the situation that must not be named. Golly gosh darn... Rick and his electric tones.
  24. cometazzi

    Dumb Speaker Question(s)

    Since this is my second barrage of dumb questions in two days, let me know if I'm being annoying. I'm trying to be good :) 1) Lettuce say you have an amplifier whose OT has both 4ohm and 8ohm taps. Lettuce also say you can buy the same speaker in both 4ohm or 8ohm versions (or an OT that does...