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  1. stratohiker

    Tchula and 18 Volts

    Reached out via Instagram. Which I heard was the best way. As I'd heard many had no success on the phone bit. But, hell, maybe you got a point. Maybe I should try old skool communication tomorrow. ;-)
  2. stratohiker

    Tchula and 18 Volts

    I've searched around a bit. But can't seem to find a direct answer to this...... Is it safe/ok to run a Gold Tchula top mounted jacks/pwr Tchula at 18 volts? Has anyone here tried it? I've seen where Sean says all LP dirt can run at 18 except the Purple Plexi, Jubilee, Vintage Modern, and the Hi...
  3. stratohiker

    Mosky Golden Horse, clone of the Klon Centaur

    Still working, difficult to tell in many settings what position the switch is in audibly. Oh well, at least it appears that I don't infant mortality goin' on outta the box. But, about to go on the T-Giving sojourn around the SE region. I'll check it again when back next week.......
  4. stratohiker

    Mosky Golden Horse, clone of the Klon Centaur

    Welp, mine just arrived. Quick hook up to the board, had it cutting in and out a bit. But, maybe cuz it just came off of the cold UPS truck. I powered it down and disconnected to let it acclimate. And Amazon put it in the same damn box as our big bottle of Metamucil that was ordered about the...
  5. stratohiker

    Mosky Golden Horse, clone of the Klon Centaur

    chinee tractor beam no doubt :p
  6. stratohiker

    Mosky Golden Horse, clone of the Klon Centaur

    Hmm.........found this thread off of a thread on Strat Talk. Got a Silver Horse comin' in from the zon next week. Here's hopin' the newer runs have improvements/fixes on all of the problem fronts you guys have brought up over the past several years.
  7. stratohiker

    My Take on DemonFX Pedals

    Their YJM308 DOD/MXR unit looks interesting. About 30 bucks off of the slow boat.
  8. stratohiker

    Double Overdrives Part 2

    Another vote for the Jetter Gold V2. On my board for about a year and a half. Now, it's the only OD unit on it. Using a 4 knob Spark for clean boost.
  9. stratohiker

    Tweed Tremolux 5g9 compared to 5e9-a

    Bwahahaha :lol: You guys R ready to pounce
  10. stratohiker

    Tweed Tremolux 5g9 compared to 5e9-a

    It is very nice. Bought a Studio Slips Clamshell case to protect it, I like it so much ;-) I think he may have used DR trannys on it. So, with that, the efficient spkr, the JJ's, higher wall voltage of today... plenty loud so far for any unmiked gig I've played since I got the amp in '19. I'll...
  11. stratohiker

    Tweed Tremolux 5g9 compared to 5e9-a

    Just found this thread when googling around for the weight of a typical 5G9. Decided to zombie the thread and add my 2 cents in case it helps anybody else. I have a 5G9 made by Franklyn Amps. He made it using the Weber redone Bandmaster chassis. He used Classic Tone trannys. I have a Celestion...
  12. stratohiker

    New Harmony Series 6 tube amps

    Weight must be due to the MDF. And, looks like the cabs are oversized a bit compared to some makers models.
  13. stratohiker

    MF SDOTD (Nobels Mini)

    Well, we as gearhead's have self induced voids for sure. Just ask my wife :eek:
  14. stratohiker

    MF SDOTD (Nobels Mini) Never tried this circuit before. So, I got one on order.
  15. stratohiker

    '57 Custom Custom Champ Reissue - P2P Modified by Franklin Amps

    Love his work. He made me a 5G9 in '19 It's a gig machine.
  16. stratohiker

    Od pedal sugguestions

    I just picked up a Way Huge Conspiracy Theory (that always sounds suspect ;) I'm really diggin' it. I watched the Joe Gore rundown of the klones. Seemed like the CT performed pretty well. And it has the/some proverbial diodes too. Right now, runnin' it as a pretty clean boost. Swapped that role...
  17. stratohiker

    NAD: Dr. Z Jetta

    I got mine. For me, it's all that. Loud enuff to shake the house. Loud clean headroom is there, in adjusting the volume and master right for the guitar used. Bringing up the volume and getting OD is also very nice. It's definitely goin' to beat out my 5G9 for all gigs.....well, when the gigs...
  18. stratohiker

    NAD: Dr. Z Jetta

    I just ordered one from Humbucker's. Very much looking forward to gettin' it. This'll be my first Dr Z amp. I don't even recall ever playin' thru one. Now, I need for the **** to get over in NC, so some gigs can materialize.
  19. stratohiker

    Flat/Modern Saddles For A Player Series Strat

    Thanks all for the suggestions gents. RichBike, I came across those brass ones on Ebay in my search. Very interesting. I dig brass saddles on my Tele's. So, I was figuring why not on a Strat. But, alas, looks like they don't ship to the USA. Currently, due to that, I'm leaning towards some Gotoh...
  20. stratohiker

    Sharing Wi-Fi between buildings...School me

    Yep, I'm in IT. You need 2 Wireless APs. Depending on your existing might be able to bridge it to a AP that you buy for this purpose. But regardless, they need to have "bridging" capability. We've done this many times over the years, when the client didn't wanna spring for fiber...
  21. stratohiker

    Bacon poll

    Yeah, Bacon is like Sex and Pizza.....none bad :D
  22. stratohiker

    Flat/Modern Saddles For A Player Series Strat

    Thanks for this, I know I could get some shorter screws, etc.......But, just looking to get some of the more flat type saddles in it.
  23. stratohiker

    Flat/Modern Saddles For A Player Series Strat

    Cool, I saw those on Ebay as well. Only thing is they are a SS finish. Don't see a chrome option. Is there a stark diff. between the rest of the chrome bridge and these saddles?
  24. stratohiker

    Flat/Modern Saddles For A Player Series Strat

    Recently picked up a Shell Pink example off of MF for a pretty good price. The mod bug's already kicked in. I've swapped out the standard tuners for some locking Fender units. Cool, as that eliminated the string tree. Now, I'm getting annoyed with those palm/edge of hand pricking, wobbly...
  25. stratohiker

    MXR Timmy Overdrive

    Got mine. Only got to play a few gigs with it on the board, before this virus thingy kicked in. Same as it ever was (had a regular Timmy a little ways back). Only thing was, have to turn the volume pot on it up a bit more in comparison to the "old" full size version. Small potatoes though. It'll...