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  1. imploration

    Heart Pine Guitar Build

    When I first started out on TDPRI I wasn't quite sure how to post a thread... So, I put this entire thread on Media. But, it's well worth a look. The guitar came out awesome and plays like a bat out of hell!!! Hope you'all enjoy!
  2. imploration

    Odd wiring diagram NEEDED

    Hey all! So here's a brain teaser for ya's! I recently acquired a Kapa Continental, truly plays wonderfully. As good as any 60's Strat Ive ever freel'd on, a true gem! I have a new set of David Allen true 62's Strat pickups. Now, the body cavity depth is only about 7/8" deep, so Im thinking I'm...
  3. imploration

    New Cando Cabs for HoundMouth

    Here are the newest 2017 CANDO Custom Cabs I just completed for the band HOUNDMOUTH. Solid curly/wormy cherry, aged 30+ years, 8X10 Sealed Bass Cabinet and 1X15 open backed Guitar Cabinet. Hope everyone enjoys the pic!:)
  4. imploration

    Got her done!

    Thought I'd share my latest , from scratch build. Double bound Walnut crotch/burl Telecaster, bound walnut burl pick guard and bound walnut quarter sawn neck (Strat Neck) with rosewood fretboard! Wow, that's a lot of binding AND walnut, ha! Hope you'll enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy yours!
  5. imploration

    Fret Tang File

    Hey all, I just finished this simple fret tang file jig, very similar to LMI's jig. It took about 25/30 minutes to put together from random stuff laying around my shop. It's extremely accurate. Just wanted to share for those, who like me don't want to pay the 100$+ for a jig that'll get minimal...
  6. imploration

    Telecaster Ashtray Bridge Cover in Nickel Plate?

    Hey all, I've been trying to find an ashtray bridge cover in nickel plate, not chrome. Does this exist, and if so where can I purchase one? Thanks! NEVER MIND, I FOUND A THREAD ON IT. THANKS:)
  7. imploration

    Cando Cabs!

    Cabinets I designed and built for the band, Houndmouth!