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  1. teletimetx

    Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives 4/6/22

    Last night at the Boulder Theater. Packed house, amazing show. Songs from Way Out West, classic country (Haggard, Jennings, Nelson), the whole package. The Clarence B-bender. With Kenny Vaughn, Harry Stinson and Chris Scruggs, all tearin’ it up. Each of the Superlatives lead a couple songs and...
  2. teletimetx

    Catalinbread parts? I/O jack

    Was over at a friend of a friend’s basement studio laying some guitar tracks, etc, with pedalboard. Next day I notice something wonky about my Catalinbread 5f6 pedal: the threaded bushing output jack and washer are just gone. Yet the short pancake head jack was still in the pedal. I mean wt...
  3. teletimetx

    The Struts?

    Stumbled into this band on YouTube; at first I thought, ok, maybe a new wave/ post-punk / alt rock whatevs I missed, cuz, brothers, I have missed more than my share maybe, when I was deep in the suburban nowhere of nothing, but these guys look like they are having some fun. searched this...
  4. teletimetx

    Shirley Scott - the Hammond B3

    Here's a few things to check out - whether you are a fan of the B3 or just looking for some new versions of classic blues phrasing. Sometimes referred to as the Queen of the Organ (wouldn't be my first choice?) but in any event, a very soulful player. Played with many of the sax greats...
  5. teletimetx

    NGD - SE 245 STD

    Slightly different direction for me. I had a ‘95 McCarty, with an EI rosewood neck, which was excellent in terms of playability, but didn’t love the HH style. And the sound from the single coil option didn’t do much for me either. Super well made guitar; sold it. Got to thinking about...
  6. teletimetx


    I don't know. Stumbled into this version on Youtomb and I was thinking in my memory that this was a 90's band. But I guess they surfaced a little later. Too goth to be metal? Too metal to be goth? I also remember really liking this song and kind of relating to "the nothing I've become..." Ups...
  7. teletimetx

    Mind Your Own Biscuits

    All Musgraves aside, one of my very favorite breakfast foods is the humble biscuit. The point here is for those with excellent biscuit experience to share the good stuff. I’m pretty sure (beautifully confident?) this has been done before, several times, but I made a batch this morning, so what...
  8. teletimetx

    In which Sturgill just gets after it

    What it is:
  9. teletimetx

    Richard Bona with Bobby McFerrin

  10. teletimetx

    The Crop Report

    My pepper crop is in. Thank goodness no one has to rely on my farming skills for survival.
  11. teletimetx

    Total @ Random X 3

    3 things: 1. Working on a few things around the house, cleaning up a pair of pliers and it occurred to me: I’m not the client type for cologne, but if I was, it would smell like WD40. 2. Speaking of which, one of my neighbors asked if I was a WD guy or an LP (liquid plumber) guy. He then goes...
  12. teletimetx

    Retired and Moved; one swell foop

    After 44 years of pulling on the oars, I decided it was time to catch another current. Had spent the last 24 years with same smallish company in Houston. It wasn’t part of the plan, but in February, our company got an expression of interest from a Denver firm in buying all of the US assets I...
  13. teletimetx

    T Rex must have been a mandolin player

    I mean, how else do 'splain them teeny weensy, teeny tiny arms? Possible proof that the universe does have a sense of humor? My Aunt Gardenia once said that wood got petrified because T. Rex happened to glance sideways at some trees. But the arms - what's up with that? I know Nat Geo has an...
  14. teletimetx

    Solids - Where do I go from here?

    I really enjoyed this, Solids song and video. But me old dude. I don't even know who "Solids" are/is/was. YouTube says this was released in 2016. So what else might be out there? Where could I go from here? I've listened to some Modest Mouse. Steer me to some new stuff. Proclaim a...
  15. teletimetx

    Guitar Pedals - the Musical?

    Don't shoot the messenger. Dancers, broadway style vocals...about the history of effects pedals. If someone else already posted this, sorry. I searched, didn't see anything.
  16. teletimetx

    Redwoods Hippie Folk Jazz. ...Wait, is that a telecaster?

    Once upon a time, maybe you are wandering around the Point Reyes area, on a trail in the margin between the headlands and the redwoods and there, outside a cabin/house at the edge of the woods is a scruffy looking group, musicians, because they're playing. You recognize one of them, and at that...
  17. teletimetx

    Nina Simone and Alvin Schackman

  18. teletimetx

    Gibson experts, please: the WWII Gibson of Woody Guthrie

    In a typical ramble/stumble into, I came across this book: Woody, Cisco and Me by Jim Longhi, the story of Mr. Longhi's service in the Merchant Marine, alongside Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston, fairly well know folk icons, perhaps Mr. Houston, not quite as well-known as Woody, but that might...
  19. teletimetx

    Congratulations! (alternative stress management options)

    Every day, there are many ways by which a person can get pissed off. What I’m trying to offer here is an alternative method for processing jerkwad vexatious behavior, in place of waving your middle finger or farting in someone’s general direction, even. This occurred to me after appreciating a...
  20. teletimetx

    Little Known National Parks

    I suppose there are probably a few National Park experts around TDPRI. I'm not one of them. And of course, this doesn't have to be confined to the US, as many nations have the foresight to set aside amazing areas for the enjoyment of all. I happened to be doing some volunteer research on...
  21. teletimetx

    Possum & Taters - a Philosophy and Cuisine Inquiry

    There was this dead possum, over to the corner where Waverly Street t-bones into 16th. Three days later, still there. Figured it was an emblem for the passing year. Critter would have been all bloat swollen like a Grapefruit League softball were it not winter. Which is to say I didn’t scoop...
  22. teletimetx

    Just the right combination

    Seems like we're bombarded with stories of how many ways we fail each other as humans. So for contrast, I like to offer my small experiences with humans who are wonderful. Just so we can remember it might be possible, every day, to arrive at that conclusion. For some, understandably not. Life...
  23. teletimetx


    Just a little sketch. Had lyrics; they kinda suck, so far, plus can't post them here for political just stay safe instead.
  24. teletimetx

    Riding on the River of Time - new lyrics to chew on

    Hey, here's some lyrics to chew on - appreciate any thoughts. Sure, I'm seeing your contest thread. I'm not the show pony type, but I think the idea is fine and I hope y'all figure it out. I belonged to a Songwriter's Association here, over 15 years ago, and it was great to meet some good folks...
  25. teletimetx

    Broken Crayons

    This is a songwriter based in Boulder, Colorado. This song may appear on a record to be released in the future. This is sort of a sneak preview; if you get a chance to see her, she's a good writer, plus she's pretty funny - in the same tradition as Steve Poltz or Todd Snider or Hayes Carll...