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  1. Stratcat58

    Maple vs. Rosewood fretboard on Telecasters

    Here is a nice video that might help you decide. 52 58 64 tele
  2. Stratcat58

    Would you buy the same exact Tele in a different color?

    Spudcaster, I have an AV58 in White Blonde and it is one of my favorite guitars. I agree it doesn't get the love of the other two but it is one of my finest guitars.
  3. Stratcat58

    AV 58 White blonde finish?

    KevinS1965, good luck in your quest.
  4. Stratcat58

    AV 58 White blonde finish?

    I can see the grain through the finish on my AV58. It weights in at around 7lbs. I got this cause it's the year of my birth. It has a wonderful d shaped neck on it that plays great to me, 7 1/4 radius. And it is a looker. Nothing not to like.