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  1. charlie chitlin

    Mini pot trouble's an oddball. I set my caliper at 7mm and it was definitely too big. Maybe it's NPT...or Whitworth!!! It IS British! 😝😝 Anyway...Peegoo thinks he has one. Thanks, fellas.
  2. charlie chitlin

    Mini pot trouble

    OH MY GAWD. I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!!! Only kidding. The old one is gone.
  3. charlie chitlin

    Mini pot trouble

    My caliper says .267" which is around 17/64" It's bigger that 1/4" Probably some oddball industry size. Thread pitch is 32tpi.
  4. charlie chitlin

    Mini pot trouble

    I scored an Ampeg Jet 12T and someone tightened the nut on the pot too much (I'm guessing) and broke off the threaded sleeve. It's a mini pot. I got a new one shipped to me and it came without the NUT! Jeeze. Now I have the pot on my bench and I can't use it until I source the oddball little...
  5. charlie chitlin

    Recommendations for leveling neck pocket

    You could use a very sharp chisel, but only if you have a lot of practice. If it's a high spot in the middle, a scraper could do it. Again...if you really know how to drive hand tools.
  6. charlie chitlin

    What's your craziest, loftiest musical goal?

    These days? Just to get another band together and start playing out again. What was once modest now seems lofty.
  7. charlie chitlin

    Rare 1934 Rickenbacher Type 2 on the bench

    I used to play with a harp player who gigged one. It was very low on controls...I think it may have only had an on/off switch and no volume control.
  8. charlie chitlin

    Hey wristwatch guys, what is up with this

    It is. Wrist watches are the dog whistle of "Look how rich I am."
  9. charlie chitlin

    Self-Proclaimed Best Guitar Players - Who are they?

    Leadbelly said he was the best 12 string guitar player on earth and nobody had the huevos to suggest otherwise.
  10. charlie chitlin

    Dishwashers as a measure of life and mediocrity.

    I hate appliances. I lived in a community/commune-type place and there were 12 people in my house. When we needed a stove, the community spent EIGHT THOUSAND dollars on one, against my wishes. When the oven igniter crapped out after 4 months, the service guy told me I was using it too much. It...
  11. charlie chitlin

    I Bought A $39.99 Wireless From Amazon….

    If they cut corners in the battery department, I bet its longevity will be the firest indication that it was cheap. Otherwise...rock it!
  12. charlie chitlin

    The new John 5 Ghost is [insert preferred here]

    From the man who tries to put you off with his disturbing looks.
  13. charlie chitlin

    Pedals...Vel or Cro?

    Well...after a few gigs that began with a jumble of wires and pedals that came unstuck from my board and bounced around in the back of the van for a few hours...I think I get it.
  14. charlie chitlin

    What Is This Tool?

    AHA!! I finally figured out what that thing is! Mystery solved!!! It's a....a.... Wait for it.... Crap... Now I've forgotten.
  15. charlie chitlin

    How are your retirement plans turning out?

    I just took a job teaching wood carving in an artsy private school. Starting a new career at 61. I have mixed feelings about this.
  16. charlie chitlin

    Old car pics..

    Sweet. My one that got away was my daily driver in the mid 80's. a '56 Fairlane Vic. No-post Fordor. The only one I've ever seen.
  17. charlie chitlin

    How are your retirement plans turning out?

    My retirement is going just as planned. I have an 11-year-old and the wife wants another one. I plan to work my ass off until I'm dead, so I'm right on track.
  18. charlie chitlin

    Pedals...Vel or Cro?

    And this, my friends, is why ice cream companies make vanilla AND chocolate.
  19. charlie chitlin

    Inexpensive Peavey Tube Amp suggestions wanted

    I stumbled on a Peavey "solid state" amp once...looked a lot like the others, but there were tubes hidden in it! You had to dig around to find them. I wish I could remember the model...
  20. charlie chitlin

    Ipads on stage? Settled

    I know of Postman. Required reading in some of my technophobe/Waldorf School circuits.
  21. charlie chitlin

    I’ve hacked up my nut seating slot. Ugh….

    You could cut a nut with a shelf/L-shape that extends over the fretboard.
  22. charlie chitlin

    I dunno guys, I'm wondering if this might be the future...?

    Never heard of them. Must have been a passing fad.
  23. charlie chitlin

    The Effect of Pickup Height Adjustment on Tone

    In my experience, lowering a pickup is virtually the same as having a less hot pickup. Always mess with this stuff, and don't be afraid of the extremes! The neck humbucker on my Lester hit the magic zone when adjusted well below the top of the mounting ring. Also, you will get more clean with...
  24. charlie chitlin

    Favorite big box hollowbody guitars, humbuckers, used, 500 bucks or lower

    Cool! That looks like a real Gibson tailpiece! The reproductions aren't right and stick out like a sore thumb on a nice 175.