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  1. mally

    Jimmy page owners

    I am a big Page fan and I bought it for the graphics tbh although it does play very nice !
  2. mally

    Jimmy page owners

    I looked at two Dragon teles (in different shops ) one was as you say checkered all over the neck and tho other was not !! I bought the one that wasn't
  3. mally

    How To Not Get Me To Buy A Telecaster...

    I like it !
  4. mally

    Anyone have one of these?

    I love mine very resonant acoustically and the soft V neck feels good to me ! superb fit and finish ( like you bought quality ) infact better than the CS I used to have which was a disappointment TBH
  5. mally

    What is your favorite one-hit wonder?

    A hit nevertheless ! so a two hit wonder (or more )
  6. mally

    What is your favorite one-hit wonder?

    one hit wonders clive dun , benny Hill , Keith West
  7. mally

    Show us your SQUIER!

  8. mally

    Songs of the Financially Embarrassed

    I would have thought Jackie Brown !
  9. mally

    Impressions of new Japanese Telecaster

    I have the JV in firemist gold love that colour and the finish is flawless
  10. mally

    "Thin Lizzy voted best Irish band of all time"

    Wow Heep and the Hogs on one bill (would have loved to be at that festival !)
  11. mally

    Pro Guitarist Plays Cheapo Guitar for whole Tour.

    I have seen Fleetwood Mac and "Rumors of fleetwood Mac " none was better
  12. mally

    Show us your bound Teles!

    Gordon Smith (fake binding )
  13. mally

    What's the Best Way to Quit a Band

    OD on heroin !