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    4 way switch schematic

    Hey Y'all, I've been messin around with the wiring on my tele (standard two single coil) in the never ending quest for tone and came up with something that seems to be working well. Thought I'd post here for feedback, and to see if anyone has done anything similar. Disclaimer: I have no...
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    Adding 3 wire grounded plug to "Vogue" amp.

    Hi Y'all, Thanks for the prompt and detailed replies. Love this community! Would this transformer do the trick?
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    Adding 3 wire grounded plug to "Vogue" amp.

    Hey y'all, Long time reader first time poster. I picked up an amp from a garage sale recently that is an old 2 prong "vogue" amp. It's pretty much identical to this Regal 300 AMP which I pulled the attached schematic for. I added a 3 wire plug with a ground on the output transformer lug...

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