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  1. zumajim

    What's wrong with Fender cables?

    Bought one like six years ago and rarely use it owing to its ridiculous stiffness. It likes to coil itself around my feet, but at least it doesn't bite.
  2. zumajim

    Rounding radius for Tele body?

    I have a "rough cut" MIM Fender Nashville Telecaster body, routed for pickups and switchplate, etc, but the edges aren't rounded yet. Any recommendations for what radius (1/8", 1/4", ?) roundover bit I could use to be "Fender" spec? (I don't know if this specification has changed over the years...
  3. zumajim

    Bonnie wins Best Song of the Year.

    Pretty sure the ol' Daily Mail was being cheeky with that headline. If anything, Bonnie is way more popular in the UK than stateside. She's revered across most of western Europe.
  4. zumajim

    Randy Stodola's 1968 Telecaster

    So I ended up missing the gig at the last minute, but a friend went and verified that Randy is still alive and rocking, and his glorious Tele is still in action. Apologies for the blurry pic.
  5. zumajim

    Randy Stodola's 1968 Telecaster

    I'm going to see the Alley Cats in San Pedro in a few weeks. I'll try to get a report on Randy and that guitar for y'all...
  6. zumajim

    Does anyone like humbuckers on Telecasters?

    I put the highest output Duncan bridge pickup (STL-2) in mine to compete with the Duncan SH-1 '59 humbucker at the neck. The bucker still overpowers the bridge and I can't get what I think is a balanced sound in the middle position, but both sound good on their own. In sum, I probably wouldn't...
  7. zumajim

    Do you have guitars dedicated to slide playing?

    Just yesterday I watched a slide player with an SG and thought how odd it was that a guitar model famous for its low action would be a good guitar for slide playing. This guy was no Derek Trucks but he definitely had the touch. I can't play slide for beans but I have an old Yamaha steel string...
  8. zumajim

    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    Does anyone know if Fender (or any major manufacturer for that matter) cuts the nut slots for a specific size? I bought a MIM Strat years ago that came with Fender Bullet .009's from the factory. When they finally wore out, I switched to Ernie Ball 9-42 and found them way too slinky. Switching...
  9. zumajim

    New Old Guitar Day - A cheap, entry-level guitar with factory USA DiMarzios

    Impressive find! Great looks, lightweight and a set neck. What's not to like? Mind if I ask what you paid?
  10. zumajim

    Music Man Amps

    I bought a new 110RD back around '81. It was covered in creme tolex and featured an ElectroVoice speaker in place of the stock MM. I believe it was a full 100W, which made it great for all the clubs I played during my college years. That thing could part your hair from fifty feet and...
  11. zumajim

    Need Advice: A Tiny Amp for Travel

    I'll second the Fly 3. It's a tiny, rugged little box with pretty decent reverb/delay and overdrive sounds too. It, plus my JamMan looper pedal and I've got all I need for practice when the travelling jones hits.
  12. zumajim

    Solid state shootout: Gibson Lab Series, Peavey Bandit/Transtube, Roland Jazz Chorus, other?

    Yamaha G100-112. Still have mine from the late 80's, still sounds great and loud AF. I've had it gone through twice in 35 years for cleaning/pot replacement but other than that, what a gorgeous beast.
  13. zumajim

    Best Looking Tele? Let's see pictures.

    Not usually a fan of gold hardware, but gotta admit this one's yummy!
  14. zumajim

    Terry Kath's Telecaster

    I remember my dad hearing this on my FM car radio and asking if it was Ray Charles. Terry was a monster guitarist but that voice was from another plain altogether.
  15. zumajim

    New build: Need a butterscotch body

    Dude's kind of a rip-off IMHO.
  16. zumajim

    New build: Need a butterscotch body

    In fact I have a completely unfinished real Fender body in my shed. It would require planing and edge rounding for a start. I have big stash of fillers, primer and nitro lacquer too, but just don't have the time anymore. (That plus the weather here sucks for painting.)
  17. zumajim

    New build: Need a butterscotch body

    I've bought a couple of Strat bodies from Warmoth over the years. One (swamp ash in Olympic White) went into my favorite guitar. I called them and they can't offer one-piece bodies at this time, and nitrocellulose is a no-go.
  18. zumajim

    New build: Need a butterscotch body

    Thanks, Blue Bill. I'm giving USACG a call. Looks like I'll have to do some pleading to get a one-piece body. Looking through their options, I realize how little I know about dimensions. 3/16" edge radius? Whuh?
  19. zumajim

    New build: Need a butterscotch body

    I've amassed enough parts to slap together a nice Tele partscaster. Aiming for vintage-style with black guard, three barrel bridge, vintage strength pickups, etc. Currently searching for a nice alder or lightweight ash body in butterscotch blonde. I've scanned eBay and found a few candidates but...
  20. zumajim

    All I needed was a big, loud Fender clean sound.

    Yeah, I'm going deaf too. :-)
  21. zumajim

    Do we love Tele neck pickups?

    I got tired of trying to compete with my bandmate's Les Paul on rhythm parts where I'd go to the neck on my 2014 Baja Tele. Yanked the single coil, routed the body for a humbucker and installed a Seymour Duncan JB '59. Big mistake in retrospect. The humbucker is huge and fat as it should be, but...
  22. zumajim

    How'd you boomers tolerate this crap?

    Rain! Oh, hell yeah! That song (and really the whole Revolver album) convinced me that the Beatles were The One True Band. Ringo never approached that level of brilliance. The droning, detuned guitars, the backwards vocals... I tripped to that song without drugs. Still do.