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  1. D_Malone

    Wampler Pantheon Deluxe

    I’ve had a few Wampler dirt pedals over the years. None of them worked for me for various reasons. I bought the Pantheon Deluxe based on demos and reviews, fully prepared to be disappointed and put it up for sale after a few days of trying to dial it in. I’m happy to say that, after putting it...
  2. D_Malone

    Quilter SuperBlock UK

    I picked up a SuperBlock UK about a month ago and have put it through its paces. This is my third Quilter amp. My first was a MicroPro Mach 2 head, which I really struggled with and eventually sold. Second was an Overdrive 202, which I still have and enjoy. The SuperBlock UK is my favorite, so...
  3. D_Malone

    Snouse BlackBox box

    Only $100. Free shipping! You’re welcome.
  4. D_Malone

    Howard Gee is one of the best

    Every Catalinbread pedal designed by Howard Gee that I’ve tried has been amazing. Naga Viper -> DLS mkiii (Super Bass setting) into a clean amp, holy mackerel! What’s your favorite Howard Gee-designed pedal?
  5. D_Malone

    NPD: Jam Pedals Rattler

    I found a mint condition Rattler for $170, which is still a lot in my opinion, but I’ve always been curious about this one. I’ve owned several Rat clones, but currently, aside from the Rattler, I only have a new-ish Rat2 and an old Turbo Rat w/LM308. The Turbo has its own thing going on, so...
  6. D_Malone

    Catalinbread DLS mkiii original vs Red Mod

    I have both pedals. I feel Catalinbread was at the top of their game when Howard Gee was onboard. Having said that, the DLS Red Mod is worth consideration. In a nutshell, the Red Mod has tighter bass, more mids, and a touch more gain. What this means to my ears is; Red Mod: better in Super...
  7. D_Malone

    Cars: It’s All I Can Do lead sound?

    What pedal do I need to buy to cop Elliot Easton’s sound in this lead (starts at 1:55)?
  8. D_Malone

    Thorpy FX Gunshot

    I recently picked up a Gunshot and I’m really impressed with it. I typically run my amps clean so when it comes to dirt pedals I gravitate toward ones that have amp-like qualities. The Gunshot sounds and feels very much like a tube amp, in my opinion. More so than most of the dozens of “amp in...
  9. D_Malone

    NPD: Origin RevivalDrive Compact Hot Rod

    I had the RevivalDrive Compact for a little while and I liked it, but didn’t love it. I was never able to get it dialed in. To my ears, regardless of the settings, it sounded dark and congested with a layer of fizz on top. The Hot Rod edition is a different animal. I bought it because of how...
  10. D_Malone

    Welp, I’m going down the Big Muff rabbit hole (again)

    Just ordered a Stomp Under Foot Violet Menace. It’s a Violet Ram’s Head with an added midrange control. Will it be awesome and tons of fun? Yep, I’m sure of it. Will I buy 4-6 other versions just out of curiosity? Probably. Haven’t even received the Violet Menace and already I’m considering...
  11. D_Malone

    First gig with Quilter Overdrive 202

    We played The Old Shillelagh in Detroit this weekend. Cool historical place, but not an ideal venue for a live band. Long story short, only the vocals went through the PA, and the drums were loud as hell, as the space around the drum riser is very lively. I had to turn up the Quilter quite a bit...
  12. D_Malone

    Top 5 underrated guitarists

    Killing time on my lunch break. Who are your top 5 underrated guitarists? Mine, in no particular order; 1. Lindsey Buckingham 2. James Walbourne (Pretenders) 3. Chris Whitley 4. Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, FNM) 5. Neil Thomas Giraldo (Pat Benatar) GO!
  13. D_Malone

    Rotary speaker pedal under $200?

    I’m looking for a reasonably priced ($200 max, used or new) rotary speaker pedal. I’m not trying to nail an authentic Leslie sound, just want something that sounds good for Jimi Page-esque stuff. This is new territory for me, I need help.
  14. D_Malone

    NPD: ‘90s Turbo Rat!

