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    Today is the 79th Anniversary of D Day

    One of my great-uncles was a Captain in the 101st Airborne/Screaming Eagles and was in on the first jump. He lived thru it and died at 103 or 106,I don't remember.
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome from your neighbor from SC. Sweet axe you've got there.
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    Charcoal Bbq

    You eat charcoal BBQ? Yuck. I know you meant charcoal for your grill. I use Royal Oak along with mesquite wood chips scattered around.
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Three Voodoo Labs pedal power cables.
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    MLB Part 1

    Smile! Your team beat Atlanta today.
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    Sad day in baseball

    Sure is.
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    Sad day in baseball

    One of the top 5 teams (Braves) lost to the worst team (Oakland A's).
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    You are not a radio station RANT

    DJs yapping it up during the intro and don't shut up until the vocals start. And 45 minutes of the same commercials per hour. My wife has Sirius XM in her SUV. 99% of the time it's on one station. When I had something to drive my radio had almost 30 Sirius stations programmed in.
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    NGD! NEW GOAT DAY! Picked up my dream car today (Pontiac almost took another member)

    Yes to the Michelin tires. Pilot models to be specific.
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    NGD! NEW GOAT DAY! Picked up my dream car today (Pontiac almost took another member)

    Sweet ride! I had a '68 GTO,400 cid,400 hp,His and Hurst shifter,yellow body,black (front) half vinyl roof,black interior. When I worked at Michelin's R&D we had 7 of the same style OP's Goat. After a few months there were 2. Drivers wrecked them. >>>OP-when you have your car aligned (it...
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    Wife died last Saturday.

    I am truly sorry to read this. Losing percents is hard. Can't imagine the loss of a wife.
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    Burger King deal alert

    There are BKs...and then there are good BKs. We have one of the good ones close by and one bad one. The bad one we call Mayo King. You get the makings of a Whopper with your order of mayo even if you order light on the mayo. Starting in '93 I worked for Michelin's R&D department. Closest place...
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    John 5 ghost tele

    It's available now but you probably know that.
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    The reason for living

    Went on our first date in May 37 years ago. Next month will be 35 years married.
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    Vehicle shopping surprise of the day.

    6 screws on the left side 7 on the right. Why I have very little left/right/up/down movement.
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    Vehicle shopping surprise of the day.

    C3-T1 lamenectomy first time. 6 screws,2 rods. 3 weeks and 4 days later an x-Ray showed the left C3 vert had fractured causing the screw to pull out and bone fragments in a few places. Exactly 4 weeks from the first surgery I get opened back up. C2-T1. 7 screws and 2 rods now. Can't turn my head...
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    Vehicle shopping surprise of the day.

    EVs are nice. I contemplated getting one when I could drive solo (can't now due to spine/neck surgery). Still wouldn't buy one. Charging stations aren't on every corner,too much FRED technology to go wrong,they're a hacker's wet dream,I could go on.
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    Was rock born in 45 or 78 RPM?

    Shake,Rattle,and Roll by Big Joe Turner was the first rock song according to something I read years ago.
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    Saw 2 great acts last night

    Yeah it was luck. Not very many top name acts come to my area. Plus tickets are beyond my money range. The Spinning Jenny prices are dirt cheap. And I live three miles from Jenny. Another plus.
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    What is/would be your next tele?

    Off the shelf-a Muddy Waters Tele Custom built-knotty pine body with a BFG Gilly bridge and a humbucker neck,ebony fretboard. Body would look like a very weather-worn sign.
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    Saw 2 great acts last night

    GiminiiDragon and Ally Venable. Both kickass acts! The Spinning Jenny in Greer,SC was the first stop on Ally's Real Gone tour. Got Ally to autograph a Strat Trem cover plate.
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    If you could meet one person from history, who would it be?

    Oops-4 times great grandmother.
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    What pedal has been on your board the longest?

    A Marshall Jackhammer and a Marshall Supervibe. Put these two on my board a long time ago.
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    My oldest daughter got picked

    >>>Linn She's an EMT and a transport driver. She's going thru medic training. She wants to be a SWAT medic which entails going thru police academy training.