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    Case crack repair

    My wife accidentally ran over my Custom Shop Les Paul Custom a few years back. True story. The guitar and my marriage survived but the case didn’t. I was able to repair it by gluing and clamping countertop laminate to the cracked plywood. While your case is plastic, it should still work. Pull...
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    A Steinberger inspired "travel" bass

    One of the things that make the steinberger body shape cool is that the sides are not perpendicular to the top. I thought about building my own but couldn’t figure out a way to do that using the pattern and router bit methods I know from here. I opened a white Hohner G3T in the early 90s and...
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    Cheap headless bass HW?

    This just came up on reverb. There’s a gold one too.
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    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    Usually not a fan of green guitars or bursts but that looks really nice! A brown tort guard might look cool on that too.
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    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    I think my Charvel is similar to that. Also, the fretboard edge is highly rounded over or eased, in fact some consider it a mini scallop. Super comfortable. I haven’t been able to replicate it on some of my other necks. I think they actually did it with a something like a 1/32 round over bit...
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    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    Looking great! Hey what sorta profile did you go for? I really enjoy the one on my MIJ San Dimas.
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    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    I’m surprised you didn’t trim away the headstock side of the fretboard before gluing it down to make room for the locking nut. Is it because you might need some to bring it to the proper height?
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    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    That neck pocket looks great! It’s funny. The hot rod strat world has been pretty big for a number of years now. Charvel custom shop is like a 3 year wait last check. A bunch of companies have popped up to meet that demand. I can’t believe there is so much hype for a 3K parts guitar. However...
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    Locating 2 point Strat bridge

    I recommend test fitting the inserts in a scrap piece of wood. DO NOT hammer them into the holes at all. You will crack that area between the pickup cavity and trem route.
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    Chip Out On Re-Fret...

    I’ve done one refret in my life so fwiw, it was a 52 reissue with nitro over the frets and like Ron said, I carefully scored both sides of the frets with a new xacto blade. I had 2 very small chip outs that I glued back in with CA. They pretty much vanished when I carefully sanded the lacquer...
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    21 quid for deoxit

    FYI deoxit stained the alpine white nitro on my custom shop les Paul. Paint cleaner and polish lightened it but it’s still there. The paint is very delicate on this guitar. The security stamp on my wrist from a venue we were playing stained it too! I suspect poly would fare better.
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    Telecaster is choking out at 15th fret, not sure how to Fix

    Check to see if the neck screws are too tight. I’ve see it cause fretboard ramps up the 12 that causes notes to choke out on bends.
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    A second Acousti-Tele.

    This is fun to watch!
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    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    Good call on the OFR. Installed a gfs and now have a OFR. There’s something better about the construction, pivot points and geometry of the OFR.
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    Why Don’t “Partscasters” Get Any Respect?

    I agree. This is a gear forum era problem. It created a different hobby. The gear collector know it all, which it’s easier to become than a dedicated player.
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    My Last Build? - Alder Neo

    John, congrats, this new Neo came out amazing! John was kind enough to allow me to play the Red and Yellow ones. They were great looking in person and played very nicely. I’m betting the new one is even better! We’re all cheering you on John.
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    Charvel Inspired Strat or Strat Inspired Charvel?

    I remember seeing that Charvel or one like it recently on Reverb I think. Is it a custom shop? If so that’s an amazing neck to replicate. I’ve played a few and loved them. I just can’t justify the price even used. I have a MIJ San Dimas that I really enjoy playing. This will be great to watch!
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    Idea: drilling string slots in a nut

    Wow that spurred a lot of suggestions. Thank you everyone! I’ve made a nut before from brass stock, so I know all the measuring and shaping tricks most use here. I’m surprised there’s some doubt that I would be able to get the string height and radius right. I have the old nut to measure, I can...
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    Idea: drilling string slots in a nut

    The bassist in my band broke the nut on his old music man stingray bass. I offered to help replace the nut. Now usually I’d grab a tusq pre shaped and tune it up for optimal fit and playing. However there doesn’t seem to be a near fit for this bass. He had some brass stock and asked me to use...
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    Ibanez Artist inspired walnut and Pine built.

    I have an 81 AR300 and used to have an 82 ar30. Great guitars. Love what your doing here.
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    Nut Files - How cheap can I be?

    The cheapest set of nut files are pre shaped graphtech nuts.
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    How bout an Explorer build?

    A shell pink explorer is something else!
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    C'mon, Schaller, WTF???

    Not an answer, but put a set of Sperzel locking on a build I did a could years ago and they are going strong. I like a few things about them. They are staggered, they can be modded to be 6L, 3x3 etc and the finishes are very nice looking.
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    Show Us Your Mini Tele

    I think about that kotzen headless mini tele every day. Thanks TDPRI.