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  1. Old Plank

    Tweed GAS

    This past weekend I got together with a buddy and we messed around with various recently acquired gear toward producing all manner of sounds. It was a melding of gear eras, with my Vox AC10, new partscaster T and recent mini-pedals board; and his maybe 80's? Roland synth/midi unit, new digital...
  2. Old Plank

    Musgraves, Boston

    Last Thursday at Boston Garden, what a great show and band! Kacey was awesome; most songs were from the last 2 albums. Also really enjoyed the openers, King Princess and especially MUNA.
  3. Old Plank

    Frisell set-up

    This was Bill Frisell's work space last nite at Blue in Portland ME. The pic was taken right from our table, it was like having a living room concert! Great solo show.
  4. Old Plank

    RCA 7X7 tube (and Harley content)

    Got this new/old stock tube at a huge (4 floors of great stuff!) antique shop yesterday, not really knowing if I had use for it .... on the tag '7012' is written also and figured that might mean the 7X7 is interchangeable with those. Anyone know of Fender or other amp models that use 7X7s? 8...
  5. Old Plank

    Pat Metheny/Side-Eye

    Saw Pat Metheny last night with the current edition of his Side-Eye trio, James Francies on keys and Joe Dyson on drums (with some cool assists from a few of his Orchestrion contraptions), and just have to say Wow! Having seen Pat some 30 or so times since the later 70's, in all sorts of...
  6. Old Plank

    Brownstein rocking Teles

    Carrie Brownstein with Sleater-Kinney last nite in Portland, ME, wild show!
  7. Old Plank


    Finally finished up the all-mini pedals board yesterday afternoon, in time for last night's jam ... piece of pine board from the local dump, spray paint, industrial strength velcro, flat-end pedal connectors, and OneSpot/daisy chain power. Works like a champ and no extraneous noise. The MXR...
  8. Old Plank

    Dylan's Shadow Kingdom

    The new Dylan live stream event started today, I laid down the $25 and tuned in, without really knowing what all it would be, live or vids or staged or ??, what length, where ... so it kicked in and is a black and white film noire look, kinda 1930-40's in a smoky club with a band (complete with...
  9. Old Plank

    MIM Tele model?

    Saw this one a few days ago in a shop, MIM with a 4-way switch and push button on the volume knob [Edit: or maybe the tone knob] ... $800, with talking down maybe possible. Wondering which model this is? and if the price is reasonable ... excellent condition; although on the heavy side and neck...
  10. Old Plank

    Princeton 650

    Saw this amp today in a small music shop, never have seen one or even knew they existed. The shop owner said they were from the early days of amps having built-in effects, and he keeps it in the shop for people plugging in electrified acoustic guitars, with the Acoustic setting. Has a tuner as...
  11. Old Plank

    Nels Cline, Share the Wealth

    Been listening a lot to this latest, double album from Nels Cline Singers, quite eclectic from straight ahead, modal to fusion to ethereal/experimental; this cut has an early 70's electric Miles vibe.
  12. Old Plank

    Ventures "Stars on Guitars" doc

    Didn't see this already posted in searching forums. Saw an article about this doc yesterday and watched it last night, great stuff. Apparently came out in Feb.?, but there's several recent articles about it ... surprisingly the first-ever doc on them despite being around for a full 55+ years...
  13. Old Plank

    multi-plug cable

    Ok this goes in the 'DOH' category ... last year when buying a Flashback II, I asked the clerk for an appropriate adapter, he sold me a 1-Spot. Never realized until a few weeks ago that it can power up to 1700 mA worth of pedals at once with multi-plug cables, what?!? so I got a few of those to...
  14. Old Plank

    new jhs pedal line ...

    ... anyone tried them yet? "low price" (with low price not being what it it used to be!), a group of seven that all look the same, plain white generic.
  15. Old Plank

    NPD ... of the gold variety

    Well I've finally ventured into the klone world with a Tumnus, not knowing exactly what to expect including in combo with my particular gear, and after 20 minutes or so with the Reverend P90s and AC10, am really liking it a whole lot, definitely a different animal from the few OD pedals I've had...
  16. Old Plank

    New signature ukulele ...

    The Billie Eilish signature Fender ukulele, complete with Tele headstock ...sounds very nice in this demo video
  17. Old Plank

    Newport Jazz Revival Radio ...

    is currently on WGBO internet radio .... since the festival is cancelled this year, they've compiled a show of great sets from the festival over the years, all this evening and resumes tomorrow afternoon .... Coltrane quintet in '61 is on right now, Wes from '67 comes on at 10pm; many others...
  18. Old Plank

    Kind of Smoking' Cobb

    With the passing of Jimmy Cobb recently, all the obits and news spots were sure to note his playing on what is widely considered the 'greatest', or at least most famous, jazz album, Miles' Kind of Blue. However, none that I saw mentioned also his great playing on what may be the greatest and...
  19. Old Plank

    What are the chances ....

    ... that someone here owns this guitar? I found this picture years ago in the Warmoth website photo gallery and was totally struck with its awesome look. Any chance someone here put this one together? if so, nice job!
  20. Old Plank

    Favorite live action RnR picture

    I just love this picture, pure rock energy!
  21. Old Plank

    Dated my amps, discovered a curiosity

    Recently just for the heck of it I check-dated all 3 of my Fender amps, using online info for codes of chassis, tube charts and transformers. The '69 Vibrolux Reverb checked out fully as '69 on all counts. The big surprise, as previously mentioned here, was that my beloved Princeton Reverb which...
  22. Old Plank

    Coupla Tele albums ...

    that I've always liked: Yes, Relayer ... Steve Howe Darkness on the Edge of Town ... Bruce on screaming raw lead duties
  23. Old Plank

    First big name jazz Tele players?

    I know Mike Stern was playing Strats (with Miles) and Teles in the early eighties, are there others that came before him? I'm drawing a blank on anyone before that. These days o' course, Frisell, Lage, Matthew Stevens etc. and probably more youngsters coming up inspired by them.
  24. Old Plank

    Questions for 2 pedals

    Wondering if anyone has experience and opinions for, the Dunlop EP-103 Echoplex; and the Wampler Tumnus models or any of its clones e.g. the Morning Glory V4 ? All are on the pricey end but I've been curious to check them out. The negative input I've heard by some about the Tumnus etc. is that...
  25. Old Plank

    Question, early 70's Tele neck pickup

    I have a neck pickup from either a '71 or '72 Tele, that I'm thinking of using for a partscaster. Would it be likely that it has less output than today's single coil/neck pickups in general ... understanding o course that there's plenty of hotter versions available, but just on average if they...

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