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    TAD dies after only 5 years?

    The JJs are tough but don't really sound like a classic 6V6. The Tung Sol reissues are very close to a blackplate RCA for tone.
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    Kluson non wired ABR-1 bridge

    The saddles just fit loose, would be easy to loose one if you break a string. I like the Kluson ABR-1s.
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    Cajun Fiddle

    Yvette is, ummm, awesome!
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    Newer Boothill 5F2A Layout?

    If you dime the amp a 32uF in the power supply sounds way better, it doesn't crap out like a 22. Having the other two at 16uF does sound a little bit less stiff than 22 but it's no biggie.
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    NGD - Grote Jazz Guitar

    I checked the scale length on mine and it is 25.5", just like my Century.
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    If you already have a PV Classic 30 would you also buy a Classic 50 212?

    Classic 50 is a great amp. The 30 and Delta Blues have some harshness in the mids that can't be removed even with circuit tweaks or tube/speaker mods.
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    2020 Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster Pickups - DC Resistances

    I think they are same spec as Tonerider Safaris. Great pickups.
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    The switch is too close to volume knob. Is this really a common complaint?

    Me too. Clear strat switch tip looks really cool for this, IMO.
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    Gillian Welch & David Rawlings - 1996 ACL

    It all came together for me on 'Revelator'.
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    NGD Tele Partscaster Shellac Finish.

    Thanks. The shellac finsh on that guitar has help up well for years, neck and body. Gives a perfect old Fender look on the neck.
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    RIP Otis Redding, taken 53 years ago today

    The record he was working on when he died seemed like it might have been a transition into a leaner, more rock-oriented style. Would have been cool to see him continue to grow as an artist.
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    Has anyone watched the first season of True Detective ?

    A long time ago I was driving into the countryside outside Lafayette with a cute little biker chick going to gather some magic mushrooms and she pointed at this big live oak tree in the middle of a field and said "that's the tree where that girl was murdered". I didn't know what she was talking...
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    New HBO Bee Gees Documentary

    They wrote 'To Love Somebody' for Otis but he passed before recording it so they put it out themselves. Great lyric.
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    Decent delay pedal on a budget.... Boss???

    I really, really, really like my Boss DM2w Waza. Better buffer, double the delay time and it does the real analog thing better than anything else I've tried.
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    2020 Is Like A Crazy GF Who Won’t Leave

    2020- the year we all pulled together against a common foe... oh snap, that didn't actually happen.:cry:
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    Daniel Johnston - Honey I Sure Miss You

    Back when I lived in Austin I used to let the morning traffic rush go down then find a place to eat breakfast that had a free newspaper. Most of the time that was breakfast tacos but sometimes I'd end up at the McDonald's by my house and it would be the old guy's breakfast club and there was...
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    Monoprice 15: which 12ax7 spot is v1?

    You know your amp is not worthy when you try to pass it off as a Peavey :)
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    NGD - Grote Jazz Guitar

    Mine sounds fantastic with the Victory gold foil. Deep and clear and the acoustic quality comes through. It's a complete 180 from the stock P90, which is pretty decent.
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    Jensen Jet Tornado 12"

    Great speaker.
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    Rosser Guitar Build

    Great-looking guitar!
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    Rosser Guitar Build

    Rosser uses northern ash. He's not interested in offering lightweight bodies. Nice quality tho.
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    My last sale

    Craigslist is just full of scammers now. I won't post there anymore. Had great luck with Facebook Marketplace.
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    Fairport Convention - Now Be Thankful

    I think Richard said that's the first song he ever wrote. What a great band.
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    Great new collection from NRBQ ...InFrequencies...

    "Scraps" and "At Yankee Stadium"