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  1. bonzo898

    NGD - Reverend AirSonic W

    Awesome, would love to see pictures!
  2. bonzo898

    NGD - Reverend AirSonic W

    Agreed, first time I’ve ever tried a Wilkinson trem but I really like it. Much smoother than the one on my Strat Plus.
  3. bonzo898

    NGD - Reverend AirSonic W

    So I love my Reverend Airwave so much that I wanted to buy another Reverend. Catch is there are no dealers within 4 hours of Houston so you have to take a leap. I considered the entire range with a few parameters: I wanted a fender scale bolt-on with preferably one of those nice roasted maple...
  4. bonzo898

    Suggestions for a good 12-string electric?

    Was in the same boat a few years ago and settled on the Reverend Airwave sight unseen. No regrets at all, it’s a great guitar. The Gibson scale length and low action make it easy to play for extended periods. I always get a pile of compliments and inquiries about it when I play out in a live...
  5. bonzo898

    Any love for the Breedlove Atlas Series guitars?

    Last year I picked up this used 2014 Studio 12 which I believe is the precursor to the Atlas series. I was looking for a decent sounding and playing 12 string with a pickup that I could play out for acoustic gigs. I didn’t want anything too expensive in case it got banged up or stolen. I...
  6. bonzo898

    Guitar amp for electric drums?

    Agreed guitar amps are terrible on edrums. If you are looking for a cheap but solid option pick up a used Simmons DA50. They sound pretty good, are durable, and you easily find used ones for less than $100. I have one for my young son’s edrum kit.
  7. bonzo898

    I like my Katana 50 but…

    Blues Cube Hot (Drops Mic)
  8. bonzo898

    Can anyone recommend any nice/calm albums? anything folky is good

    Fleet Foxes self-titled album, the entire thing. One of my favorite things recorded in the last 20 years. Amazing
  9. bonzo898

    Best budget 12 string

    Strongly suggest keeping an eye out for a used Breedlove. I have a Breedlove studio 12 from roughly 2014 which I bought used last spring for about $400. It sounds and plays great and the neck is rock solid. Apparently they have extra bracing under the bridge which keeps the top from bowing...
  10. bonzo898

    Carlos Santana Explains Why He Left Gibson for PRS Guitars, Believes He Saved the Company With Advice He Gave Paul Reed Smith

    Gl Glad somebody called this out. Santana’s playing and raw tone in the late 60’s when he was using an SG is likely my favorite Gibson tone ever.
  11. bonzo898

    Jade Pearl Metallic the rarest Telecaster ever? I feel defeated in my efforts to buy one

    I acquired mine about 6 years ago on a trade for a les Paul studio I wasn’t using much. It’s a 2012 am std which to my knowledge was a reboot year with the twisted tele/broadcaster combo, belly cut, etc. It’s probably the only electric I would keep if I could only have one as it has been...
  12. bonzo898

    Shout out to Reverend Guitars!

    Reverends are legit. They live in that sweet spot of maximum, pro-level quality for price, right before the law of diminishing returns really kicks in. I have the Airwave which is the electric 12-string, and it’s awesome. At some point I will probably buy another Reverend.
  13. bonzo898

    Trade advice: My 2001 AIM Strat for a 2009 LP Faded Mahogany?

    Did the opposite about 6 years ago: Straight up traded a nice 2005 LP Studio I wasn’t using much for a 2012 Jade Pearl Am Std Tele. It’s still arguably my #1. No regrets. Everyone was happy.
  14. bonzo898

    okay folks..a Squier mustang project

    I bought the sea foam green one on scratch/dent discount about a year and a half ago mainly just to keep my kids from grabbing my more expensive guitars (they are 7 and 4). I was surprised how much I like playing it. Stock humbuckers and electronics are surprisingly decent for such a cheap...
  15. bonzo898

    Do We Like Gulid Acoustic Guitars?

    No experience with newer Guilds, but I snapped up a 76 Westerly-built D-50 a couple years ago when I was in the market to buy my first “serious” acoustic guitar. It was notably better than the modern Martins, Taylors, and Gibsons I was trying out against it. I had fully intended to buy one of...
  16. bonzo898

    NBD - Rickenbacker 4003 Midnight Blue

    Looks sweet! Mine is strung with a fresh set of Fender nickel roundwounds. Not my usual brand but they were in the case when I bought it, and they sound good enough to my ears. The bright clanky Rick sound on the bridge pickup really cuts with them. They still mellow nicely blending in the...
  17. bonzo898

    NBD - Rickenbacker 4003 Midnight Blue

    Here‘s a recent home demo using the new Rick. Nothing fancy with the setup, just bridge pickup DI’d into my Steinberg interface with some minor tweaks on a channel strip plugin in Cubase.
  18. bonzo898

    Advice for Negotiating Higher Position and Salary?

    I was in a similar situation early this year and was able to successfully pull this off. I work in tech but I secured the following: -promotion to newly-created role -25% salary raise -large bump in annual stock award It was a multi-pronged campaign to get it across the finish line, but...
  19. bonzo898

    I'm getting an AC15 advice needed!

    Lots of great points about the AC15. After about 12 years it’s still my main gig and recording amp. I did not like the sound of my TS9 I had been using with a BF Twin on the Vox, seemed to clash. Typically use normal channel with single coils and top boost with humbuckers. Top end is very...
  20. bonzo898

    NBD - Rickenbacker 4003 Midnight Blue

    Good call on the volume and tone knob placement. That messes with me after years of Gibson familiarity (basically rotated 90% from Gibson layout). I like the stock pickups although I have no idea how noisy they are in a band setting, especially without a way to cancel hum.
  21. bonzo898

    NBD - Rickenbacker 4003 Midnight Blue

    It’s a happy bass day. My good friend and bandmate gave me a great price on his 2010 Rick 4003. He did all the work making it comfortable/playable including hipshot bridge, thumb anchors, and low setup, then decided it was just too much bass for him. Being a tall man with basketball player...
  22. bonzo898

    Worst Christmas Songs!

    My wife and kids listen to the worst offenders mentioned on repeat every time we’re in the car (and frequently in the house). They all sing along at full volume. I’m an easygoing guy but even I can barely maintain my sanity in the face of such an auditory defiling. I’m going to have to set a...
  23. bonzo898

    noiseless pickups ( lace sensors)

    I have an ‘89 Strat Plus with 3 golds. I think they sound great. Overall a touch darker than traditional Strat IMO but a great balance. Still lots of richness with overtones. I don’t love the thinnish original neck with the gloss so I have a 50’s roadworn neck on it. Makes for one killer...
  24. bonzo898

    Why You need a beater guitar....

    I tried buying a beater (Squier Bullet Mustang, scratch and dent discount) so my kids could pick something up without me stressing about it, but the darned thing is great, and I treat it just like any of my other “nicer” guitars.