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  1. Direwolf

    Deep Ellum Blues

    Love it! I first heard this song at a Dead concert sometime in the 70s and have loved it ever since!
  2. Direwolf

    Tung vs Tru oil for a maple neck

    You can use tinted shellac to get the color you want, then put the Tru-oil over it.
  3. Direwolf

    Happy Easter Twangers

    Beautiful. Happy Easter, everyone.
  4. Direwolf

    How about the singer whose praises you just don’t get?

    “When I was in my formative years, I rejected Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, and Dean Martin. I now realise they were all great artists, but at the time, as a young man, you have to clear the decks.” - Ian Gillan
  5. Direwolf

    How about the singer whose praises you just don’t get?

    I'm well aware of Ian Gillian's voice and I love it. Been a Deep Purple fan since 70-71. Your statement about Sinatra puzzles me, though. There are a million different musical varieties in this world and nobody likes them all. So you don't think Sinatra was anything special. Ok, millions of...
  6. Direwolf

    How about the singer whose praises you just don’t get?

    I would be willing to bet that Coverdale, Gillian, etc., couldn't do what Sinatra did.
  7. Direwolf

    Guitar > Y-cord > Two mixer channels... ??

    If you're using a DAW you should be able to set the track to stereo which will record both input 1 and input 2. What I do is set up 2 tracks with a send from the 1st track to the 2nd track where I'll put effects in the signal chain. This records the 1st track direct and the 2nd with effects...
  8. Direwolf

    How loud should I make my Twanger Central posts?

    I would prefer them less hot, TF. That way, when someone adds their guitars over the top of it, they can add a little compression without destroying the dynamic range.
  9. Direwolf

    Anyone have a LaserPecker?

    Hey, it ain't big around but it sure is short!
  10. Direwolf

    Are You Tired?

    Lol! I was tired but then got tired again. I guess you could say I'm re-tired!
  11. Direwolf

    Ask Me Anything ...

    What is the air speed velocity of a fully-laden sparrow?
  12. Direwolf

    14-year-old wants practice amp. What's good? Yamaha THR vs. Boss Dual Cube vs. what else?

    I got my son a Champion 20. It's great for practice. It's normally $129 but I bought it on sale for $79. They go on sale quite often from what I've seen.
  13. Direwolf

    What were The 70's really like?

    If you think the 70s sucked, you didn't do it right.
  14. Direwolf

    the fun of putting those little rectangle shapes in reaper

    Have you tried recording the parts on different tracks and combining them afterwards?
  15. Direwolf

    Your favorite non-guitar riff?

    I always loved Billy Preston's clavinet on the Stones' Heartbreaker.
  16. Direwolf

    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    There are really too many to just pick one but Sonny Landreth has got to be one of my all-time favorites. His playing on this track alone is just fantastic. The lick at the end especially.
  17. Direwolf

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome aboard, Mike!
  18. Direwolf

    Tennis elbow ???

    I had this surgery 15 years ago. Got it from competitive archery. It sucked but I haven't had any issues since then. Got about a 2 inch scar on my elbow.
  19. Direwolf

    How do you define procrastination?

    Shheeee-it, I put the "pro" in procrastination. Everybody else is an amateur!
  20. Direwolf

    Coolest Non-standard Tele Colors?

    I always liked the chocolate of the Tele Deluxes.
  21. Direwolf

    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    The wheel is turning and you can't slow down You can't let go and you can't hold on You can't go back and you can't stand still If the thunder don't get you, then the lightning will
  22. Direwolf

    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    When I awoke, the dire wolf Six hundred pounds of sin Was grinning at my window All I said was, "Come on in" But don't murder me, I beg of you Don't murder me, please, don't murder me
  23. Direwolf

    Bob Seger

    Saw him at the Warehouse back in the mid-seventies. They tore the place down. I hadn't heard of him before then but sure did afterwards.
  24. Direwolf

    I have never been more sure about this, but I'm also scared to death about it.

    There are no guarantees in life. Sometimes you just have to pull the pin and see what happens. Best of luck whatever you decide.