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  1. fidopunk

    Quick Peavey Classic 30 question

    I feel like I used to know this but for the life of me, I can't remember. Is the Classic 30 based on some other schematic? Like is it a tweaked copy of a Fender amp or is it its own beast? Thanks for helping me remember. You know what they say is the first thing to go...
  2. fidopunk

    I recorded before an after CuNiFe WRHB swap.

    Title says it all. I recorded my '72 RI with the stock WR pickups (which I was told were essentially PAF clones). I then swapped the pickups for the new Fender CuNiFe pickups and recorded the same parts, with the same settings, the same amp, with the same mic... you can see where I'm going...
  3. fidopunk

    Series/Parallel Switching on Braided Cable

    I’ve got a bass set up for VVT (like a Jazz Bass) but the pickups are like your typical Gibson’s— shielded cable that’s soldered to the pot backs. Is there a way I can implement the typical Jazz Bass push/pull pot for series/parallel WITHOUT converting the pickup to three or four convictions...
  4. fidopunk

    Charlie Christian Advice

    I've got a pine Telecaster with a 3.2k Lollar Charlie Christian in the neck position and an alnico 5 6.8k Tone Rider in the bridge and I'm having a hard time balancing the pickups. The bridge sounds good at about 5/64" on the E and 4/64 on the e. If I try and get the CC to match its output...
  5. fidopunk

    Climbing bias current with drive pedal,

    I've got a self-built amplifier that's made from an old PE S-35 PA head. I've used this particular model of head and modified circuit successfully several times in the past. I can post the circuit if need-be. My problem is that twice I've melted down one of the 7868 power tubes. Both times...
  6. fidopunk

    NBD '62 Fender Flea Bass

    I just took delivery of one of the new MIM '62 Flea basses. I've been lusting after a shell pink bass for a while and this definitely fills the hole. Setup is superb out of the box. Plays and sounds like a jazz bass should. The relic'ing is very heavy and doesn't feel fake at all. In...
  7. fidopunk

    Problem In Power Section Of Old Tube Pa

    I have this 35 watt Precision Electronics S-35 that I've been working on and something is just wrong in the power section. I bought it non-functioning (can capacitor had let go), gutted it to the chassis, and rewired it per the attached wiring diagram. I've done three of these S-35's and a...
  8. fidopunk

    Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI

    As soon as I heard they taking orders, I called up Sweetwater. It should be here towards the end of this week. I've been waiting for Fender to reissue one of these for a very, very long time.
  9. fidopunk

    Blacktop Basses, Blacktop basses... the dual P pickup'ed J looks fantastic.
  10. fidopunk

    Godin Shifter Bass,

    Discuss: Good looking but awful expensive for basswood.
  11. fidopunk

    Tube PA Question,

    Howdy. Sorry in advance for the long-winded post. I believe I bit off more than I could chew; I bought an old, non-functioning Precision Electronics S-35 PA as a guitar/bass conversion project. I was hoping it would be very similar to the Bogen CHB-35B. Thus far I've had a ton of fun on...
  12. fidopunk

    Mostly GFS Tele build,

    Howdy, I put together another (mostly) GFS partscaster. It's one of the paulowina bodies, a Wilkinson 3 saddle bridge that's been cut down, a Vintage Liverpool in the bridge, and a Dream 180 in the neck. The only unique feature to the guitar is 4-way switching AND stacked volume/tone...
  13. fidopunk

    Two concentric pots and four way switch,

    Hello, I'm building a Tele with two humbuckers and two concentric knobs (V/T for each pickup) BUT I've also fallen in love with four way switching. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the wiring of this-- the Seymour-Duncan diagrams only have the four way with a single...
  14. fidopunk

    Fender Super Switch modifcation,

    I've searched the Internet high and low (and this site) for an answer, but I've come up empty handed... time to ask the experts: So I've got a '50's reissue special with a humbucker in the neck and a single in the bridge. It's got the Fender 5-way 12 lug super switch in it. (single wafer...