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  1. teletdf

    Don Wilson Tribute Jazzmaster?

    I think Fender should issue a tribute Jazzmaster for Don Wilson. It was his main guitar before and after the Mosrite period. I sent a message to Fender about this and got an enthusiastic non-committal response. Maybe if more people sent them messages…I mean, c’mon - rhythm guitarist for the...
  2. teletdf

    What is the tube amp feel? (Organic tube feel vs Sterile Digital Feel)

    Great thread. I’m sure there are a multitude of factors - maybe measurable - that could explain this. But, for me, it’s this: 1) I was picking up my Tele at Mike Lull’s shop many moons ago after having some work done and plugged into the amp in his little demo space; as soon as I started playing...
  3. teletdf

    Best Guitar Solo Ever..I rest my case

    Soooo many, but… Many John Fogerty parts are very well crafted and suit his tunes to a T. The first solo taken in Hellecaster Theme on Return of the Hellecasters. The phrasing, use of tension and release and ability to make a statement in 8 bars is remarkable Duane Allman’s slide break in One...
  4. teletdf

    Tear-jerkers. Let's post songs that get us misty-eyed.

    A couple off the top of my head: Someday Never Comes - CCR Through Your Hands - Hiatt
  5. teletdf

    New Song - You Can’t Say No to Nashville - Does anyone still remember Hee Haw?

    Just call BR-549. Great show. Loved watching it with my Dad.
  6. teletdf

    Roll Away: Songs about things with wheels

    Off the top of my head: Foghat - Drivin' Wheel CCR - Graveyard Train Guess Who - Bus Rider; Pain Train Fogerty: Hot Rod Heart; Southern Streamline Hiatt: Drive South; Tennessee Plates Springsteen: Pink Cadillac Beach Boys: 409; Little Deuce Coupe; the one about the girl and the T-Bird...
  7. teletdf

    Know of any guitar players who are great at leads but mediocre at rhythm playing?

    To me the best rhythm players, besides having great time, know just when to insert a chord or a little fill or lick that just takes a song to a higher level. Reggie Young, Jr. on Drift Away. Steve Cropper on anything. Keith Richards. Walter Becker. Jack Pearson. Freddie Green. Madison...
  8. teletdf

    Favorite Jeff Beck Performance

    So I don’t have any video, but I remember seeing him during his Blow By Blow period. He was the headliner with Mahavishnu at LA’s Shrine Audtorium. I sat with my friend in the nosebleed balcony. Mahavishnu came out with I don’t know 7-10 people with elaborate set-ups. It was so freaking loud and...
  9. teletdf

    Songs for the working man

    A couple; may think of more: CCR: Working Man Guess Who: Bus Rider:
  10. teletdf

    The best concert you ever saw?

    So many good ones. But I remember seeing the Hellecasters at a small joint in Ballard (Seattle neighborhood) called the Firehouse. Low stage and you stood to watch the band. I was near the front and could see the fireworks close up. The whole band was just having fun and melting faces. At one...
  11. teletdf

    For those of a certain age, what was your rig in the 70's..?

    It evolved: ‘59 Jazzmaster + ‘59 tweed Champ (still have the guitar); then ‘74 Les Paul 55 (sunburst Special) and a Standel Artist that used 2 6BQ5 output tubes (EL 84s) with an alnico 12” Jensen Concert speaker, an outboard SS reverb unit of uncertain origin, and a home-made talk box using a...
  12. teletdf

    Fender Umbra Burst opinions?

    Pink champagne on ice
  13. teletdf

    Cannabis rex opinions?

    My beef with speakers and pickups is the difficulty/cost/installation hassle of trying out different ones to find “my” tone.
  14. teletdf

    IF you could order the perfect Telecaster from Fender parts...

    2-piece alder with walnut veneer cap. V neck with rosewood board and pre-CBS headstock. Black 3-ply pickguard and black plastic pickup covers, knobs and trem tip. Vintage Fender trem…or maybe a hardtail. Vintage tuners. Fralin or Lollar pickups SSS. Gloss nitro finish but roughed-up/satin on...
  15. teletdf

    Cover Songs by People Who Don't Understand the Original

    I played in a cover band that closed their show with this song. WTF? And I played in another cover band that closed their show with “Ohio.” WTF? Oh, wait…I’m the common thread…
  16. teletdf

    Cover Songs by People Who Don't Understand the Original

    Sweet did a version of this? Gotta find that…
  17. teletdf

    Is there a point to a cover song, if it sounds (almost) exactly like the original?

    I used to think that about classical music but as I got deeper into it, interpretations of a piece can vary widely (including the instruments used) and create very unique listening experiences.
  18. teletdf

    Speaker science - Somebody teach me

    I am certainly no expert, but I think there are two main things:1) how does the rig sound to the player? I’ve found my playing is much better if I like what I’m hearing; 2) how does the rig sound to the audience? And in context with the rest of the band? That pretty much requires a competent...
  19. teletdf

    Your favorite non-guitar riff?

    Spanish Moon (Little Feat); Superstition and Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder); Rockin’ Pneumonia (Huey Smith - Johnny Rivers version); Down in Hollywood (Ry Cooder); New Frontier (Donald Fagen); Albert Flasher (Guess Who); Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Beatles); Birdland (Weather Report); Green...
  20. teletdf

    The thrill is gone...

    Hey, all. Been an occasional poster; love the forums. I'm a well-aged weekend warrior with more gear than talent. I've been playing off and on since I was 10, and have been in a few bands that were never supposed to go anywhere, and didn't. Sometime a couple years back, I was playing in my...
  21. teletdf

    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    I think mine was the same Kingston fuzz, but without the name. I ended up gutting it and using it as a switch for a home-made (and very dangerous) talk box fashioned from an old boat horn.
  22. teletdf

    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    Back in the way younger day, typically I used 10s on Gibsons and 9s on Fenders. Went to 10s on all guitars and sort of got used to them. Starting to go back to 9s on the Fenders as I age. Still enough tension to have to work at bends, just not as much. Maybe for yuck and grins I'll try a set...
  23. teletdf

    Tremolo- Yea or Nay?

    Love me some SF Vibro Champ. My fave in my (measly) stable
  24. teletdf

    I’m Building the StewMac KoT Clone

    Hm. I've got a bagful/box full of pedals and never thought much about kits. These sound pretty cool. I've not messed around with electronics builds for years (built a batch of stuff from Anderton's Electronics Projects for Musicians way back in college to equip a temporary studio) and then...
  25. teletdf

    Amplifiers Proven To Deliver Great Telecaster Tone. Which Would You Own?

    So I plugged in my ‘59 Jazzmaster into my ‘69 Vibro Champ and experienced tone Nirvana. I mean, unbeatable. Plugged in one of my teles…mmm, not so much. The hell of it is that it’s really hard to try all the great pickups and amps and speakers to try and find that magic combination. When you...