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  1. Sax-son

    What amp would you keep?

    Me too! Second would be my Vox AC-10.
  2. Sax-son

    Fralin Steel Pole 43 (split). It's a great match with a neck humbucker

    I alway thought this would be a good choice for an Esquire project. I am not a fan of humbuckers in a Telecaster although I do own one.
  3. Sax-son

    Finally, a Double Bound Blacky! What's this body tho!?

    Tortoiseshell does look good on black.
  4. Sax-son


    I don't know, I think there is some kind of belief that those built by Hermida in the early days are much better for some reason than those coming out of Lovepedal. I have two of the Lovepedal versions and they sound OK to me. Just another example of the wacky guitar folklore to get you to part...
  5. Sax-son

    Anyone recognize this bridge?

    Yeah! I remember them on those early MIM late 1980s to early 1990s as well.
  6. Sax-son

    Why such a wide price range for Telecaster parts?

    I have been using those Fender stamped bridge plates for years and usually fit them with my own saddles from different manufacturers. They have all worked out regardless of where they were made.
  7. Sax-son

    Finally, a Double Bound Blacky! What's this body tho!?

    Where the body is made is really not important at this point. If the body and neck play well together, then that's what matters. It appears to be alder so it is the appropriate wood. Enjoy it! It looks cool.
  8. Sax-son

    opinions on first build approach - inexpensive or pricey body?

    Mainly true! However, if not programed properly, it's garbage in garbage out. Stick with those builders that have a good track record. Not everything CNC'd has worked out.
  9. Sax-son

    A couple minor mods to a mutt... Britt Daniel content

    Ditto on the 500K pot recommendation. That maybe all it really needs. If you are happy with the guitar beyond that, a very inexpensive mod for sure.
  10. Sax-son

    opinions on first build approach - inexpensive or pricey body?

    I agree 100% with you on that. I think it is human nature to go with low-cost components at first because of the lack of experience and money. Otherwise, they would just go out and buy a new fully built guitar. However, the reason to build one in the first place is to get a guitar with all your...
  11. Sax-son

    Does anyone want these?

    I have a set of cheap Epiphone humbuckers and they sound good to my ears.
  12. Sax-son

    Fender Brad Paisley silver road worn telecaster, weak neck pickup

    I love the Twang King neck pickup!
  13. Sax-son

    Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck HB

    I have the SD Jazz/JB Hotrod set that I am currently looking for a decent guitar to install them in. It's a rock and roll combo that I believe is best for solid body Gibson style guitars. As far as Fender guitars, maybe in the bridge position only, but there are better choices for those. You...
  14. Sax-son

    Bridge pickup suggestions?

    No problems with the Quarter Pounder here. However, sounds like you are looking for twangier bridge pickups to where the choices are unlimited. Try out the Bootstrap Palo Duro, it might just be your cup of tea and could fit the bill. Inexpensive too.
  15. Sax-son

    Picked up a couple today

    Those Slick SL-50s have those bare basics but deadly vibe. File it under "Keep it Simple".
  16. Sax-son

    opinions on first build approach - inexpensive or pricey body?

    There are a number of ways you can go depending on your budget. When I built my first partscaster, I wanted a quality "swamp ash" Telecaster body which I got from Warmoth. At that time they were having a special on bodies with necks and I was able to buy them for $99.00 each unfinished. The body...
  17. Sax-son

    Korina for Tele Bodies - tone ?

    I have something close to what you are talking about, it's not Korina, but a non f hole African Mahogany Thinline that I think sounds killer. Very warm sounding but resonant. I never had any experience with Korina, but I believe it's in the mahogany family.
  18. Sax-son

    Why You Should Build or Buy a Partscaster

    I would argue that "Yes" it's possible to create a "trainwreck" out of any project, but your chances are much fewer by using "Warmoth" or any other company of the same ilk because their specs and quality control are pretty precise. I think I only had one situation where I had some problems using...
  19. Sax-son

    Soooo many Warmoth neck options!!!

    I agree! If anything, Warmoth does not have "enough" of a selection in my opinion. Musikraft gets you anywhere from thick to thin. For me, if you go Warmoth, it's the 59 Roundback or the Boatneck option. The standard is way to thin for me.
  20. Sax-son

    American vintage II 1963 Mahogany

    I have a couple of mahogany Telecasters and they sound good. However, one sports a set of P-90s and the other a set of TV Jones T-Amonds and that may be part of the reason. I plan another build using Mahogany using a set of regular Telecaster pickups. I will Let you know then how it sounds.
  21. Sax-son

    New (to me) MXR Timmy Pedal

    I have the Pure Sky and I really like it for its own merits. I have never tried to compare it to a Timmy or anything else of its ilk.
  22. Sax-son

    Possible stolen tele? Suss Craigslist post - Tampa Bay Area

    Squires have their fans so it would behoove the seller to keep that logo on the headstock. It looks like a cheaper(most likely Chinese) Tele knockoff that someone tried to disguise as a relic or something. Still a little bit deceitful, but no big deal really. The real problem is that it is ugly...
  23. Sax-son

    Why You Should Build or Buy a Partscaster

    I got into this hobby purely by happenstance. First by modding existing guitars and then by wanting to build my own guitar with my own specs. I am not that kind of person who is into this as a means to make money by buying and selling guitars. I try out guitars at music stores all the time but...
  24. Sax-son

    Selling my partscasters - disassemble or sell whole?

    You are better to try and sell them locally to a player who might appreciate them. I don't like to part anything out because I know I will need that part again so why bother. If you are just giving up on guitars altogether, than maybe. I would rather trade them for other gear and sell that instead.

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