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    Still 335 Dreaming. And Am Wondering . . . . .

    Thank You So Very Much… I appreciate your reply & totally understand where you’re coming from 🎸
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    Best tele pickup for a parts caster.

    I’d go with Barden’s hands down
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    Praise for the p90

    I have to really agree - I just love P-90s - I had them come stock in my first “proper” guitar my parents so kindly invested in for me in 1990
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    Praise for the p90

  5. aTel-Lex Music

    Barden Gatton Tele Pickups

    Hey there, I've been a big Barden fan for some time... I have had two telecaster guitars recently fitted which are the same model PUPs in one of my favorite Telecasters (my bandmate loved the sound and put some in as well) So, while I can not comment specifically on your model (As I am using a...
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    Marshall JMP 1987 testing at Max

    They are fantastic amps - esp when being totally pushed to the limit... My load box allows me to often and really letting the harmonics going haywire often and reasonably✌️🏻 (Personally, love them with a CAB with G-12’s)
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    Still 335 Dreaming. And Am Wondering . . . . .

    That “slim taper” neck is a really nice feature…
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    Still 335 Dreaming. And Am Wondering . . . . .

    Thanks so very much for your comment… and I agree wholeheartedly with you about the importance of our instruments. 🎸
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    Still 335 Dreaming. And Am Wondering . . . . .

    I can totally understand the feeling of wanting to “live” with a guitar for a while - I’m very grateful that I have a really amazing relationship with a Boutique guitar shop that really gets absolutely incredible guitars in very often ~ They seem to understand that same desire to “live with a...
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    What's your costliest Guitar & Price?

    My Original ‘57 Stratocaster (I’m not exactly sure of the price my wife bought it for me as a wedding gift although I think that they’re quite valuable) I do gig with it regularly which is kind of crazy but it sounds amazing and I love playing it
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    Joyo Bantamp series

    It’s hard to say without knowing exactly what the particular band & environment would accurately answer if they are loud enough - But they really are quite loud in my Experience maybe the best way to say it is it’s probably definitely louder than you would think by looking at it. I have a whole...
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    Anyone else tired of digital amps?

    Yes I agree. I am really amazed at the sonic quality & brilliant character nearly all new IR’s have been bringing in the last few years. ~ I actually was a pretty early user of IR Cabinet technology so many years ago most people hadn’t a clue what I was even talking about - & I can really say...
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    Anyone else tired of digital amps?

    Indeed a really great reactive load box with IRs goes a very long way in sound of Digital Preamplifier’s - Honestly, I don’t think most people realize the large number of amplifier’s they hear in recordings and in live show’s these days are indeed actually Fully Digital. That’s not to say...