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    The Day the Music Died

    I'm 17-years old and driving in the snow on Long Island in December of 1971 when I first heard American Pie on the radio. For me it's one of those songs I vividly remember hearing for the very first time. And I didn't even know who Buddy Holly was back then. Sure, it's an old tune now, and while...
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    It Came From Ed Sullivan's Show.

    I grew up in NYC, and in the next door apartment lived Bill Dana. He was only a Page (like an usher) for NBC until his first break came after writing for the 'Get Smart' TV show. All Maxwell Smart's best lines like, "Missed it by that much," and, "Would you believe . . ." all came from Bill. His...
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    Joined the e-bike revolution

    I've had my Velowave Ranger for over a year and love it. You know that feeling you get on the moving walkways at airports? Pedal assist E-bikes are the same. You are putting out the same amount of effort but you are covering ground a lot faster. Stay away from the cheapest brands if worried...
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    Selling gear to Guitar Center

    I was in a tight financial spot some years back and I sold a Mexican P-Bass and a Beat Buddy drum pedal to a Guitar Center along with another pedal or two. And I knew I 'd only get half, at best, of what these items were worth. The Beat Buddy had only recently come to market and they were all...
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    Is a bad fret job to be expected on the Player range?

    I'm in a SoCal Guitar Center last year because they had a AM Pro II Strat I wanted to hold in my hands before ordering one from Sweetwater. They set me up with an amp and I also played some Players and looked at a lot more since they had a ton of them. Every Player neck is unplayable. And they...
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    Songs that repeat lines over and over and over...

    This thread sort of answers the question - is it the music or the lyrics? I believe it more the music, but most of you guys seem to be in the Steve Allen camp.
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    Guitar Quirks - Little Things That Should Not Throw You Off But They Do

    Not such a problem it throws me off, and maybe its my advancing age, but I find the tuning knobs on my Strat are too close together. Turning one without slightly nudging another is like a game of . . .
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    Anybody Into Old Volkswagens?

    In 1972 I purchased a brand new 'Super Beetle' for $1700 from a dealership. I paid cash and remember my hands shaking as I counted out those seventeen one hundred dollar bills.
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    Eddie Money-Walk On Water

    Eddie on 'King of Queens'
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    Shirtless in public?

    Be careful, boys. Flea played shirtless a lot. And from there it was a slippery slope to Woodstock '99. Luckily, I can't play my strat naked without my pubes getting caught in the trem springs. Of course, I could shorten my guitar strap but, that would present another issue . . .
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    Hey from SoCal

    Terrific looking Tele! Also, I remember the town of Temecula back in the mid 1970s before they put in the freeway. The part they now call 'old town' was all there was back then. And there were some very rowdy saloons in that area back then.
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    101 things the phone has replaced.

    Archival photography . . . I can open a (real) photo album and see myself, my family, and important events in our lives from sixty years ago and those same photos (properly stored) will still be available to look at hundreds of years from now. Nothing you only digitally photograph on your cell...
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    Spinal Tap Sequel Coming!

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    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    I only play around family and friends and I use SongBook with a foot pedal to control scroll speed and flip pages on an iPhone. SongBook will also download chord & lyric sheets directly from the internet which is handy for song requests on the fly. One thing I do is practice not staring at my...
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    SS Amps: Just leave them on?

    I leave my car running 24 hours a day. You'd be amazed how much I've saved on starter motors over the years.
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Whole lotta Paul.
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Neil Young, around 1971, finding bootleg albums of his music in a Los Angeles record store. The original film of this was taken down - but it's back up now. The film is a real snapshot of the times. How many Neil's age, back then, had a BankAmericard? He even paid for the candle he accidentally...
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    The downside to being Paul McCartney

    Growing up in New York City near Central Park on the West Side we saw celebrities all the time and ignored them. Even John Lennon said he chose to live in Manhattan because he could eat in restaurants, or walk his own neighborhood, mostly unmolested. And it's only the tourists that flip out when...
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    Font size.

    An easy way - just press Control + Plus.
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    Jimi Hendrix's guitar for sale

    >>The Rock'n'Roll Valhalla where you only play the best vintage guitars and there are gigs with a superb audience all the time<< Whenever I play in front of people (not too often) and it goes okay it makes me happy. But only because I know I'm walking a thin line between being passably good and...
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    Learning guitar books?

    I learned a lot from this book, and still refer to it. I purchased this one on Ebay, but I think there is a newer edition out you may find on Amazon. :-)
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    Musician Pet Peeves

    This thread is a testament to being a one man band . . .

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