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  1. Harry Styron

    Wisecracks about job choices: what have you heard?

    ”If a man don’t want to work, he tries teaching. If he can’t do that, he tries real estate. If he can’t sell real estate, he runs for office.” What have you heard?
  2. Harry Styron

    Carl Perkins, 1956, Honey, Don't

    Lots of old video from the Ozark Jubilee, hosted by Red Foley, is showing up on YouTube. Here's a great one:
  3. Harry Styron

    Most disturbing response to a jam invitation

    My wife and I were recently at a party and got acquainted with a 40-ish woman who I slightly knew professionally. She was intelligent and friendly, and I was delighted when she said that she played standup and electric bass. She said that her father also played bass and was always looking for a...
  4. Harry Styron

    Take the A Train with Sue Foley and her son

    Family life at its best.
  5. Harry Styron

    Set list for assisted-living, senior housing, nursing homes

    My wife and I have our first gig at a nursing home on Tuesday. We have a repertoire of 60-80 songs, running the gamut through American Songbook and Broadway, Tammy Wynette, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, folk revival, gospel, bluegrass, Amy Winehouse. My wife is the singer. Would you mind...
  6. Harry Styron

    Best small blender for smoothies and high-calorie recipes

    My wife (who has dementia) is under orders to add 500 healthy calories per day, and the FNP suggests smoothies with avocado, full-fat dairy, fruit and berries. I don’t trust online reviews, so I’m crowdsourcing here for recommendations about “personal blenders.” Priorities for me are not noisy...
  7. Harry Styron

    Tuners with a crank on a Les Paul

    my friend who owns this 1982 custom shop Les Paul is wondering who made these tuning machines with a folding crank:
  8. Harry Styron

    Mac mini and 4k monitor or iMac?

    I’m ready to upgrade my home office, where I spend 30 hours a week. I’m using a 2011 MacBookPro with a 15” screen (pre-Retina) and a Dell 27” second monitor that is at least five years old. My MBP has 16 gig RAM and an SSD, so it’s quick enough for my modest processing needs. But my eyes need...
  9. Harry Styron

    Bacharach and banjo? Colin Hay and Alison Brown make it work

    Brown’s banjo playing has always been notable for its nuance, and Hay is a fine singer. Another great track from this 2005 album is Michael Martin Murphy’s Carolina in the Pines, with Brown‘s soft and sure banjo and the Indigo Girls’ warm vocals.
  10. Harry Styron

    Norah deep in Ray Charles territory for Christmas
  11. Harry Styron

    Help me choose a floating pickup

    I recently acquired a Gretsch acoustic archtop from the 1950s and have left it with a luthier for a neck reset. I want to play it in a big band, which requires that it be amplified to cut through the horns and drums. I play very few solos. The guitar is sound but not completely original, and I...
  12. Harry Styron

    If you really cared about your guitar, you’d clock your screws

    Orient those screwheads! But what about torquing the screws to maintain uniform pressure?
  13. Harry Styron

    Friday afternoon disasters

    Everywhere I've ever worked, the hardest part of the week was often Friday afternoon, when I was hoping to leave a little early and start enjoying the weekend. While running an errand a little while ago, I came upon this scene of a massive water line break. The condominium manager is my client...
  14. Harry Styron

    Weak first and second strings

    I acquired a MIM Telecaster in a trade a couple of years ago. It has Fender noiseless pickups in neck and bridge positions and no middle pickup. Regardless of switch or knob positions, the sound of the first and second strings is thin and puny. The other strings sound fine. Is this likely to...
  15. Harry Styron

    Ted Gioia’s Predictions About the Future of Music

    The twelve predictions are insightful extensions of trends that a keen observer has noticed. In my view, music is an integral and eternal aspect of human culture, and its existence in the commercial world has existed for only a few hundred years and may be waning for living creators and...
  16. Harry Styron

    Marilyn, Marilyn

    Nothing, not even Robert Wagner’s simpering face, the dated Hal David lyric, and the prop guitar can take away from Marilyn McCoo’s stunning singing and great beauty. She’ll always be a star to me.
  17. Harry Styron

    There’s a new sheriff in town

    And his name is Taylor, not Andy, and he wears no badge or gun.
  18. Harry Styron

    Pomplamoose does Stuck in the Middle

    Another happy cover. The smiling guy playing the Danelectro is Jack Conte, co-founder of Patreon, who presumably has been getting a tiny bit of what is donated to each Patreon account, and the singer is Nataly Dawn, his wife. Great groove from the guy playing the Guild acoustic guitar-style bass.
  19. Harry Styron

    creative ear-training demonstration

    Tim Collins demonstrates a few exercises that are daunting and amusing at the same time:
  20. Harry Styron

    What’s shaking in Cape Girardeau?

    I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday for a board meeting that breaks up in the early evening. I’d like to hear some good music or make some some kind of music with any TDPRI member in the area.
  21. Harry Styron

    Great cover of Chuck E’s in Love from Australia

    A 10-piece band with a good singer brings life to this classic. Makes me want a Lake Street Dive version.
  22. Harry Styron

    Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

    The premise of the lyric no longer makes sense—San Jose has changed in 45 years—but this instrumental guitar version by Woody Lissauer is very charming.
  23. Harry Styron

    The Johnny Horton of Newcastle, Rob Heron

    I chanced upon this convincing rendition of the twangy Horton classic, I’m a One-Woman Man. Investigation revealed that Rob Heron ( with the Tea Pad Orchestra) is a well-established band based in Newcastle, a place in the north of England whence came Sting.
  24. Harry Styron

    The unusual story of songwriter Dick Feller

    While wandering the backroads of southwest Missouri a few weeks ago, I came to the hamlet of Jerico Springs, and I remembered that Dick Feller included a song by that name on his 1973 album “Dick Feller Wrote…” This record came out a year or two after Johnny Cash had a hit with Feller's song...
  25. Harry Styron

    Marc Ribot on the necessity of loud guitars

    I am not much of a noisemaker with guitars, but I gather that many here are. Marc Ribot explains it.