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    Do tube amps require surge protection?

    Ultimately it can't hurt. Ive been using tube amps for the last 33 years and only plugged them into whatever outlet was handy. I've had no problems so far. That said, a surge protector at home or in the cables/pedals/stuff bag may not be the worst idea.
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    What is your modulation go to?

    Like many I'm only playing at home at the moment. Very basic: Keeley modded Boss TR-2 tremolo in front of a Vox AC-10. That and whatever guitar of the day/week is the rig.
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    Tell me about your Fender '63 RI Reverb Unit!

    I had one back in aughts that kept having solder joint issues. Hopefully they're made a bit more robustly these days. I bought mine after using a friend's genuine '65 tank. They were quite similar. Sounded lush, all that good stuff. Don't expect it to be as robustly made as an amp head. I also...
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    What is one amplifier you regret selling?

    My early Bassman 4x10 reissue. Solid wood cabinet was light weight. The polarity switch was actually in the circuit, which helped a few times in places with weird wiring.
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    No need to explain yourself...

    Overrated: Wilko Johnson Underrated: Mick Green
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    Vintera “buttercream” tele. Thin headstock?

    I like that finish much more than my "stale cheese" Roadworn which I think they meant to be aged butterscotch.
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    Best Heavy Weight Amps For Cheap

    I've tried to consign my RI Super Reverb for cheap ($450) and there were no takers. It's MINT! Well, its speakers got broken in at the store I consigned it to and I'm keeping it for the moment.
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    Greatest Rock n Roll Albums of All Time

    Bo Diddley's Beach Party
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    Does the core sound of the Telecaster change if you add a Bigsby?

    Things stay twangy. Yes, get a spoiler.
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    Here's another one: what is a Fender Mustang?

    If I remember correctly the Duo-Sonic II "might" have had a toggle switch for the weak pickups. The toploading bridge was IMHO less of a headache than the vibrato. All in all, both were intended as student level guitars. I'm still in love with the neck on mine, just not so much the rest of it.
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    Here's another one: what is a Fender Mustang?

    Whatever it is, it has to have the sustain sucking vibrato, weak pickups, and phase capable switching. Otherwise it's just some form of Duo Sonic. So there...;)...and I'm actually a fan of the model. I still have my comp orange '73 I bought in '79 for $170 with paper route money.
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    My 17 year old son wants a new amp!

    I don't know how loud a Mustang is. That said, maybe a Bassbreaker 15?
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    Two Stones Later

    I've had three sets over the past 15 or so years. The first ones are the worst. The stent is plain no fun on all levels. Stay hydrated.
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    Pickups - Fender Mustang vs. Gibson Melody Maker

    Side by side the old '60s Melody Maker pickups had noticeably more output than vintage Mustang pickups. Not that the MM pickups were especially amazing or anything.
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    Let's Talk G&L

    Every time I pick one up I fall in love...for a little while. They are nicely designed, well made, high quality instruments. Once I get over the wow factor I find the necks too skinny and the pickups a bit bright. YMMV.
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    Is this '76 Fender Tele authentic?

    That looks correct and also looks like it lived in a smokey environment.
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    Genuine fret wear?

    Faking fret wear? Isn't that the ONE THING you don't want on a reliced guitar?
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    Stacking "Klone" + ???

    I put my WH Conspiracy Theory in front of my VS Open Road. That way I can get the drive from the CT but add back low end with the clean OR.
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    Fading darker under pickguard?

    My '50s Classic that my brother gave me several years ago did that. The pickguard also darkened. As my brother never liked the guitar it spent most of its life in a cheap Fender gigbag. When I got it I put it in a hard case, but the color change had already happened by then. I'm thinking the...
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    Sanding Down Glossy Neck

    I've been doing it for years and never had a problem. The '69 neck on my partscaster has been finishless since about '73 (I'm not that old, it came to me like that...) and it's still fine. Sand away! If your Squier becomes a rare collectible in your lifetime let me know and I'll pay up the...
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    Do you refrigerate Worcestershire sauce?

    Room temperature: The sodium content will preserve it just fine.
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    Soul Food Pop!

    Turn your amp down the first time you do it. That said, I switched to a Way Huge Conspiracy Theory instead...still not sold on klones yet though.
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    Best Invention Last 10 Years

    With a smile like that she appears to really be "enjoying the go".
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    Wow, Vox Pathfinder 15R through a 12" cab

    I've played a few small gigs with my Pathfinder and a 2x12. Yes, it's like having a new amp!