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    Bridge PU choices

    Hey everyone, I know I should be posting here more, but I just decided to drop a question by: I'm interested in modding my tele by giving it a new bridge pickup, to replace the texas special currently in it. I play lots of straight blues, some rock, as well as some country on the side, but I...
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    Who plays with a thumbpick?

    I use them and I flatpick most of the time, but they're really great for ergonomics and adding little fingerpicked licks, I've used Herco thumbpicks, I'd reccommend them.
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    Hello from Texas

    Hello and welcome, I'm new myself!
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    Going hard with practice

    I'm 15, and for a while, I've just divided my free time between playing guitar and surfing the web, and want to do less of the latter, and really get dedicated so I can possibly get somewhere with my playing, be a session musician, that sort of deal.
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    Going hard with practice

    Hey everyone, since the summer I've been practicing for 2 hours a day, and have been playing for a year and 8 months. However, I've been wondering if I should go for longer, for 3 or 4 hours a day. My question is, should I go through with this, and when did you guys start practicing really hard?
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    EQ with a wah

    Hey everyone, I happen to have a Dunlop original crybaby I got a while back, and I'm having some EQ trouble: When I have my amp set on a middy, more bright setting, the wah makes everything way too trebley and harsh, but the only way I can counter this is by rolling the bass way up, and getting...
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    Howdy from Norcal!

    Hey everyone, I'm Ed from California! I'm a blues and rock guitarist, and I've been playing for close to a year and 8 months (2 in June). My main influences would have to be Stevie Ray Vaughan, Terry Kath, Elmore James, and Robby Krieger, with a smattering of numbers from other blues and rock...