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  1. joe_cpwe

    LP Studio Alpine white over white

    In June I got this '07 Les Paul Studio and paid an excellent price. All is good with the guitar BUT a previous owner had sprayed white over the top, only behind the tailpiece and along the sides. I don't think he removed much hardware, and all things considered it could've been worse for a...
  2. joe_cpwe

    Mid 90s Am Std Tele vs mim 60s Baja

    I have '16 60s Baja, faded sonic blue. Great tone, plays ok, and rosewood on a tele is great look to me. May be taking a mid 90s American Standard on trade for something in my stable. Thing is, I only want one Telecaster. How much better is the Am Std? I know its worth more. I think I'll like...
  3. joe_cpwe

    A concert this summer, Robben Ford!

    What a surprise. I got email notification of a Robben playing at a blues fest here in Wisconsin (Waukesha Blues Fest) in August. I've been wanting to see him again for a really, really long time. This will be great. Happy days
  4. joe_cpwe

    NAD - Marshall 5210 , 1985 50 watt

    I was looking at Marshalls in the area there were just a few hundred dollars. Mostly to use as a backup at small gigs and to use/leave at rehearsal space. I only use cleans, pedalboard does the rest. There's some DSLs and JTMs in the area. This is solid state, 50 watt and popped up for $140. I...
  5. joe_cpwe

    Chewing the Gristle - Greg Koch podcast

    If you're into guitars, gear, humor, and a wide plethora of musician talk Seems to be readily available on a lot of platforms, I happen to listen to on Spotify Check it out
  6. joe_cpwe

    NGD - vintage 60's EKO Italian semi hollow

    I happened to be on Facebook marketplace looking for something else and this popped up last night. After a quick search on EKO I contact asap, with 15 minutes of the listing, and set a meet for today at 4:30. They messaged back said there was a lot of interest could I do morning...I said you...
  7. joe_cpwe

    Jimmy Page: The Firm: Jimmy's Telecaster

    From Jimmy Page's Facebook post today, not sure if I can share the link. Yeah, I follow Jimmy Page on Facebook and he posts regularly. One of Facebook's few redeeming qualities :-) FWIW I saw both Firm tours in the 80s, really good stuff. On this day in 1984, I played in Hamburg with The...
  8. joe_cpwe

    You are My Sunshine - Melody plus 8 variations

    A great demonstration to be found here IMO
  9. joe_cpwe

    NGD - cozart firebird review

    Short story: Totally worth the money. With a setup, fret polish and new strings this guitar may get gigged, stock. Pickups would be the only possible change. Fit, finish, hardware, nut, electronics are all up to snuff for the money. Long story: I've wanted to get into a Firebird but haven't...
  10. joe_cpwe

    An amp family pic w/ new Marshall 3203 & 1965a cab

    I picked up the 3203 last month and then lucked into the matching 1965a cabinet locally on CL Thursday. I've had some amp turnover this year but here's the current stable. I won't be buying anything else for a while. Top L to R Marshall Artist (3203) Park G25R Silvertone 1391 Yamaha G50ii...
  11. joe_cpwe

    Peavey Classic 30 speakers: Celestion Midnight 60 vs Blue Marvel audio

    This comparison was nowhere that I could find so I set up a test and uploaded the results.
  12. joe_cpwe

    old NAD - Classic 30 #2

    Couldn't pass on a black road worn Peavey Classic 30, priced at a real value. Electronics are good, no crackles or static. Loaded with Jenson NEO 100, which I don't know much about. Reverb is nicer on this one too.
  13. joe_cpwe

    Robben Ford streams are good

  14. joe_cpwe

    Waiting for the hammer to fall

  15. joe_cpwe

    2x12 cab - horizontal or vertical, preference & poll

    Simple question..horizontal or vertical cabinet? Comment, which do you use or prefer and why.
  16. joe_cpwe

    Since I’ve Been Loving You

  17. joe_cpwe

    Peavey Classic 30 recap & sockets, a little work goes a long way

    I'm unsure of the age of my Classic 30 that I got on a trade two years ago. Made in USA, black, square style. There is a 2005 in the serial number sticker, not sure if that's what it is...probably? Its been a pretty good amp but a couple months ago it developed a pretty loud crackling which...
  18. joe_cpwe

    Band / Venue agreement

    The band I started last December got a few gigs under our belt, then I broke some bones in August & had to cancel a few gigs, now we're going to be replacing the singer who also the PA owner. We have leads on a couple replacement singers, with gear, which is great. All that aside, I've booked...
  19. joe_cpwe

    HNACD - that's amp cover for Classic 30

    Having a cover for your amp isn't necessary but it sure is nice. Few years back when my teenage daughter was making extra $ with her sewing machine I asked her to make a vinyl cover for my VHT Special 6. I use it every time the amp leaves the house. It's got plenty of scuffs that my amp would...
  20. joe_cpwe

    How to repair finish gouge & cracking on neck

    On an otherwise beautiful Hamer import I recently picked up there are a few finish issues on the neck that I would like to clear up ( they saved me some $$ on the price). Notably, is the dime sized finish gouge, down to the wood around 9the fret. Secondly, some flaking right near the fret board...
  21. joe_cpwe

    Fix cloudy finish on acoustic, back

    Anyway to clear up the cloudyness of the high gloss finish on the back of this late 80s 12 string Washburn acoustic guitar? You see it all along the upper half.
  22. joe_cpwe

    Why you like a Tele from the Classic line (Series, Player Baja, Roadworn)

    As of today there are nine guitars in this set of Telecasters. These marked up, made in Mexico Tele's seems to get a lot of praise. A few things ........ Which do you have and why did you get it? Which do you want to get? Are they worth the $$ new? How great of a deal are they used, at near...
  23. joe_cpwe

    NGD - impulsive Tele purchase

    My last four guitar purchases (three Fender strats & Affinty tele) have all had maple fret boards so I really wanted a rosewood fret board guitar and also wanted a Fender Telecaster. I happened to CL on Sunday and there it was, just 15 minutes from my house. I got it that night. It's a near...
  24. joe_cpwe

    Why are used Highway One telecasters so expensive?

    Why are used Highway One telecasters so expensive? Today I've see two at GC for $800 There's one on Reverb at $600 plus shipping and all others are over $700. {{Update EDIT:the $600 guitar was a MIM standard, not a Highway one}} I know people find good deals,,,,etc. but as a guy wanting get a...
  25. joe_cpwe

    Hello from WI and a modest NGD

    Hi all, I've been spending a little more on here lately and thought as long as I was reading I may be able to see more pictures and contribute too. I've noticed a few familiar names here from Strat which I joined a couple years back. Background is I started playing guitar in '82 as a...