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  1. Martocaster

    Vintera '50s Road Worn Telecaster

    The clear coat that you can see on the ‘worn’ spot on the back is the poly sealer that is under the paint but over the wood. At that point I guess they’re going for a more ‘rubbed’ away look so they’ve removed some paint like that. The chips and scrapes around the edges are a bit more...
  2. Martocaster

    I wonder............

    I think the only obvious difference, assuming the original wasn't heavily played, would be the nitro sinking into the grain. That happens on the 2012-2017 American Vintage reissues with the 'thin' nitro finish, it's just that a genuine 50's or 60's guitar would have a 60 year head start!
  3. Martocaster

    JV Modified Teles Vs American Professional

    I bought my JV '60s from GAK in the UK as well but didn't have an experience like yours. They did use a terrible courier who got the guitar almost to me before sending it back and then finally getting it back to me(!), but other than that it was all good. Mine was packaged in the way that you...
  4. Martocaster

    Crackles from my MIM Tele

    Yep, as others have said, copper shield the back of the pickguard and ensure you leave a little tab of shielding to run under the control plate. That should sort it. I’ve never needed to do the cavities as well, normally the pickguard has been enough. If your neck pickup mounts to the body...
  5. Martocaster

    Show us your bound Teles!

    Really glad I have a bound Tele otherwise I would be gas-ing pretty hard now!!
  6. Martocaster

    Show us your bound Teles!

    That white thinline looks awesome!
  7. Martocaster

    Lusting for an Ultra

    Glad to hear it wasn’t just me! I didn’t get an Ultra in the end, although I’m not still fully over it. I ended up getting a JV modified Tele. It ticked the main boxes for me - rosewood board, binding, in-series position and a lot cheaper!! I do still wish it had the belly cut though. The...
  8. Martocaster

    Can't adjust intonation on Fender AVRI 64

    Yep that looks good to me too. Generally it’s better to have less string wrapped around the tuning peg not more.
  9. Martocaster

    Vintera or Vintage 2

    Across Strats and Teles I’ve had or have Vintera, MIJ, Av and other MiA models. The Vintera is my favourite, I’ve done a little bit of work to it but it just has a workmanlike quality that I bond with and love. I think I’m sometimes too precious with other guitars, but the Vintera hits the sweet...
  10. Martocaster

    Belated NGD - JV Modified '60s Tele

    Sounds like you’ve had a similar experience to me with the excellent build quality and overall good impression. I play mine through my Thr10 quite often too when I’m working from home and have 5 mins for a quick blast. I think it really shines in that ‘straight into the amp’ setup. With one...
  11. Martocaster

    NGD JV 60s Custom telecaster

    Yeah I've got one of these too, I posted about it here... Great guitar, really high quality and loads of tonal options with it.
  12. Martocaster

    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    I used to use 11s when I just played Strats. Then I got a Tele and changed from the 9s it came with to the 11s I was used to. Somehow on the Tele it seemed a bit stiff so I settled on 10s. Since then I’ve gradually moved to 10s on everything.
  13. Martocaster

    Model type and value?

    Well, that’s one potential buyer out. Nice to take the time to respond to people telling them you wouldn’t buy something, I’d stay away from eBay though, it’ll take ages to contact all the sellers on there to tell them you’re not interested in their items either!! :lol:
  14. Martocaster

    Predictions for collectable tele

    The trouble is, there’s always a new ‘limited edition’ too. Fender has saturated the market with so many limited editions that there’s nothing particularly special about them unless it’s a spec or colour that specifically appeals to you. The other reason that ‘50s or ‘60s models are highly...
  15. Martocaster

    Belated NGD - JV Modified '60s Tele

    Yeah it’s a great colour. I do find Fender’s naming of the golds a bit confusing though. The JV firemist is very similar to the Aztec gold Cabronita that I had. But it’s quite different to the gold of my ‘60s road worn Strat, which is also apparently firemist. The Strat is much more coppery...
  16. Martocaster

    Prs Silver sky se experience anyone?

    My MiJ Tele has fret ends like that. It made me think the same thing, why don't more expensive guitars have fretwork as good as that? The only issue I have with the SS SE is the plastics. The pickup covers / knobs are a slightly different colour to the pickguard and the white of all of them...
  17. Martocaster

    Fender Japan Heritage 50s Telecaster

    I’ve never really measured the action, I tend to adjust by feel. But yeah, that’s the compromise, a low action is certainly possible, but flatter radius and compound radius were created to help attain a super low action.
  18. Martocaster

    Fender Japan Heritage 50s Telecaster

    It’d be hard to find a more apples and oranges comparison in the Fender range!! In terms of playing, they’re going to feel very different. It’s more that just the radius - the elite is a slim, modern neck profile, the Tele is a big, chunky, U profile with the vintage radius and frets. That...
  19. Martocaster

    Belated NGD - JV Modified '60s Tele

    Finally had some decent time to play last night and tweak the pickup height a bit. Raising the bridge pickup has really brought it to life! I was playing straight into the amp and the variety of tones available and the way the different pickup selections drove the amp was really enjoyable...
  20. Martocaster

    Are V necks uncommon on Telecasters?

    The JV Modified '60s Tele that I posted about yesterday has a V neck. Very different to the '56 Strat V though. Although they also refer to is as a soft V, it's much more pronounced than the Strat V. The Strat is more of a curvy V, fatter with more shoulder. The Tele V is like it's been on a...
  21. Martocaster

    Belated NGD - JV Modified '60s Tele

    I'm not sure how many 'soft V' necks you've tried but from what I've seen Fender uses it pretty liberally as a description so it might not be time to give up on it. Certainly the soft V on the JV Modified is really different to the neck on my '56 Strat (Strat is much rounder and fuller) or the...
  22. Martocaster

    Belated NGD - JV Modified '60s Tele

    I got this guitar a couple of weeks ago but was pretty busy at the time, and also I thought we've all seen a Tele before, there's probably no need for a NGD post. BUT - it's just such a looker I couldn't resist in the end! I've been on a bit of a journey to get this guitar, and I have to admit...
  23. Martocaster

    Fret level/crown on a mim neck?

    It’s not too hard to do with some time and patience, give it a go yourself maybe?
  24. Martocaster

    introduction to the Tele Guitar

    I hit 40 and suddenly wondered why I'd never owned a Tele! I picked up a second hand Classic Vibe and loved it, then purchased one the limited edition US Cabronitas in gold, that was a great guitar but the pickups didn't do it for me. Next I got a road worn and liked that so much that I got a...

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