    My band mates and I were recently listening to our first album recorded in 2010 and, while it’s not a great recording, I was really happy with the sound of my leads, most of which were recorded with an old Turbo Rat into a slightly dirty Marshall 2204. That pedal was sold years ago, can’t even...
  15. D_Malone

    Catalinbread 5F6

    It’s been around for a while, but I only recently discovered the Catalinbread 5F6 and it’s one of my favorite dirt pedals. This thing cleans up like a Fuzz Face, which is something most dirt pedals cannot do, and is what I love most about it. I’ve never owned or played through a 5F6, so I...
  16. D_Malone

    Friedman BE-OD Deluxe compared to Dirty Shirley OD

    I’m wondering if the Dirty Shirley OD is similar to the blue channel (low gain) on the BE-OD Deluxe. Anyone compared them? The green channel (high gain) on the BE-OD Deluxe is of no use to me, so I’m going to sell it. It doesn’t sound bad, just not my cup o’ tea. The blue channel, on the other...
  17. D_Malone

    Skreddy Rover (Tone Bender mkII-inspired)

    I love Skreddy pedals, and the Rover is a real gem. For those not familiar, Marc Ahlfs’ fuzz pedals are tweaked versions of classic circuits, and they’re all great. The Rover will do everything from mild crunch to saturated, and it cleans up a bit with the guitar volume, much more so than a...
  18. D_Malone

    Boss RC-500

    The RC-500 is, by far, the best bang-for-the-buck pedal I’ve ever purchased. Admittedly, I have not kept up with looper pedals for quite some time. The RC-500 is replacing an RC-20 that I bought when it was first released, which, to my amazement, was way back in 2001. So, after 20 years of...
  19. D_Malone

    JRAD The Dude & 45 Caliber sound the same to me

    Anyone else tried JRAD The Dude and 45 Caliber side by side? I got The Dude first, and liked it. I recently picked up a 45 Caliber and I like it as well. But, for the life of me, the only difference I can hear between them is the gain level. The 45 Caliber sounds just like The Dude, there’s...
  20. D_Malone

    Quilter Overdrive 202

    I recently picked up a Quilter Overdrive 202. It’s a nice little amp. I like it a lot more than the MicroPro Mach 2 head I used to have. I’m currently using it with an open back 1x12/Celestion G12H-75 Creamback, and it seems to be a good match. Here are my impressions: The good: Great clean...
  21. D_Malone

    BJFE/Bearfoot, remember them?

    These used to be all the rage, especially BJFE. Anyone still using them? I’ve bought and sold a lot of them over the last 10+ years. I still have a Bearfoot Dyna Red 4-knob that I really like. I tried to sell it but nobody wanted it because the finish is literally falling off. Glad I pulled the...
  22. D_Malone

    Suhr Discovery Analog Delay

    I have to buy this, dammit. I have no choice.
  23. D_Malone

    Wampler Belle or Timmy?

    If you’ve owned the Wampler Belle and the Timmy, I’m wondering how they compare, specifically into a slightly dirty amp. I have the MXR Timmy and I’m using it with a slightly dirty Marshall SV20H (20 watt Super Lead). I’m pretty happy with the Timmy, but if we’re being nit-picky, the clipping...
  24. D_Malone

    Fulltone Queen Bee fuzz

    I love this pedal. Kinda straddles the line between fuzz and distortion in my opinion. It seems to have all the pros of many iconic fuzz pedals, and omits most of the cons. The demos below are pretty much exactly what I’m getting out of it. Gorgeous harmonically-rich tone, and the feel is...
  25. D_Malone

    Eminence Wheelhouse 150

    I took a chance on this one. Not a lot of reviews or demos out there. Looking at the response curve I liked the fact that the mids are relatively flat compared to the average guitar speaker. No 1.5K dip, no 2.5K spike. The highs roll off pretty sharply around 4K and I was a little concerned it...