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  1. Rmccamey

    So, this banner pops up on TDPRI and I'm left wondering...

    Not that anyone would do that on these forums! I know the tone of my guitar, and the playability, changes when I replace my Phillip's head screws with slot head screws :) My amp even sounds cleaner after I changed the plastic handle to a leather handle!
  2. Rmccamey

    Really Not Into Working Anymore

    You know it's time to retire when you play a certain Johnny Paycheck song every time you pick up your guitar :)
  3. Rmccamey

    Disgusting Vox in local ad

    All the relic'ed folks should be waiting in line to buy that one!
  4. Rmccamey

    I’m Encouraged By County Music Popularity

    That's how King George did it!
  5. Rmccamey

    What happened to Mesa Boogie?

    Cost is what drove me away. Too many other great amps from boutiques to the standards on the market.
  6. Rmccamey

    I'm Done With Sports!!!

    My sentiments exactly.
  7. Rmccamey

    Fedoras: who’s a fan?

    Yes, there are plenty of wide brimmed (3 inch) fedoras around. There are also a lot of western hats with fedora creases instead of the traditional Cattlemen's crease. And, there is always the pencil roll brim curl for something different.
  8. Rmccamey

    'Breaking in' a speaker - speaker break in period

    Me too! It works every time!
  9. Rmccamey

    Fedoras: who’s a fan?

    The Trilby is generally regarded as a felt dress hat with a diamond, teardrop, or center crease and a brim of less than 2 inches in width.
  10. Rmccamey

    Fedoras: who’s a fan?

    I'm a big bowler fan as well. A 1950s grey bowler from London and a 1930s black Knox bowler.
  11. Rmccamey

    Fedoras: who’s a fan?

    1950s Stetson 7XCB and Stratoliner.
  12. Rmccamey

    Unusual Speed Limits

    I-10 and I-20 in west Texas are also 85 mph.
  13. Rmccamey


    The wife said let's go upstairs and make love. I replied she would have to choose one or the other, I can't do both!
  14. Rmccamey


    Perhaps even an Vox ac4. Those 5 watts can sound pretty large in a smaller space.
  15. Rmccamey

    Tone/Distortion Ontology?

    It's that vintage sound.
  16. Rmccamey

    To Harley Sportster 1200 XL or not to..?

    Sortsters are buzzy and not often set up for long rides. Dana's would be better. If I were looking in the Sportster range, I'd check out some of the other brands. I have a 2017 Triumph T120 and I would not hesitate to ride it across country.
  17. Rmccamey

    Guitar vs Amp

    I love these questions of "theory" or opinion or "what if" where every answer is correct. I'd be much more interested in hearing about situations in which you were forced to choose between a sucky amp or a sucky guitar, what you chose, and how it worked out.
  18. Rmccamey

    Travel & Leisure's Top 15 US Cities

    Joe T's make it worth the trip to Fort Worth from anywhere in the world!
  19. Rmccamey

    Time sink Hobbies that compete with guitar

    I collect vintage hats. Like stamps only you can wear them! My oldest is an October 1930 Knox bowler. Stetson 100 from the 60's. Peacock green Stetson Stratoliner from the 1950's.
  20. Rmccamey

    Designing a Cabinet for a full sound at low volume

    +1. You can play with the Thiele Small parameters all day long and still only come up with a box the same size as combos and cabs made by [insert MFG here]. Again, +1. Speaker placement is also a key. I have my 1/2 open backs in a corner and the bass splash off the back really fills the room...
  21. Rmccamey

    Houses moving so fast, it's like a quick change artist at work.

    I'm not sure why, but any discussion about the housing market always generates discussion of RV's. To each his own, as has been said. Like golf, fishing, and bowling...and the vast majority of people who own and play guitars... RV/trailer camping is a hobby. It is always an expense, never an...
  22. Rmccamey

    Fender 65 Princeton vs. 59 Bassman LTD

    If your mind is made up, why not spend the money on an original.
  23. Rmccamey

    School bus driver and teacher shortages - your areas too?

    +1. I have not looked recently but, year in, year out, the highest paid state employee is the head coach at the University of Texas.
  24. Rmccamey

    Has anyone every 'Esquired' one of the Paranormal Offset Teles?

    I'm guessing you don't own a full acoustic. No knobs, no switches, no pickups, lots of versatility, great sound.
  25. Rmccamey

    Miata Thoughts… Owners Weigh In?

    Substitute motorcycle for Miata and that describes why I've been riding for a lifetime!!! With age, however, this thread has me thinking a Miata might be a great retirement present with 4 wheels instead of 2.